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    When planning a relocation there are many different factors to consider. No matter what is the reason for your relocation, you need to discover as much as possible about the place you are moving to. If your recent plans include moving to Delaware County, then you need to do thorough research on the living conditions it offers. For example, costs of living differ from county to county and you need to find the place that will best suit your needs and your pocket. Before contacting Zippy Shell of Greater Philadelphia to help you with the relocation, you need to discover the living options in Delaware County. It can either be a competitive job market or a strong economy that attracts people to move to a certain place. For more information about the costs of living in Delaware County PA, you can find this useful guide.

    Get to know Delaware County

    Delco, as people call it, is one of the counties in the state of Pennsylvania. This is the fifth most populated county in the US with more than 550,000 residents.

    On the other hand, it is the third smallest area in Pennsylvania. This lively region in the south of the county is constantly expanding over the years. There are many reasons why you should hire movers in Delaware County PA. Living in Delaware County will give you the option to access vibrant, cities full of history. In addition, it offers a beautiful wilderness in addition to an urban vibe. When moving with children, they will have the option to get a great education. Delco is home to 11 colleges and universities. The most popular areas are in the north of the county. While the most affordable ones are mainly in the south of Delaware.

    a woman in white calculating costs of living in Delaware County PA
    delco is the fifth most populated county in the US

    Delaware Job Market

    Delaware residents are living in a very small area. Therefore, people may think about whether there is enough job for each one of them. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the current unemployment rate is around 3,7%. This is around the national average. The current minimum wage is around $10,11 per hour. This is about over 4 dollars higher than the Federal minimum. Before hiring local movers in Greater Philadelphia area, you need to know that jobs increased by around 2,4%. Among the most popular professions are software developers, business analysts, and nurse practitioners. The average annual pay is around $63,000. Because there are no sales taxes, this is a perfect place for shoppers. In addition, you can buy many things here at a lower price. Among the highest-paying jobs are dentists, surgeons, and sales managers. Also, plenty of blue-collar jobs are getting better payment.

    What are some costs of living in Wayne, Delaware County PA

    On a cost of living level, Delaware County has a slightly higher index than the national average. However, when it comes to housing, the prices range from below to higher than the national average. This small community of Wayne is just 18 miles from Pennsylvania. It is a part of the Downtown Wayne Historic District. before contacting movers Wayne PA, you need to know that this city is a bit expensive to live in. The costs of living in this part of Delaware County PA are 46% higher than in the rest of Pennsylvania.

    a piggy bank with coins
    Wayne is slightly more expensive than the national average

    The average home price in this area is $750,000. On the other hand, the leasing options are still pretty affordable. If you wish to rent a home, you will need to pay around $1,545 per month. In addition, the price of healthcare goes around $7,894. Finally, you will also have to pay more for food.

    How much it costs to live in Media, PA

    This suburb of Pennsylvania is popular as Everybody’s Hometown. Thanks to its tight-knit community and welcoming atmosphere for the new residents it got this nickname. In 2021, it got a rank as America’s coolest suburbs. Its residents can enjoy open green space, a number of cafes, and dining options. But when it comes to the costs of living, before hiring movers Media PA, you need to know that the place is 25% more expensive than the national average.  Transportation and groceries are more affordable. These are around 15% more expensive than the average. The price of the dinner in the restaurant is around $59,00. While a local transportation ticket is about $2,54. In addition, the prices of utilities and housing certainly set the prices much higher. The average home price in Media is $410,000. On the other hand, renting prices are around the national average of about $1,465.

    What is the median salary in Delaware County?

    When moving to Delaware County, depending on where you are coming from, you may earn either a lower or higher salary. The average annual salary is around $63,000.

    Regarding hourly jobs, people can get up to $30,00 per hour. In addition, for those who receive weekly pay in Delaware, it goes around $1,200. If you plan to relocate your business and hire commercial movers Pottstown PA, you need to know that monthly salaries in Delaware range from $46,567 to $69,615. In addition, this may differ depending on the type of business you are running. Some of the top earners in the county earn around $85,667 annually. The good thing about the unemployment rate is around the national average. Also, the number of jobs on the market increased by around 2,4% in the last year. Statistics predict that in the next 10 years, the job offer will increase by around 31%.

    a man holding paper bills and thinking of costs of living in Delaware County PA
    Costs of living in Delaware County PA differ from one city to another

    Costs of living in Delaware County PA – home renting

    For those who plan to move to Delaware County, keeping a roof above their head is one of the most important things. If you wish to buy a home in Delaware, this can be a dream come true. The reason for this is that the median home value in Delaware is $278,000. Although home value increased in the last year by around 7%, predictions are that it will increase even more in the next year. For example, renting storage Pottstown PA is more expensive than renting it in Delaware county. Apart from that, if you wish to rent a studio apartment in this county you will pay around $900. The price difference between renting a one-bedroom and a two-bedroom apartment is around $150. The monthly rent for a two-bedroom apartment is $1,250. Three or more-bedroom apartments rental go up to $1,730.

