Do young professionals prefer Harleysville or Downingtown in Pennsylvania

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    After finishing school or college young professionals can be in two minds about the future place where they want to live. This is very important for the start of their professional carrier. Therefore, choosing the right city for your future job start is vital. There are so many great places in Pennsylvania that young people can choose from. Moving companies Philadelphia have hands full of work when moving people either to Harleysville or Downingtown. So how to actually choose between these two places? Both are large metropolitan areas with many great factors that you can chose for living. Both areas offer great job opportunities depending on the industry you are interested in. In addition, the weather is nice. However, these two cities have differences. So read this text and discover whether young business people prefer Harleysville or Downingtown in Pennsylvania and why.

    Learn about Harleysville

    This is one of the largest metropolitan areas across the US. Philadelphia served as the nation’s first capital and cultural center before Washington and New York. Harleysville is a suburb of Philadelphia, in Montgomery County. Many people say that this is one of the best places to live in Pennsylvania. It gives its residents a dense suburban feel. People here mostly own than rent homes. Movers Harleysville PA say that young professionals usually move here in spring and summer. The areas that most people desire to move to are usually in the west parts of the city, while more affordable homes are in the northeast regions. There is a mixture of white, Hispanic, Asian, and other nations living in this area. Thanks to that there is a great cultural diversity in this suburban area. The Appalachian Mountains to the west and the Atlantic Ocean to the east change continental climate.

    a building and a lawn
    Harleysville is a beautiful suburb area

    Downingtown in Pennsylvania

    Before you start a home search, you need to know which area to move to. Downingtown is a borough in Chester County, Pennsylvania. It is 33 miles (53 km) west of Philadelphia. Downingtown has a large population of residents that have Italian ancestry. Apart from that its population makes White, African Americans, Asians, Native Americans, and Hawaiians. Movers Downingtown PA move here about 1500 thousand people every year. People rent more homes in this area. Around 45% of the households in Downingtown, its residents rather rent than buy.

    So when in doubt to choose Harleysville or Downingtown in Pennsylvania, renting in Harleysville is cheaper. The homeowners make around 45%. While in Harleysville they make around 67%. Here you can walk from home to work. For those who like to live in the suburb, the street is calmer and the way of living more slowly.

    Harleysville or Downingtown in Pennsylvania

    The cost of living in Harleysville is on a US average of 100. That means that Harleysville is cheaper than the US average. The population in Harleysville is 9,568. Median house prices in Harleysville, PA are $481,000, which is more expensive than the US median. When comparing places to live, the average house price in Downingtown is $479,742. A high percentage of homes people bought in the past indicates that it’s an up-and-coming neighborhood.  Since 2020,  Harleysville has had a population growth of 2.2%. Downingtown’s population is 8,419 people. Since 2020, it has had a population growth of 0.7%. Many young professionals start-up families both in Harleysville and Downingtown. This is due to the fact that the crime rate is low in both areas. Sine it is safe to live here, many people with small children choose these areas to raise them.

    a city in sunset
    It is not easy to choose between Harleysville or Downingtown in Pennsylvania

    Business and transportation

    When it comes to doing business, the median household income is $88,223 in  Harleysville. When it comes to Downingtown Median Household Income is $66,345. Popular areas to live and work in Chester County are Exton, East Whiteland Township, and Lionville. Other popular places to live around Philadelphia are Perkiomen Creek or Main Street in the downtown area. When it comes to transportation, the average commute time in Harleysville is 27 minutes. 84.4% drive their own car alone while 1.8% take mass transit. When it comes to Downingtown, the average Commute time is 22.7 minutes.  84.5% drive their own car alone while 3.0% take mass transit. In both areas, people also work from home. So in Harleysville 4.2% work from home. In Downingtown, this number is less and it is 2.1% of the people who work from home. Here people do not rely so much on driving cars.

    Choosing between Harleysville or Downingtown in Pennsylvania

    Living in every place or area has its advantages or disadvantages. What you certainly need to do is to do thorough research and decide what works the best for you. Both Harleysville and Downingtown have many things in common. These are both metropolitan areas with great schools and educational systems. Downingtown has a high walk score. That means that there are a lot of great restaurants, stores, and coffee shops around. On the other hand, since Harleysville is in a suburb, it has calmer areas great for living.

    a woman reading on laptop about Harleysville or Downingtown in Pennsylvania
    There are plenty of options for living in both places

    There are also plenty of dining options for the residents of Downingtown. Some of the places are The Steamed Cow, Starbucks@Giant, and Jimmy Duffy Catering Corporate. Harleysville also has a rich social life. The Butcher and Barkeep and Energy Station are just some of them. For art lovers, both areas offer rich cultural content.

    It is certainly not easy for young professionals to choose between Harleysville or Downingtown in Pennsylvania. On one hand, we have a great suburban area of Harleysville where prices for buying your home are lower than in Downingtown. The population density is pretty similar. Also, the weather and climate are nice throughout most of the year. Only January and February can be a bit tough. The unemployment rate in Harleysville is 5.6%, while in Downingtown it is 4.7%. U.S. average is 6.0% so many young professionals decide to start up their careers in these two areas due to many job opportunities. Choosing an area with good school rating consistency is important for those starting a family as well. If you desire a consistent school experience as children grow up, these can be places to plant long-term roots.



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