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    Moving from one place to another can be overwhelming sometimes, but there is nothing to worry about. It is perfectly normal to have mixed feelings about the upcoming move. Trust us, you are not the only one who is feeling that way. As a company that has been voted one of the best Philadelphia movers, we believe we can help you cope with the moving stress and any other negative emotions you are currently experiencing. So, if you want to learn how to survive the emotional rollercoaster caused by your relocation, make sure to keep reading!

    Why are relocations stressful?

    “Ah, moving is so stressful!” – We are sure you have heard this sentence many times. But, why does this process have such a bad reputation? What makes people feel stressed during their relocations? Well, this is what we were asking ourselves back in the days when we first entered this industry. And, the more relocations we organized, the more we realized what stresses out people when they have to move.

    Black and white schedule
    A moving schedule will help you keep track of time and everything that needs to be done until the big move

    Here are the key reasons:

    • Money – It is no secret that relocations can be pricey. That is exactly what worries most people. They need to learn how to move without spending a fortune and avoid scammers who are offering services at a much higher cost. Luckily, there are many affordable movers Narberth PA who offer quality services.
    • Time – Whether you have to move in a hurry or not, you will still be stressed because of the time. In order to move with ease, you need to have good time-management skills.
    • Change – Even if you need to move just down the street, you will still need to get used to your new home, neighbors, and surroundings. This is why most people find long-distance relocations to be much more stressful than local ones.

    We can help you cope with moving stress. However, you are the one who needs to keep under control these three factors. Carefully plan your budget, make sure to stick to your moving schedule, and start preparing for moving to a different location by researching it online. Now that is how you will have a relocation that is far less stressful.

    Recognize the symptoms of the moving stress on time

    People are reacting to stressful situations differently. What is important to understand is that some amount of stress you experience during the move can actually be very helpful. Stress can be the sign that we are aware of tight deadlines and can motivate us to organize our move even better. However, there is a fine line between a little amount of stress and panic attacks. So, when you start to experience symptoms of too much stress, know that it is time to slow down and to take a breather.

    To help you stay healthy during relocation, we have listed the most important signs that you are burnt out and that you should take a moment to rest. We have divided them into four categories: emotional, physical, behavioral, and cognitive symptoms.

    • Emotional symptoms – not being able to relax, avoiding people, quick bursts of anger and frustration, depression;
    • Physical symptoms – insomnia, headaches, low energy, shaking caused by stress;
    • Behavioral symptoms – changes in eating habits, using psychoactive substances, avoiding responsibilities;
    • Cognitive symptoms – forgetfulness, disorganization, excessive pessimism, impaired judgment.

    These are all the symptoms you might experience during your relocation. But don’t worry, we are here to help you cope with moving stress, and here is how you can do that with ease!

    Man enjoying freedom
    Embrace the change and don’t let negative emotions ruin your move

    So, how can you cope with moving stress?

    Well, there are many mechanisms that can help you handle your upcoming relocation with ease. However, we are going to mention the most important ones. Here is what you need to do in order to move with no problems along the way!

    Have the right attitude

    We understand that relocations can be tough, especially when moving over long distances. But, don’t let this ruin your upcoming move. Instead, adopt the right attitude and be a positive thinker! Accept the change. Sure, you will be moving to a different place but this doesn’t have to be a bad thing. You will be presented with many new opportunities and you should embrace all of them! New friends, new adventures, and new job opportunities will await you.

    Organize your relocation from start to finish

    Having an organized relocation is what will help you have a problem-free relocation. And, when there are no problems, stress levels are lower. If you want to handle moving preparations like a pro, here is what you should do:

    • Start early
    • Make a moving schedule
    • Stick to your schedule
    • Find help

    A proper organization is a key to a successful relocation. Keep in mind this when you start to prepare for your move.

    Do your research to minimize the stress while moving

    One of the things you should do before every move is to research your new neighborhood, especially if you are moving with pets or to a different state. You should do your best to find out as much as you can about your new surroundings. Knowing where the closest grocery stores and dog parks are is what will help you cope with the moving stress and prepare for your new neighborhood. And the best thing is – you can do that from the comfort of your home! You just need a good Internet connection, a smart device, and a comfy chair.

    Woman reading an article on how to cope with moving stress
    Get informed about the relocation process to prepare for this change and eliminate the stress

    Rely on moving professionals

    If you want to move with ease and avoid problems, you should hire a reliable moving company. Trust us, when you have by your side someone as experienced as Zippy Shell, the entire move will become so much easier! We can help you relocate and also cope with moving stress. The only thing you will have to do is to get in touch with us. Yes, moving from one place to another can be that simple!

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