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    When you choose the perfect place for living, you think about all the important stuff like school, job opportunities and etc. But most people forget to check out how many and what kind of activities you can find in your new place for living. That is why we have created a list of annual events in Pottstown that you will enjoy after you have all settled down. So once the best moving company such as Zippy Shell of Greater Philadelphia has relocated you, you can start planning your free days and family activities.

    Things Pottstown can offer

    Pottstown, as one of the best cities located in PA, is a place where you can have a peaceful and quiet life. With some of the exceptional public elementary and high schools, you can rest and be sure that your kids will have the best education possible. If you are relocating with your family, the best way to relocate without any additional stress is to hire residential movers Pottstown PA has. They are professionals and known as one of the best in this field.

    Pottstown is a great place if you want to expand your business

    Pottstown is a raising place. Many young families have decided to move here based on the new and many job opportunities. Not to mention the growing companies who choose to expand their office and business. If you belong to this group of people, you will have no regret hiring commercial movers Pottstown PA has. With the best references, you will relocate and expand your office in a smooth and easy way.

    man talking to the group of people about the annual events in Pottstown
    Pottstown is a perfect place for expanding your business

    Annual events in Pottstown

    Being the town that is growing, Pottstown has a lot of events during the whole year. This may be the reason why some groups of people choose this place for living and working. There is a lot of tourists during the whole year. So it is a perfect place for startups in tourism and etc. The only quiet months are February and March. Which can be the perfect time for you to relocate. So call some of the best moving companies Pottstown PA and set the date of your relocation.

    Colonial May Fair

    This is an event where you can see and enjoy some of the nicest traditional activities. It is in May and you can see one of the best Maypole dances in the world. If you have not heard about this before, the Maypole dance represents the people expecting and saluting the spring. You can see magic, puppets, crafts, and a lot of other outdoor activities. You can even find some stores where you can buy that traditional outfit that you can wear.

    One of the annual events in Pottstown is Pottstown Rumble

    This event is in June and it is the largest grass volleyball tournament in the country. So if you are a sports fan and you enjoy some good quality time outdoors, you will love this event. The prices for the winners are huge and sometimes it goes to charity. You can even research to see if you can apply for the tournament with your own team. It would be a great chance for you to meet new people and maybe make some friends. Always have on your mind that if you are moving with your kids, it will be a great chance for them to fit in by cheering and supporting one of the best teams in these tournaments.

    July is a month for a bike race

    Another type of great outdoor activity for a sports lover. You can enjoy one of the greatest cycling events in the region. Consider getting a bike and maybe after a few months and years of training to join this event. It will help you live a healthier life and spend more time outside. People here say that when someone decided to try to be a part of this race they never go back to the cars and trains. The bike becomes their way of living.

    bike racers
    One of the annual events in Pottstown is a bike race.


    This is a month in which more than a thousand people visit this lovely place. The reason for that is the Carousel of Flavor. People get a chance to see artistic creations of local vendors. Even if you are not a lover of these types of events, you will quickly change your mind once you spend some time here with your friends and family. 

    One other event you can enjoy in September is a Can Jam. It is one of the biggest free music events in the area. So you can enjoy some quality music and open a few cans of the brewery’s signature beers. This is a perfect chance for you to hire a babysitter and enjoy some tie with your partner.

    Pottstown Brew Fest is one of the annual events in Pottstown during the October

    If you know anything about the October Fast in Germany, you will be glad to hear that you do not have to go across the world to enjoy a few beers. Here you can taste more than 150 beers and ciders from 65 craft brewers.

    From November to January

    During these months, you can enjoy so many traditional events. This is a season of holidays. So for every holiday, you will find some of the nicest and lovely events and activities that your whole family will enjoy.

    woman pouring craft beer
    You can enjoy over 60 tastes of craft beer in Pottstown.
     There are so many annual events in Pottstown that you can enjoy after your relocation. Make sure you find the one that suits you the most. Try getting your free days from work during some of the events that you like. But we are sure that your whole family will have a blast every single month in this magical place. So pack your bags and get ready for the time of your life. Good luck!

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