Best small places to raise a family in Pennsylvania

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    Starting a family is probably one of the most wonderful feelings in the world. It is giving you an additional energy boost and it changes your life completely. Once it happens, you will instantly have a different set of tasks and new adjustments in front of you. One of them is, of course, finding a good place to raise your kids. And while many factors can affect your final decision. there are some you should focus on from the start. Since there are many small places to raise a family in Pennsylvania, you could end up spending more time than necessary. To help you out, here are some that could fit your needs!

    Getting to know Pennsylvania

    In case you are in a different state, there is a chance you are yet to discover all beauties of this state! Pennsylvania has a total of 57 cities including Harrisburg the capital and the biggest being Philadelphia. According to Zippy Shell of Greater Philadelphia and the official statistics, each one of these cities is welcoming countless new residents daily. They offer amazing business opportunities and a wonderful, but also pretty fast lifestyle. It is good to mention that the economy is pretty stable in Pennsylvania, due to countless new companies operating there. Even though you would have an amazing time there, raising your family probably requires a quieter area. 

    green and thick forest
    Towns and townships in Pennsylvania are famous for their beautiful nature!

    Surrounded by a couple of notable states like New York, Ohio, and Virginia, Pennsylvania tends to be stable and economically strong. It is home to some of the best universities in the USA and always ranks high on the educational chart. The best thing about it though is that wherever you decide to move to, at least one huge city will be close to you. This doesn’t mean you will be disturbed by noise, but simply be close enough to get everything you need. 

    Towns and townships in Pennsylvania

    Away from the traffic jam and many tourists, there are some beautiful towns and townships in this state. Famous for their breathtaking landscapes and lovely people. they have been home to many residents who moved from a different state. If you take a closer look at some national statistics, you will see that a huge number of Pennsylvanians decided to leave big cities and move somewhere quieter. But to start exploring the small places to raise a family in Pennsylvania, you will have to know what exactly you are looking for. Only then you will be ready to organize your relocation and choose proper moving services PA.

    Apart from the beautiful nature surrounding them, smaller places all across Pennsylvania have an unreplaceable spirit. Filled with years and years of tradition, important historical events, and hospitality, they strongly represent the heart of this state. Living there means taking care of your community and enjoying every single day. Since by now you realize that your family will love living in some of these places, it is time to dive into more details!

    Small places to raise a family in Pennsylvania and their weather

    So, when it comes to the weather in the entire state, you will be happy to know there will be all four seasons waiting for you. Although summers are not hot but rather humid, you will have enough sunny days. Winters on the other hand are cold and snowy. If you are a fan of winter sports, you can enjoy many ski resorts throughout the state. Just like in the rest of the USA, Christmas is one of the most important holidays, and with that much snow, you will be surrounded by a real-life fairytale. For those who plan on coming from warmer areas, get some winter clothes ready!

    road covered with snow
    Winters in Pennsylvania are snowy so get ready for some fun winter activities!

    You should also know that this state doesn’t experience natural disasters often. But, bad weather can sometimes result in floods or tropical storms that will bring heavy rain and cloud for days. Luckily, residents are always informed on time and you will be able to prepare yourself and your entire household. 

    Where you should start looking

    Now that you have some basic info about this state, it is time to begin your search. It is very important that you make the right choice, as moving is not something you can do a couple of times in a row. The best thing you can do is set your priorities in order and consider all needs and wishes. You should include your and your partner’s job as well, especially if you are not living in Pennsylvania at the moment. Luckily, statistics on different topics can give us a great insight into some of these places and what exactly can you expect upon arriving there. 

    If you have some friends or family members already living in the state, feel free to ask them for advice. They can direct you to some places that suit your needs and you will be ready to proceed to the next step and make arrangements with long distance movers Pennsylvania. Following places have some of the qualities families usually look for. Some of the qualities include good schools, a low crime rate, and a nice community. 

    Coatesville, PA

    With a population of 13,350, this city rightfully deserves to be among the best small places to raise a family in Pennsylvania. Located in Chester County it is home to a wonderful community and its good and hard-working people. Even though it is famous for having one of the first sawmills in the USA, this place holds much more treasure. It got its spotlight back in 1834. when the first railroad passed through it. Since then, it has been a symbol of growth and is providing its residents with a nice and cozy lifestyle! 

    Your family will enjoy living here as there are a couple of schools and many working places. Before you decide to schedule the date with movers Coatesville PA look for some open job vacancies in your field. Upon arriving get ready for meeting some polite and friendly people. They will help you adjust fast and learn everything about the area. Coatesville is home to many different festivals throughout the year, so don’t expect to be bored here! The crime rate is extremely low, which makes this place ideal for you and your family!

    student sitting at hos school desk
    Since good education is very important, don’t worry about finding a good school in Pennsylvania!

