Do millennials prefer Paoli or Lansdale

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    A good living environment is very important to millennials. Deciding between the many of Pennsylvania’s great towns is never easy. Therefore, we at movers in Greater Philadelphia area offer you an answer to the question: do millennials prefer Paoli or Lansdale? Let’s get to the point.

    What we took into consideration

    There are many possible things to consider when judging which town is better. Each person has their priorities. However, some needs are universal. Here’s the list of the main factors:

    • which town has a better economy
    • which town has the higher percentage of millennials
    • what are the entertainment options
    • answer to: do millennials prefer Paoli or Lansdale?
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    A good economy is very important when choosing a location as a millennial.

    Economy and cost of living

    The first and most important metric to find out if millennials like Paoli or Lansdale better is to compare the salaries and prices. Paoli’s unemployment rate of 4.7% is much better than the US average of 6%. Lansdale is better than average too, but is a bit worse in this regard, with its 5.6% unemployment rate. If you want more information, contact movers Paoli PA. Also, their market growth and taxes are very similar.

    When it comes to the living costs, Paoli is rated as expensive, as average costs are 40% higher than the national average. It’s expensive even when compared to many other towns in Pennsylvania. Lansdale is quite a bit cheaper, its average costs are 25% higher than the US average. The difference is mostly due to lower housing prices. This doesn’t come as a surprise, as the average income of a resident is significantly higher in Paoli.

    Number of young residents

    Naturally, it’s great to be surrounded by like-minded people. In Paoli, the number of residents between the age of 25 and 44, which is the age group where most consider themselves millennials, is 31.5 percent. In comparison, the number of people of the same age in Lansdale is even larger, around 33.5 percent. Essentially, this means that both towns are filled with young professionals. Contact moving companies Lansdale PA for more advice about living conditions, moving costs, etc.

    Nightlife and entertainment

    Even though both towns are relatively small, you’d be surprised how many great bars and restaurants you can find. Since Lansdale is a bigger town than Paoli, it offers more variety. In any case, you’ll have fun regardless of which town you choose.

    Conclusion – do millennials prefer Paoli or Lansdale?

    You’ll find that Lansdale does have a few advantages over Paoli. Lower costs, more entertainment variety, and a younger population make up for the lower income. If earnings are your number one priority, you should consider Paoli instead. If you need help with your relocation, hiring movers is a great option. They can provide a reliable and affordable service.

    Movers can answer whether do millennials prefer Paoli or Lansdale.
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