Best Towns to Retire in the Philadelphia Area

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    Looking for a place to retire can be sometimes a lot of work. And especially when all that you want to do is relax. But, it doesn’t have to be a hard decision, because we made a list of the best towns to retire in the Philadelphia area. You can easily decide which town fits your needs the most, and then even get more help from professional movers. This is exactly what our movers in Greater Philadelphia area want to offer you. An easy and stress-free relocation to a place where you can spend a calm retirement. Don’t hesitate to ask us anything you want to know! We are here for you. 

    What are some of the qualities people search for in retirement towns?

    Once your search for a place to retire starts, it will prove very useful to know what you should search for. Many of the people who are moving to a new town because of retirement search for similar things. Mostly it is the peace that seniors look for. But, based on your interest you can put other things here as well. Some seniors love to be close to nature and be able to exercise and take walks, while others prefer golfing. You can decide what amenities you want to have close to you and then choose the town based on that.

    A senior couple in the park
    Many seniors are looking for outdoor activity

    What are some of the best towns to retire in the Philadelphia Area?

    The Philadelphia area offers a lot of great places for all kinds of people. A lot of families, young professionals, people looking to move up in their careers, and also seniors are moving here. So, you can also find places that are mixed with different generations and feel alive. You can also find communities that are mostly senior-based with a lot of activities you can get involved in and new friends to meet. If you choose to move to Montgomery for example, we have movers in Montgomery County PA that are ready to help you out.

    East Norriton

    Starting with this township that you can easily feel at home in. It is located in Montgomery County, very much visited and beloved by its residents. Approximately 14,000 people are living here and they are ready to welcome you to the community. Places with a smaller number of residents usually tend to be more friendly, which can be amazing for a new start. You can get a mix of urban and suburban feelings here, with a lot of peace. There are also a lot of amenities and outdoor activities you can be enjoying. If you like walks there are many trails, easier and more demanding in the parks in the city. Also, you can visit Farm Park, and Elmwood Zoo Park or stop by the local bowling club. Now that you know this, you might already be on the phone with East Norriton movers PA offers to schedule your new adventure.

    A woman with her senior mother chatting about towns to retire in the Philadelphia area
    Spend beautiful days in your new home in the best towns to retire in the Philadelphia area


    A small suburb of Philadelphia that has a life of its own. It is a census-designated place in Chester County with a dense suburban feeling. Only around 6000 people are living here, so your chance of meeting new friends is high. You can call the movers Paoli PA offers and ask them to start planning your move if this sounds like a great place for you. And it definitely should be considered as a choice. Mostly home to families and seniors in retirement, it sounds like a great option to choose. With a tight-knit community, you can have a nice and eventful life here. Plenty of restaurants and parks will make sure that you always have something to do. Another great thing is that it is a very safe town, with a safety rating of 78% lower than the national average.


    Another smaller town in Montgomery County, with amazing scores in livability. The livability along with the cost of living is above average here and can be a great place to save some money if you want. Not just that, but hiring senior movers Pottstown PA and moving here will allow you to have a lot of outdoor activities. Think about walking, outside chess games, golfing, and meeting new people. There are around 23,500 residents living here, consisting of families, young professionals, and retired seniors.

    Seniors playing a game in one of the towns to retire in the Philadelphia area
    You will be able to easily find friends here, no matter if you are staying in your house or a shared home

    Media is one of the great towns to retire in the Philadelphia area

    One of the Delaware County boroughs can be your choice of a new home. It has great ratings in many things and is a great choice not just for retiring, but for other people as well. Media has very low crime rates, meaning you won’t need to stress about it at all. You can be enjoying so much time outside because the weather here is amazing, with a lot of warm and sunny days. No need to stay inside for a long time because of rain or extremely cold temperatures. It also has great marks in affordability, so you could enjoy a lot of things. The center here is lively, with a lot of residents meeting here and chatting. This can be your place to meet your new friends. You can also experience beautiful Ridley Creek State Park, Rose Tree Park, and Pennsylvania Veterans Museum. The population is around 6000 people. Plus, with our movers Media PA offers your relocation can be a fun experience.

