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    The moving industry has quite developed in past decades. Nowadays we have many useful options to store our items, such as portable storage containers. These units are not only convenient but practical and easy-to-use. Using these portable containers helps tremendously with the organization prior to the move. Some of the most prominent Philadelphia Movers offer portable storage units at affordable prices. On the other hand, it takes a little bit of knowledge on how to work with them properly. That’s why we’ve prepared some useful tips for packing a storage container to help you prepare your belongings for relocation.

    Tip 1 – Prepare quality moving supplies before packing a storage container

    Strong moving boxes and other packing tools are essential to every move. Whether you move to another street, or across the country, you have to secure and organize your items. There are many possibilities to get decent supplies at affordable prices. Moreover, you can obtain free durable leftover boxes from friends or family members.

    Here’s how your packing supplies shopping list should look like:

    • Strong moving boxes of different sizes
    • Duct tape to seal all your boxes
    • Scissors
    • Bubble wrap 
    • Packing paper
    • Blankets and old fabric
    • Styrofoam
    • Permanent multi-color markers
    • Colorful stickers

    Get as many boxes of even sizes as possible. This makes the loading and storage process much easier. In addition, ask your movers for moving boxes and packing supplies. It’s very likely for reputable professional movers to offer decent quality supplies at reasonable prices.

    many containers stacked atop one another visualizing one of the most useful tips for packing a storage container
    You will need some useful tips for packing a storage container.

    Tip 2 – Not everything should go in a storage container

    Portable moving storage containers are indeed a perfect storage solution for most of your belongings. However, keep in mind you don’t have to store everything in portable units. Things like flammable products, liquids, and especially personal documents don’t belong inside a storage container. If you are bringing some food with you, make sure to keep it close to you in portable fridges. In addition, easily breakable objects and electronics susceptible to weather changes can’t find their place in storage containers.

    electronic devices
    Electronic devices and other easily breakable or sensitive items must not go in a storage container.

    Self-storage rental is a better option for items that cannot be packed in a storage container

    Electronic devices and other things sensitive to weather changes are better to put in a self-storage unit. Look for a good storage Pottstown PA moving companies include in their offer. Next, ask if the storage is climate-controlled and spacious enough. Also, ensure you will have access to your possessions in storage any time you want.

    Tip 3 – Take enough time to properly pack the boxes before placing them in a storage container.

    If possible, use as many same-size boxes as you can. Don’t just throw items in the boxes. Packing is a task that has to be done with care. Pay attention to everything you are packing. Use shallow boxes for heavier and bulkier items. Put the remaining lighter items in bigger boxes. It’s important to pack each box tightly. However, don’t overload them with stuff.

    Disassemble furniture and electronics before packing them in a storage container

    You will make more room in a container if you disassemble bulky furniture and electronic devices prior to packing. Secure the parts with layers of bubble wraps, packing paper, and old towels or blankets. Next, place them carefully in the boxes. It would be good to use original packagings which would make packing much easier. Finally, secure the boxes crosswise and place them in a storage container.

    Pack essential items in the front of a storage container

    There are items you will have to have access to just in case. It’s a good idea to set them aside. Some essentials such as clothes, cosmetic products, toiletries should be placed towards the front of the container. That way you can get to them quickly whenever you need them.

    Fragile items need special attention

    Take extra precautions with sensitive items. Decide which ones should you place in a container and which ones are better to be in a car. Before packing, secure every breakable item with enough sponges, layers of bubble wrap, and packing paper. Cover them with old towels for additional protection.

    Place the boxes in a storage container properly

    One of the useful tips for packing a storage container is to maximize the space by packing all your items vertically. That will make it easier for you logistically to properly store and reach moving boxes without falling over them. Start from the back of the unit to the front. Create layers that resemble the wall. First, make sure to pack from ceiling to floor. Place boxes around the outside edges. This method prevents the boxes from collisions especially throughout longer moves. Although it seems like a good idea, do not load heavy items first. This usually results in uneven weight distribution. Therefore, make sure to distribute the weight evenly so all your belongings remain intact.

    Hire professionals to help you with packing a storage container and secure it before the move

    Consider additional help with the packing process. Sometimes it’s better to hire packing professionals to handle it for you than to waste too much time doing it by yourself. What would take you hours, professionals can complete in minutes. This is much more cost-effective than potential repairs that would bust a hole in your moving budget. Not only your things get packed and properly secured, but also you free yourself from unnecessary worries. Therefore, look up some notable Philadelphia movers whose customers are more than happy with their services.

    a man packing and sealing the box
    Let your movers help you pack all boxes before you put them in a container.
    Take your time with packing before storage comes next

    There is no need to rush with packing and storage. These useful tips for packing a storage container are there to help you organize and pack properly, without hurry. Treat each box with care, and remind the movers to do the same. Containers can be an excellent storage option only with effective organization.

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