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    It’s time for moving and you need to relocate your home to a whole new place. It can be difficult to make such a big life decision easily. But if one of the options you’re considering is Fort Washington, we’ve got some good news for you! We at Zippy Shell Greater Philadelphia have compiled a list of 5 benefits of living in Fort Washington PA. So let’s get to explaining!

    About Fort Washington

    So, what is Fort Washington known for? First off, Fort Washington is a quiet Philadelphia suburb. The population is around 5.500 people making it a small, snug town. Life in Fort Washington is nice, simple, and stress-free. It’s extremely family-friendly with a bunch of amazing safe spaces for your children to play, as well as incredible schools. All the while, the location of Port Washington is in close proximity to bigger towns and cities.

    The diverse population of Fort Washington presents a welcoming atmosphere no matter your ethnic and cultural origin. With low crime rates and a slower-paced lifestyle, it is perfect for those searching to start a family.

    A family hanging out at the dinner table
    Your new home in Fort Washington is waiting for you!

    Low crime rates

    What may be surprising to some, Fort Washington has some of the lowest crime rates in Philadelphia, as well as the whole nation. Safety is something not many of us start actively thinking about until we have children of our own. But, even without the added stress of having children, wouldn’t it be nice to always feel completely safe in your home? Low crime rates will provide you with the safety and security you never knew you needed.

    Maybe even more important, seeing how Fort Washington is a small community, everyone knows everyone. People waving at each other on the street, your local market vendors calling you neighbor, it’s a lovely atmosphere. Once your local movers in Greater Philadelphia area finalize your move, it will all be worth it. You get to start anew and meet some of the best people in your life.

    A lot of green outdoors

    Another one of the incredible benefits of living in Fort Washington is the amazing outdoors. Fort Washington has some of the biggest green areas in the country and offers a lot of outdoor activities. For lovers of the outdoors, there is no better place to choose to settle down. A lot of green spaces also offer a much better air quality than in most other towns. Once you get a whiff of pure, clean air, you’ll never think to look back at your previous residence. Fort Washington offers year-round hiking, camping, or picnic places to visit.

    For example, Highlands Mansion and Gardens is a popular tourist attraction in Fort Washington. This is a historic site taking up 44 acres of land. They offer amazing tours of the premises and a lot of educational programs for your little ones. There is even a week-long summer program that includes Colonial sports, gardening, and even a treasure hunt! For those interested in calm living, the formal garden in this enclosure is a wonderful place for a walk and a quiet afternoon.

    A photo of a park
    The green outdoors is all anyone could wish for.

    If you’d like to give hiking a chance, you love picnics, or just want to take a nice, long walk in the clean air, Fort Washington is the place for you.

    Tight-knit community

    If you’ve spent your life living in big cities, you’ve never known the charm of a tight-knit community. It can seem a bit daunting at first when neighbors just come up to you wanting to get to know you. But if you’re open-minded and ready to make some new friendships, it can be very rewarding. When you’re sick, you can always rely on your neighbors. Everyone knows everyone and can vouch for one another. You will always feel safe in your neighborhood and trust your neighbors.

    As soon as your movers Fort Washington PA help you get settled, you’ll see neighbors flocking to you. Make some good connections and enjoy the fruits of a tight-knit community. It’s a completely new adventure!

    Close proximity to NYC

    Another of the benefits of living in Fort Washington is that the famous Big Apple, New York City, is around an hour and 30-minute drive away. Many people are moving due to jobs and the housing market in NYC can be quite expensive. The next best thing is moving to a place close to the place you work and what better place than Fort Washington? It is a bit of a drive, but for those interested in quiet simple living, it is well worth it.

    A picture of Washington DC skyline
    Washington D.C. will always be within reach.

    Working in NYC will bring you the city feel and will fulfill your needs for a busy life. But at the end of the day, once you get home to your cozy home, you’ll get the rural feel. You basically get the best of both worlds and can decide by your moods what you want to do each day. Not many people are lucky enough to get to enjoy the busy city life as well as the calm smaller town life. That’s exactly why you should pick Fort Washington as your forever home. And with your portable storage units PA, you’ll never feel as if you don’t have enough space in your home.

    Lower lifestyle costs

    The biggest selling point of Fort Washington is its cheaper living expenses. From the housing market to the prices of regular produce, everything is cheaper than in big cities. The town will allow you to invest more of your salary into whatever you love to do. A new car you’ve been dreaming of? A lot of trips around the world you couldn’t afford previously? Nothing is out of reach! Just budget in a smart way and you’ll see all of your dreams unfolding in front of you.

    Now that you know the 5 benefits of living in Fort Washington we’ve prepared, we hope you will come to the right conclusion. Be sure to think it through and do what is best for you!


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