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    You are about to declutter your apartment after summer vacation and there is a lot to do. You must cover your entire home and it can last for days until you get rid of all the unwanted items. Hence, you need a plan and maybe even a bit of help from your friends, family, or movers Pottstown PA if you intend on purchasing packing materials or renting storage. All in all, a lot of steps to be done so let us cover them together with a simple guide on the subject. Let’s go.

    To declutter your apartment after summer vacation is the best time to do it

    As we already mentioned, you must start with a thorough home inspection. Check out all rooms inside your home and then move onto the garage, attic, basement, and backyard. You will for sure find many items scattered all over the place. And to take a note and keep up with it, you must write it all done onto an inventory list. Appoint one room for all those items and bring them all there. Eventually, you’ll have a pile of items to work with and we will advise on the plan on how to rid of them all. Of course, depending on the nature of the item and the state it is in.

    it is time to declutter your apartment after summer vacation
    Autumn is just around the corner. Shuffle through your old clothing and get rid of the unused pieces.

    Now, we will advise starting decluttering your hidden space first. This means digging through your wardrobes, shelves, cupboards, etc. Remove the hidden items out of the picture first so you won’t have any surprises later.

    Maybe your local movers can help out a bit?

    Ok, before you even decide on what to do with all those items you gathered, we must give you a piece of advice. Your Philadelphia movers can help out immensely by providing the whole batch of packing materials. Mostly the cardboard boxes you’ll need to transport your items to wherever you want them to be. Or if you are holding a garage sale in the end, you’ll need a lot of boxes as well. And of course, your movers can rent you a storage unit where you can keep all your unused items in case you want to use them later in your life.

    Also, in case you are renovating and re-decorating at the same time, this would be the perfect time to check out the temporary onsite storage containers where you can keep all your belongings. After the construction work is over, bring your items back into your home and while doing that, declutter and downsize at the same time. So, there are a few possibilities, just keep them in the back of your pocket in case you need it.

    Clean and save some of it

    You will declutter your apartment after summer vacation but remember that not all items are ready to be thrown away. Or dispose of it in any other way. Some items can be refurbished and still used. So, pay attention when inspecting your old items, maybe you have some antiques and artwork worth a penny. Maybe with a small investment and a delicate touch, it can become a usable item again. On the other hand, you can be ruthless with your clothing and similar materials. If they are not of emotional value, do not drag them for too long if you have no space for them. And over time, they decay and catch a nasty old smell. Therefore, get rid of your old clothes but pay attention to other items cause they might be worth something.

    a woman inspecting a brow leather coat
    Inspect all your items carefully. Some pieces might still be useful.

    Replace old with the new

    Now, while inspecting your home, and especially your garage and the attic, you’ll find many old and unusable items. Those can be old electronics, a TV, fridge, a few lamps, and other accessories waiting to be repaired. Maybe this is the time to replace it all. Or should we say, simply remove them from your home because, to be honest, you won’t be repairing them anytime soon? And probably by now, the repair would cost more than to buy a new one. Therefore, you should either recycle those or sell them online. Maybe there is a collector who would be interested in a certain part. So, focus on those items because you surely have at least a few that are blocking your path and taking your precious space unnecessarily. Declutter your apartment after summer vacation and start fresh in the upcoming year.

    Declutter your apartment after summer vacation and organize your space much better

    Now when you removed all your items and made a dedicated pile, it is time to get rid of it. But before you do, you must realize how much space you gained. Now you can reorganize your entire home. You can clean your attic and your garage and take some things there. Be sure to use plastic and cardboard boxes to protect your items from dust and mold. And inside your home, you should clean all your furniture nicely and reorganize because now you have a bit more space for sure. If you remove just a few pieces of furniture you’ll be able to afford a new couch or a new TV for your home. But you will probably mostly be happy about the hidden storage space you gained inside your drawers and cupboards. Use it wisely now when you decluttered like a pro.

    Dispose of it like a pro

    The last part of this story is to dispose of the whole batch adequately. As we said before, one of the options is to rent a storage Pottstown PA unit and keep your items there until you figure out what to do with them. But there are several viable solutions people often opt for. Check out the following:

    • Donate to the local charity or a church.
    • Sell online.
    • Give to friends or neighbors.
    • Scrap and recycle.
    • Throw away.

    Either way you choose to do it is fine. You may even want to combine these methods for the best results.

    a woman buying beaded necklaces
    Maybe you can organize a garage sale and have some fun with your neighbors. It is a nice way to get rid of all your stuff.

    There are companies that will gladly take the items of your hands. You can simply give them a call and schedule a pickup instead of throwing those items away. This way you’ll be sure they do not end up somewhere in the field. And finally, if you have enough time, you can organize a yard sale and sell your items to your neighbors, friends, and random passengers. You can have some fun and earn a buck or two in the process.

    And now you know how to declutter your apartment after summer vacation. All you need is a bit of time, patience, and a bit of help. Engage the whole family and be done with it in a few days. Hopefully, we provided enough info for you to do this right. Good luck and stay safe.


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