    Penn Wynne

    Going back to Montgomery County as one of the most beloved ones. Penn Wynne is a residential district here and offers great things for its senior citizens. The population this year is around 6500, which means a small and tight-knit community. Being in a new place can make this a great choice, as you can get to know your neighbors and the rest of the town as well. We all want to live somewhere where we know people and they know us. Time after time, Penn Wynne has been voted as one of the best places to live in the Philadelphia area, and this time it is in second place. This is because people are offered great living conditions, low cost of living, affordable homes, and plenty of outdoor activities. Again, this is one of the most wanted things that seniors are looking for. Moving here means you can walk in many parks and enjoy your time outside. There are many senior homes with excellent ratings, like Sanders House, and Penn Wynne Homes. The population in this place is 6000 people.

    Two senior ladies enjoying the beach
    Enjoy the beautiful nature you can find living here


    Located in Mercer County, Greenville is a very close ride to Pittsburg and Cleveland, which can come as handy if you need to be in the large city. Or if you have family there. It is always nice to be close to your loved ones. It is a place perfect for families and senior citizens as it is a quiet and respectful town. There are no bustling loud events and safety has great ratings as well. Many of the senior homes are looked at by people all over the state. It is simple, living in Greenville will make you feel a warm feeling and you will soon call it home. There are around 5700 residents living here, and they enjoy many of the great amenities. Also, the community often organizes community events that you can enjoy and which can be a place of meeting people. Another great thing to mention when searching for towns to retire from in the Philadelphia area is that it has amazing healthcare that you can use.

    How can professional movers help you with moving to one of the best towns to retire in the Philadelphia Area?

    This question often comes to people’s minds when they are preparing for a move. Our movers in Delaware County PA are professionally trained and have a lot of experience with moving. They will make sure that you can spend your time doing other things that you need to finish. By having them help you out, you will save time and be able to focus on researching your new town and spending time with your friends and family.

    Other than that, they can also provide you with an enjoyable moving experience in which there is no need to stress. As everything will be done in time, based on the deadlines you have. This is an amazing thing you can use to your advantage, as moving should be a fun process. Lastly, you won’t need to worry about renting the truck and finding a driver. Our team will do a free estimate for your things and decide which truck suits you the best. This way you can also save some money.

    A nurse helping an elder man
    Moving with professionals you will be able to focus on other things that you need to finish

    Different services you can get

    Professional movers are here with much more help than simply transporting your things to a new place. This can come in as very helpful, as you can take your time and focus on something else. There are many moving services PA companies will offer to you. For example, there I s no need for you to waste your time and stress about packing your old home. With professional packing services, movers will do this for you. All of your belongings will be packed efficiently and safely. With so much experience, they know exactly how to treat furniture, smaller items, and special items like pianos or family heirlooms.

    And for all the things you don’t want to bring with you you can get storage service. We can offer great residential storage containers that you can rent for a short or longer time. This way you will know that all of your things are safely waiting on you. With our different options, you can be sure that nothing will get damaged by temperature or other conditions. So, there is no need to throw out the things you can´t bring with you at the moment, they can stay safe and well-kept. Securing your things is something we take pride in.

    Contact us easily to start planning your relocation to one of the towns to retire in the Philadelphia area

    You can easily get in contact with us so that we can start planning your move to your new home. Our team is always ready to respond to all of your questions and explain to you every step of the process. No matter how much or little you know about the moving process, you can ask us to go through everything with you. This way you will know everything about what is going on and you can relax. Also, you won´t need to worry about any deadlines you have, as doing it in the time you need is important to us. Zippy Shell of Greater Philadelphia has one goal, and that is to make your move to one of the best towns to retire in the Philadelphia Area as easy as possible.

    Movers from Philadelphia in front of the van in one of the towns to retire in the Philadelphia area
    Hire our professionals for an effortless and stress-free relocation

    Settling into Philadelphia

    If you already live somewhere in the Philadelphia area, this might be easier for you than if you are moving to this city. But, even if that is the case, it is still not a lot of work. This area is an amazing place with lots of towns to retire in the Philadelphia area. They are lively and vibrant places, they have welcoming people living there, and a great variety of amazing food. So, once you get to your new home, you can start unpacking. Getting around the neighborhood is how you meet new people and discover new places you will love. And if you are staying in one of the senior homes, meeting friends will be even easier for you. Just don’t stress and enjoy this new experience.


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