5 Things not to do when hiring movers

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    Making the right choice regarding the moving company is essential to every successfully executed move. Once you have the right team at your side, everything goes easier than it seemed at first. However, it’s important to consider what things not to do when hiring movers. The last you need is to sabotage your move at the very beginning. Therefore, make yourself comfortable and read this guide we at Zippy Shell of Greater Philadelphia prepared for you. In addition, you can always come to us for professional moving help and learn more about our offer. Since we operate as one of the renowned movers in Greater Philadelphia area, you may rest assured that you will get nothing less than top-level moving service.

    You will find your best moving ally if you avoid common things not to do when hiring a moving company

    The devil is in the details, and that’s why there mustn’t be any room for errors when choosing your best moving solution. Even the smallest mistake can potentially cost you a lot more than initially planned with your moving budget. On the other hand, you will increase your chances of finding a professional and responsible company by learning about the things you should avoid doing.

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    Be responsible when hiring the moving company.

    #1 Skipping the company background check is a no.1 thing not to do when hiring movers

    There is more to the company than its website’s appearance and eloquently-explained services. You never know if what you see is what you actually get. Most importantly, it’s in your best interest to find out if the company you are researching is fully licensed. Only verified movers should have your attention. Everything less than that is a red flag worth skipping. In addition, you have to make sure the moving company also offers insurance options.

    You may also want to ensure that your commercial movers Pottstown PA specialize in office relocations or other moving services you seek. Therefore, confirm your movers of choice are sufficiently experienced in the relocation type you need before hiring them. Keep in mind that relocation is a huge responsibility and only capable movers are to be trusted.

    #2 Relying solely on price points

    Cheaper moving services don’t necessarily mean you will have an easy way out. Lack of skills may result in unplanned damages you have to later pay for. That further disrupts your moving expenses, which is the last you need. Likewise, ridiculously expensive storage rentals and other moving services don’t guarantee the highest quality. The best solution for your move is somewhere in between these two ends of a spectrum. Finding the right storage Pottstown PA has on the market, as well as other additional services may take a while. You must consider factors that tell you the services you get are top-notch:

    • Customer testimonials are honest about the quality of services, with enough details provided.
    • The company has a proven history of successful experience in the moving industry.
    • In addition to maintaining the highest level of services, the company still keeps them at reasonable prices.
    • Ask yourself “Which is the best climate controlled storage near me?” before you choose the moving company. Factors like storage proximity, as well as its quality, will determine which movers are best for you. Additionally, do your best to make sure the company is 100% legit.
    a woman reading about things not to do when hiring movers on her laptop
    Make sure to research the moving company’s work history.

    #3 Not getting  several moving quotes is a potential setup for failure

    Moving is a serious endeavor. It’s not a lottery, therefore there’s no need to settle only for one moving company when there are so many others on the market. The best way to ensure you made the right choice is by booking several commitment-free estimates. Simply make the list of up to five or six movers that match your needs and preferences. After that, book quotes and wait for them to come and do the estimate. However, remember that a moving quote isn’t the final price for your relocation. It usually goes up depending on additional moving services and insurance options you choose. Finally, cross-compare the estimates, as well as the data about the movers.

    #4 Signing the contract without reading and understanding the terms and conditions

    This is the mistake that can cost you far more than you imagined. Apart from your relocation finances, you won’t be able to protect your belongings and yourself fully. Know your moving rights before you sign anything. Most importantly, make sure to carefully read the terms and conditions presented to you. Go through each point with the company you want to hire. However, if you notice anything suspicious, move on and find reliable and trusted movers. Avoid the possibility to commit to the terms of a potentially fraudulent company that doesn’t care about your best interest and safety.

    a hand signing a contract
    One of the things not to do when hiring movers is sign an agreement before you read the terms.

    #5 Lack of communication with the movers

    The movers are there to do their work, however, they still need guidance from you. For example, if you let them know your schedule is prone to changes due to the nature of your work, it will be easier for them to adapt. Also, your coordination of the entire endeavor is equally important. Therefore, you must let them know if some boxes contain sensitive and easily-breakable objects, electronics, and the like.

    Moving choices are best made by learning about things to avoid when hiring movers

    Now that you are aware of things not to do when hiring movers, you are very likely to make the best decision and choose the right moving partner. Once you get a hold of good movers, your relocation – whether local or across the country – will go stress-free. It’s important for you as a customer to be aware of your rights and know to make the best choices regarding your upcoming moving journey. Furthermore, it’s the role of movers to be there for you and not the other way around. You deserve to have a hassle-free moving experience with a trustworthy team of movers at your disposal.¬†


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