3 ways to store summer sports equipment

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    Storage space is something we all crave for. By the look of it, there is never enough room inside your home. And over the years, it seems like your home is shrinking while you are piling stuff up and cluttering your space. Storing seasonal items becomes harder and harder each year. So, we must do something about it. There are two viable solutions to this problem. One is to rent a storage unit from your local Chester County moving and storage company. And the second is to store your items inside your home. Let us cover both situations and ensure you know the ways to store summer sports equipment. Summer is over and you should create enough space for the upcoming holidays. Let’s take a look.

    List down the ways to store summer sports equipment and choose the best option for you

    As we already mentioned, you can store your summer equipment inside a storage unit or in your home. If you choose the second option, the options are vast. We will give you a few examples and then you must choose one, depending on your current situation. The result may vary greatly whether you live in a huge family home or in a tiny apartment. Therefore, check out the following options:

    • All rooms inside your home
    • Garage
    • Basement
    • Attic
    • Guest room
    storing items in your garage is one of the ways to store summer sports equipment
    Your garage can be a good place to store your seasonal items if you are not using it already for other things.

    Check out one of those places and figure out if you have room to store your equipment there. Usually, people use their loft or garage to store seasonal items. But if you have a lot of it, then you must create a new plan and figure out how to store it without cluttering your space even more.

    Home storage solution

    Your loft can be a great place to store seasonal items. But keep in mind that you probably already have a lot of old items stashed there already. And it is pretty dusty and neglected in most cases. Hopefully, you maintained yours so you can utilize your space to the fullest. Then, your garage is a solution as well but if you are parking your vehicle inside and have all the tools along with gardening equipment, there is little to no space for your summer equipment.

    Furthermore, your basement is another solution but if it is a place for your washing machines, then it can be a problem as well. Of course, it depends on the size of it and how many items you have there already. Or if you have one in the first place. Finally, any room inside your home can serve the purpose as long as you pack adequately and keep your items out of view. Store your boxes under the bed, inside the closet, behind the wardrobe, in the corner of the room, etc. There are quite a few ways to store summer sports equipment, as long as you have a bit of space inside your home.

    Renting a proper storage unit is one of the best ways to store summer sports equipment

    One of the best ways to store summer sports equipment is to rent a storage unit. You can contact Zippy Shell of Greater Philadelphia moving company and you’ll have one in a matter of minutes. It is an affordable and lucrative way of gaining a lot of space and keeping all unwanted items out of your way. Not to mention that they will be safe, close to your home, and you can access your unit at any time you want. You can even use it for other things as well. Maybe you want to support your hobbies or to store your work-related items and support your business from there. You can even create a workshop or a second garage inside and relocate all the dirty work from your home into the unit. Hence, check this amazing option and you’ll be most satisfied with the offer and all the perks that come with it.

    storage facility with storage units
    Renting a storage unit is the most viable solution out there.

    Declutter and downsize if possible

    No matter where you decide on storing your summer gear, you must clean the place inside out. You can use regular household cleaning supplies in your home or inside your storage unit. You will use them anyway while maintaining the place. Just be sure to pick home-friendly chemicals because some of them are prohibited inside the storage facility. Especially flammable ones. But before you store everything, think about decluttering and downsizing. If you remove some of the old items from your home, you’ll have much more space to store your equipment. Even to introduce new items to your home.

    So, while inspecting your storage space, check out all outdated, unused, and broken items you are hoarding. Set them aside and later when you are ready you can donate, sell online, recycle, or give away to friends. You’ll see, it is a healthy process and if you do it right, you’ll want to declutter your entire home and free yourself from all the clutter. Check out your loft, garage, basement, and backyard. You will surely find a lot of items worth throwing out. Do it right and create enough room for all your summer equipment and more.

    Packing for storage

    Now, packing for storage must be impeccable. Simply because all your items will sit in one place for quite some time. Even if you intend on unpacking some of it after a few months, still, it is a long period. So, you’ll need some packing materials and a few experienced moves. Start by obtaining a few cardboard boxes, some kind of cushion, packing tape, and labels. Carton box is the best solution out there but you can always use plastic bins or other similar containers you already have at home. As long as they are air-tight. For the cushion, you can purchase bubble wrap or use old blankets you already have at home. Whatever is more convenient to you. And of course, once you put all your items inside your boxes, use tape to seal each box and apply labels with the description of the content inside.

    carton boxes ready for moving
    As long as you purchase better-quality carton boxes, you won’t have to worry about a thing.

    Ok, it seems easy, but the hard part is to keep those boxes free of moisture, mold, dust, and other environmental influences. Also, you don’t want any pests and rodents messing with your stuff. If you are storing inside your home, this won’t be an issue. But if you are using a storage unit, then you must place an air moisturizer inside the unit, cover your boxes with a blanket, tarp, or a sheet, and use a few rodent repellants. Place a few scented baggies around the place as well and you are good to go. But if you rented a storage Pottstown PA climate-controlled storage unit, then you’ll be just fine right from the start.

    The best solution when relocating home

    If you are relocating home at the time you are searching for storage solutions hear this. The best solution is to communicate with your local moving company and solve all your problems. They will handle your entire relocation and rent you a proper storage unit, one of the moving storage containers, or a unit inside the storage facility. If you find a reliable and reputable moving company, you will have an easy time organizing your move and packing for relocation and storage. Just browse online a bit, compare movers, and confirm if they are licensed to work. Also, check if they have the right equipment, enough knowledge, experience, manpower, and moving insurance. Those are the mandatory requirements.

    Now you know the ways to store summer sports equipment with ease. As you can see, you can store your items inside your home or rent a storage unit. Whatever you decide, you’ll need just a few packing supplies and a bit of patience. Now you know how to do it right, so give yourself one afternoon and do it right. Good luck!

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