    Utility costs of living in Delaware County PA

    Delaware County’s family budget is higher than the rest of the country. for this reason, you can expect that the prices of utilities are higher accordingly.

    Take a look at the history, and you will see that Pennsylvania was one of the biggest coal-mining states. Nowadays, the greatest portion of electricity still comes from coal and natural gas. Once you decide to hire residential movers Pottstown PA, you need to know that you will pay a bit pricy electricity bill.  The average Delaware county electricity bill is $115. Furthermore, to pay for the gas you will need to set up around $101 of your monthly budget. When speaking about the costs of living in Delaware County PA, to get a cable and internet supply, you will have to pay around $106. In addition, Pennsylvania residents will need to pay around $31,00 for water and $60,00 for the Internet.

    a man holding a phone and checking costs of living in Delaware County PA
    Utility costs depend on the number of family members

    Delaware transportation costs

    The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation invests around $1,5 billion annually in transportation. The goal is to have some of the most reliable transportation services in the State. Thanks to this, public transportation is available in literally every county. No matter that even more and more people work from home, a great majority still have to commute to work every day. Before hiring one of the moving companies Pottstown PA, you need to know that the annual transportation ticket for an adult goes up to $4,120. If there are two working adults without children they will need to pay annually around $7,945 for transportation in Delaware. Everyday transportation includes taking kids to daycare or school. In addition, you will also need to take them to and from music lessons or football practice. Therefore, two working adults with two children will need to set up a significant amount of almost $12,000.

    Buying food and groceries

    Other important costs of living in Delaware County PA represent food and groceries. Delaware County and Pennsylvania in general have great food offers. Here you will find some unique food samples. In addition, this is the home of Philly cheesesteaks and tomato pie. Also, it is one of the greatest pretzel suppliers in Pennsylvania. Among the things you need to know when moving to Delaware County is that food costs are a bit higher here than the national average. However, the county is at the bottom level for food spending. The average resident of Delaware County spends between $200 and $230 a month on food. Annually it goes up to $2,800. Couples spend around $556 on groceries and food. while families with children will need to set up around $1,111  of their home budget. Here you can find a list of average food prices:

    • Milk, 1 L – $1.17
    • Bread, 0.5 kg – $3.47
    • Eggs, x12- $2.92
    • Chicken Breast, 1 kg-$12.2
    •  Round Steak, 1 kg- $15.8
    • Cheese, 1 kg- $13
    • Water, 1 L- $1.09

    Prices of Healthcare and Childcare

    Healthcare is one category in Delaware county whose price goes below the national average. However, it is not easy to determine the exact prices for healthcare costs. In addition, it depends from person to person and their health situation. Also, some people need a higher level of medical care. In general, Delaware and the whole country have healthy people and great healthcare resources. On average, an adult spends around $7,900 according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis 2022 Personal Expenditure. The first month after moving to Delaware County with children you should also look for childcare. One of the most important monthly items in a home budget is paying a person or institution to take care of your kids. For infant care, you will need to pay around $1,437. The toddler classroom goes up to $1,140. Finally, for home childcare, you will need to spend $1,028.

    a smiling girl
    Healthcare and childcare costs of living in Delaware County PA are around the national average

    Costs of living in Delaware County PA – Miscellaneous costs

    When setting up a home budget it is important to always include the miscellaneous costs and services in Delaware County. These costs should include all the costs that you have for not spending on food, groceries, transportation, and so on. In addition, you certainly need to have a haircut or go to visit a museum or see a movie. Delaware County newcomers should know that in general, they would spend around $28,000 on costs that are not housing. A one-day ticket to Hersheypark visitors is around $74.95 per person. In addition, visiting an Art Museum will cost around $25. If you wish to enjoy a Philly cheesesteak you will need to set up around $12,00. Other individual costs can vary depending on the type of service you need. If you need to go to the dry cleaners, you will pay around  $15.60. There are many family-friendly attractions that are free.

    Some of the most affordable cities in Delaware County

    Delco municipalities include 1 city, 27 boroughs, and 21 townships. If you are looking for some of the most affordable cities and boroughs, you can definitely find them in Delaware county. There are many different factors that classify one place as affordable. These include median home prices, food, transportation, and healthcare costs. Among the most affordable cities in the county, you can choose from the following with their median home prices:

    • Borough of Collingdale – median home price $115,036
    • Eddystone- median home price $129,963
    • Darby- median home price $124,120
    • Essington- median home price $125,117
    • Drexel Hill- median home price $175,081
    tax heaven letters on the typing machine paper
    There are lots of affordable cities in Delaware County

    Choosing a certain area to be your new home depends on a number of factors. One of the main reasons why people decide to move to a certain area is the monthly budget they will spend on living. Costs of living in Delaware County PA vary depending on the city or borough that you are choosing from. Although we cannot say that living in Delaware is pretty affordable, there are many cities that offer reasonable living costs. In addition, the county offers great job opportunities which will give you the chance to earn accordingly. Therefore, start your Delaware County research as soon as possible. You will certainly choose one of its remarkable cities for living.


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