4 things to do the day you move to Glenside

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    Relocating to Glenside, Pennsylvania is perhaps the finest move you can make in January. There are a lot of attractions here in Glenside, that you will undoubtedly enjoy visiting while your Glenside PA movers are unloading the trucks and assembling your furniture. Additionally, the neighborhood features a diverse array of entertainment venues and cafes that will keep you refreshed after a long moving day in this census-designated place (CDP). As such, if you move to Glenside, PA during the weekend, there are plenty of things to do to keep your moving day memorable. Without further ado here are 4 things to do the day you move to Glenside.

    4 things to do the day you move to Glenside

    Moving is an exciting time. But it can also be exhausting at times. Therefore, after all of the struggles of the moving process, you should take some time for yourself. And take in your new surroundings. Leave the unloading and unpacking to your residential movers in Pottstown PA and go for a walk around town.

    a family settling in Glenside, PA
    Take some time for yourself after you move and explore your new town.

    1. Visit the Keswick Theatre and see a show

    The Keswick Theatre is a privately owned entertainment venue located in Keswick Village. In addition to being a theatre, this location has historical significance since it was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1983 and has hosted a variety of well-known performers throughout the years, including bands. It is also well-known for hosting several community events in the Keswick Theatre. The Keswick Theatre has been in business for a long time, so you know you’ll have a great time there. In case you need to leave some of your things somewhere safe while you’re going to town, consider contacting self-storage in Pottstown PA. Your belongings will be safe and sound in there.

    2. Visit Humpty’s Dumplings for some delicious food

    Before seeing a concert at the Keswick Theatre in Glenside, PA, you might want to stop by Humpty’s Dumplings, a neighboring restaurant known for its delicious dumplings. In spite of the shop’s diminutive size, they’ve managed to properly utilize the limited amount of room they have. Individual tables are situated close to seating spaces reminiscent of those found in high-end top bars. Noodle platters and salads are the specialties of this eatery. As a result, each table at the restaurant is said to have its unique barbecue and buffalo sauce recipes on hand. You can receive five meals’ worth of noodle platters and salads for only $7.50. It’s worth a visit to Humpty’s Dumplings restaurant in Glenside, PA, if you happen to be near the Keswick Theatre.

    3. Go swimming at Penbryn Park

    While you still have some free time, why not cool off? Penbryn Park is the place to go. A modest wading pool for babies is located next to Penbryn Park’s two adult swimming pools. In addition, there are water slides in the complex. The purpose of these swimming pools is to give tourists a place to relax and unwind. As a result, swimming lessons and baby floats are not permitted at the pool. It’s a well-run institution with a large number of staff members who are eager to assist visitors. Additionally, the pools and the area around them are spotless and spacious, making it easy for guests to unwind. If you’re planning on going swimming and having fun with your friends, you’d be wise to avoid Penbryn Park’s pools. You can always count on Zippy Shell of Greater Philadelphia to help you with the move.

    a man jumping in the pool
    There are many things to do the day you move to Glenside. Amongst the best ones is relaxing by going to the pool and taking a swimming lesson.

    4. Visit the Grey Towers Castle

    If you don’t have much time but you want to go and explore, this place is perfect for you. Besides, there are many things to do the day you move to Glenside, but nothing tops seeing the castle for the first time. This castle is located on the Arcadia University campus in the Cheltenham Township neighborhood of Glenside, Pennsylvania. Grey Towers Castle is a National Historic Landmark. Alumni students often talk about this place as one of the most vivid memories from their time at Arcadia.


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