    Conshohocken, PA

    Apart from a pretty interesting name, this place has much more to offer! Located in Montgomery County, the borough of Conshohocken is home to more than 8.039 residents. Even though it is smaller than Coatesville, the lifestyle quality is pretty much the same. Here, you will be able to enjoy the fresh air all the time, without loud sounds coming from the street. Houses are mixed, and you can choose between buying a new one or going more vintage. With the community that holds tight together, this place is perfect for those who want to raise a family and start a business at the same time. Since small businesses are pretty popular nowadays, there is a good chance you will find a head start you have been looking for right here.

    If this happens to be a place you are looking for, make sure to visit it before officially arriving. Movers Conshohocken PA can take care of your inventory and you will have plenty of time to see everything yourself! Expect new neighbors to offer their help with getting to know this place better. Just like the previous one, you will love the tradition and their homemade specialties. Once you settle in, you will be more than happy to call Conshohocken your home. And of course, if you ever wish to get that feeling of being in the big city- Philadelphia is just half an hour away. 

    a group of friends having dinner in one of the best small places to raise a family in Pennsylvania
    After moving to Pennsylvania, you will be welcomed by a wonderful community!

    Exton, PA

    Next on the list of small places to raise a family in Pennsylvania is the beautiful Exton. For those who are looking for a quiet place, full of nice things to see and surrounded by beautiful nature- this is the one! With a population of 6,079, the crime rate is extremely low, which is making it even more suitable for raising a family. In the last couple of years, many young couples decided to move to Exton and give it a try. as it turns out, they managed to adjust quickly and are proud of their choice! It has a couple of schools, both private and public, and the transportation for kids is operating constantly.

    Don’t worry about finding a good job here. Many places are looking for permanent employees, especially museums and guest houses. You can also have a pretty good cost of living if your current company is offering remote work. Movers Exton PA can carry out your relocation quickly so make sure to give them all the details on time. Be careful, Exton is famous for being under snow most of the winter. Talk to movers and ask them to suggest the best time for your relocation.

    field of wheat
    Most of these places have really powerful agriculture systems!

    Paoli, PA

    Paoli is located in Chester County near Philadelphia. It has a population of 5,591 and many of them have been living here their entire life. In recent years, Paoli started getting new residents from across the state, and for a very good reason. Thanks to the agriculture of this place, the economy started skyrocketing. Don’t be surprised to see many new buildings and malls, as Paoli is growing bigger each day. When it comes to its community, there are a lot of young professionals running small businesses. From farming to organic shops, they gave this place additional energy. Another great thing about this place is the real estate market. You will be able to find a nice and cozy home for your family without spending a fortune on it. 

    As soon as you go through details with movers Paoli PA, start preparing for relocation. You can visit this place a couple of times before officially moving. This will allow you to meet new neighbors and prepare everything for your arrival. While there, you can check out some cool locations and pick ones you and your family will visit once you settle in. You can have a picnic day in one of the parks or go hiking!

    Plymouth Meeting, PA

    Last, but certainly not least, among small places to raise a family in Pennsylvania is Plymouth Meeting. Founded in 1686. it has a population of 6,244. If you are looking for a small paradise, this place is very close to it. Surrounded by green forests and fields, it is a wonderful place your kids will love. The crime rate is very low, and the community has a tight relationship. New residents started arriving in recent years; as you would expect, most of them are new parents! Among other things to see and do here, you will enjoy spending weekends in their theatre or visiting the biggest Whole Foods shop in the USA. 

    With movers Plymouth Meeting PA, you will have enough time to explore this place even more. You can get in touch with some residents before arriving so they can give you more details about the area. Upon arriving, you will see why is Plymouth Meeting often called one of the most beautiful places in Pennsylvania. Once your kids are ready to attend school, you can look for a good one here. There are a couple of them and each one provides high-quality education for children.

    baby holding hands with parents in one of the small places to raise a family in Pennsylvania
    When looking for small places to raise a family in Pennsylvania, focus on your needs as well!

    In conclusion about small places to raise a family in Pennsylvania

    Choosing the state of Pennsylvania as your future home is an excellent choice. Since taking care of your family is a priority, some of these locations will fit all your needs. Before you start your search for small places to raise a family in Pennsylvania, make sure to have a good relocation plan ready. Prepare your inventory on time, and ask professional movers for guidance, in case you need it. Since your life in Pennsylvania will be amazing, make sure you follow every step to reach it fast!


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