Do young professionals prefer Chester or Montgomery County?

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    For young people who recently finished their studies, it is very important which city they will choose for living in. This will mark the beginning of their professional career and it is important to choose wisely. However, sometimes it is not easy since all over the US there are so many great places for young professionals. For example, there are many tempting places all around Pennsylvania. Two of the most popular ones are Chester and Montgomery County. As a young Millennial, you would like to be close to your work and also close to some fun. And it is possible to have both as soon as you realize what you need to contact Zippy Shell of Greater Philadelphia to help you with your relocation. But before you reach this important decision, read this article to discover whether young professionals prefer Chester or Montgomery County.

    Get to know Chester

    This is a big carrier center for the city workers and provides good options both for studying and work. This city has some of the greatest employers such as Bank of America, Sykes Cottages, and MBNA. There is also a range of legal and accountancy firms as well. For this reason, it is not easy to find a home to rent in this area since many young professionals choose to come here. Movers Chester County PA has hands full of work helping young businesspeople come here. Here you can find active adult communities and country farmhouses as well. The city has a population of about  522,046 people. Uwchlan Township is one of the best towns to live in Chester County, PA. It is safe, comfortable, and has great restaurants and places where you can spend your free time. It’s also family-friendly, so you can find quiet residential areas here.

    a house on near the river and a wood
    It is hard to say whether young professionals prefer Chester or Montgomery County

    Discover Montgomery County

    County leaders have been working on merging work and fun in this county. Several years ago, the county started its Night Time Economy Initiative to bring in new business. This way, they managed to attract many young professionals. Contact movers Montgomery County PA if you are a young professional willing to live in this urban setting. The county has developed a great deal.

    There are many new shopping centers, and also new bike lanes. So if you would like to take a ride after a busy day at work, here you will have a chance for that. For those that like to live close to their work center and favorite hangouts, here you will find several popular areas. Silver Spring, Bethesda, and Rockville are among the most popular ones. Here you can meet many people after work in a bar, and not have to drive home.

    Do young professionals prefer Chester or Montgomery County?

    It is really hard to say since both counties offer so many great opportunities for young Millennials. On the other hand, the population of Montgomery County is around 828,604. Therefore, you can conclude that the place is bi busier than Chester. In case you plan to start a family soon, in Chester you will have the option to live in a quieter area just like in the countryside. On the other hand, if you prefer to live and work in one of the cities for young entrepreneurs that includes massive going out and having a lot of fun, then, Montgomery County is your cup of tea. Montgomery County has about 186,000 residents between the ages of 20 and 34. They make up 9% of the county’s population. On the other hand, Chester has luxurious residents for young businesspeople including Heritage Court, Corbridge House, and Lache Lane. These properties are in modern and safe areas close to job centers.

    a large city at night
    Montgomery County is very popular among young professionals

    Popular reasons to move to either county

    Montgomery County with almost one million residents gives an impression of a modern area attractive to young professionals. On the other hand, in Chester, you can see a farm horse and your neighbor riding a horse in the morning.

    So do young professionals prefer Chester or Montgomery County? It is not easy to say. Both places have similar, yet different vibes. In Montgomery County, the concentration of Millennials is around the Red Line in places like White Flint. In Chester, young professionals gather around West Chester. Living here gives residents an urban-suburban mixed feel, and most residents rent their homes. Exton is a famous town in Chester County. It’s a hub for restaurants, shops, stores, activities, and many other attractions. Young adults in Montgomery go shopping around the Washingtonian Center in Gaithersburg. With so many options, it can be really hard to choose among the areas.

    Do young professionals prefer Chester or Montgomery County

    Another popular area in Chester is East Caln. The place offers attractions such as Downingtown Country Club and the Bell Tavern Park. There is also the Brandywine Square Shopping Center where young professionals like to spend their weekends. The neighborhoods are mostly peaceful. When it comes to Montgomery County, there are also places with fewer job options but more affordable. That is Briggs Chaney in East County and Germantown in the Upcounty. If you need more information on popular areas, find more information about the state of Pennsylvania. One is for sure, both counties have their luxurious parts with great job opportunities. Also, there are places where renting or buying property is cheaper. If you choose this residential type, prepare to travel to work a bit longer. On the other hand, you will save money for renting and bills.

    young professionals discussing if they prefer Chester or Montgomery County
    Both counties are attractive for young carrier people

    It is not easy to say whether young professionals prefer Chester or Montgomery County. The general distribution of young people is the same in both counties. But there’s a slight shift towards the Downcounty in Montgomery County. People with college education prefer Bethesda and Friendship Heights. On the other hand, Chesterbrook is a popular suburb in Chester. There are endless opportunities for young people ready to start building their careers.  There are many different industries that are popular in these areas. Depending on their education and preferences, anybody can find their place under the star in these two Pennsylvanian counties.


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