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    A lot of businesses nowadays want to move to other cities. So let’s discuss moving your business to Pottstown and how to do it right. We as one of the most trusted moving companies Philadelphia would like to help you with the relocation. This will require a lot of skills and excellent management as well as market assessments, etc. These are general tips that one could use to expand their business. Nowadays there is an ongoing recession after the COVID-19 pandemic, plus there is a chance that the pandemic won’t go away any time soon. As we can see things aren’t good in Asia or Europe. The war in Ukraine has risen the prices of natural gas and all kinds of fossil fuels. Also, conflicts are sparkling throughout the globe, and markets are unstable at the moment. But let’s see what can you do about expanding your business to Pottstown!

    How to expand your business to Pottstown?

    As long as you stick to the plan, everything should go right, right? Well not always but this is the main ingredient in this mix. Our long distance movers Pennsylvania can help you move all of your things, pack them, store them…But you have to make a bulletproof plan to make it work, and you still may end up losing money, but it’s less likely as long as it’s planned correctly.  Another smart thing that you can do is evaluate your financial status. Talk with your accountant and check all of your finances; if you’re not sure about anything consider hiring pros just like in moving. It’s much easier to hire a pro to do the job for you. It may be a bit more expensive but they’re the best at it and they’ll do it in less time and as we know time is money.

    People showing graphs and rates, while thinking how to expand your business to Pottstown;
    Without a strong plan and clear goals, supported by a brilliant marketing strategy, it’ll be hard to start.

    So think about planning and financial advisory. Just do the research when expanding your business to Pottstown or use the best method which is word of mouth. If you don’t have any recommendations go online and research on your own; for example, the top 10 financial advisors in Pennsylvania. This can be a good start and everything mostly depends on your budget, so planning and finances are crucial for the first step. Good evaluation is everything because it’s a cornerstone of every successful startup or business; not to talk about expanding something that you’re good at. Also, think about one more thing, that is if your business can run without you “physically” being there. This is important because if it doesn’t that’s not a good sign or time to start expanding your business.

    Research the market

    This is another no-brainer but we have to mention it. We as one of the most respected commercial movers Pottstown PA do this as well, all the time and it’s crucial for any type of business. No matter what you do try not to skip this move because some big corporations did and they failed. So don’t think that you can outsmart the market or just rely on your “sixth sense” or something like that. Like any other business, we’ve also had to make some decisions so don’t skip any rules or steps and follow the advice of financial advisors and research the market. We’ll provide you with the most important steps in market research.

    • Define your research goals (what information do you want to get out of this research)
    • Carefully construct your research questions (age of our customers, gender, etc.)
    • Collect all the research it’s usually done in two ways quantitive and qualitative
    • Quantitative (online surveys and questioners, used for the larger audiences)
    • Qualitative (more focused groups with longer interviews)
    • Interpret your results by using charts, tables, lists, or anything that suits you
    • Be careful about making judgments and even more careful about making decisions
    A man researching a graph;
    Pick your method of research and start immediately, the sooner you start the better since you’ll have more time to collect useful data and analyze it.

    Yet another great thing is to be as critical as possible, but don’t get too pessimistic. Also, think about hiring a professional company to help you with this process. There is also a SWOT technique, which stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats; this is an important technique that’ll let your fire out the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of your own business.

    New products, services, and a well-developed marketing strategy

    There are plenty of professional moving companies Pottstown PA has, that can help you move your products or help you with services. But you’ll have to rethink your decision before making a big move. Do another research by asking questions if your company is already well known. You can do this on social media, you can use Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok, it all depends on your audience, age, etc. You may use all of them combined but it’ll be more expensive, but you’ll gather more data as well. Now SEO is a cool new thing that can help your website to rank high on google search pages. So use all of these tools to gather data if your customers would like to change something or change get some new products or services.  You can create pools with already prepared questions and answer.

    Another way is to let them comment, retweet, repost, or whatever so that they can form their own “fan-based option” and you’ll see what “the critic” has to say. Also, create a google business account if you don’t have one and put your business on the map. This way you’ll also be able to read Google reviews and you’ll get better info with some simple pre-defined 5-star rating system. Now when it comes to making strategy plans, again rethink about hiring a professional agency or hiring a freelancer that has rich experience in this field. But noways you can do it yourself, especially the online part like social media marketing, but again it takes time. At the same time think about finding reliable office movers.

    Light bulb with bubble around it;
    Marketing will require a lot of creativity and if you’re not good at this, contact pros to help you with this.

    Marketing strategy 101

    In the previous chapter we’ve discussed how to use social media for expanding your business to Pottstown. Now don’t forget the good old e-mail marketing. This will target specific individuals for making some purchasing decisions. So this can be used as an awareness tool at first, but don’t spam people too much. After you’ve started you can send them a discount code or something like that. Also, don’t make these messages sound and feel too “robotic” or like “the algorithm wrote them”, give them a personal touch, and send your customers signals that you’re a human, not just a business looking to take their money from them. Yet another great thing is to use blogs to attract traffic to your website, this is perfect and it’s not that hard to do, especially since you probably already have a website; just update it.

    Now some of the other marketing tricks that you can use when expanding your business to Pottstown are affinity marketing, co-branding, and cause marketing. Co-branding is simply merging (part-time) with a local or any other brand to create a single product or service. For example, think about Nike & Apple back in 2016 when they created Apple Watch Nike+, and it was an instant success.  Food and beverage companies do this most of the time. On the other hand, affinity marketing is connecting customers with similar interests; for example, a local bakery and a coffee shop. So if you need any extra storage units Pottstown PA, you can count on us. Cause marketing is when a for-profit company makes a deal with a nonprofit organization. On Worlds AIDS day, every beverage sold in any Starbucks around the world donates 5 cents.

    Marketing strategy written on the white background with black color;
    The most popular marketing strategies include affinity marketing, co-branding, and cause marketing.

    Advanced marketing strategies when expanding your business to Pottstown

    Our local movers in the greater Philadelphia area can tell you that YouTube marketing is still pretty strong and active. Just in 2021 alone, Youtube generated over 28.8 billion dollars only in Ad Revenue. As you can see nowadays there are alternative platforms mostly for gaming like Twitch or Odysee but they’re not even close when it comes to generating money as youtube is. So think about running a youtube campaign or even a podcast, again it’ll mostly depend upon your resources and time. You can also offer live streams and broadcast free webinars where you’ll share with them certain services, skills, or offer products; this has boomed during the COVID-19 in 2020 and 2021. It’s still popular and it’s becoming more and more common to see people using this.

    You should also think about how to avoid additional moving expenses if you want to save some money. Also think about monetizing your YouTube videos, especially if you’re doing some kind of consulting or sales, and your channel starts to grow. Now you’ve probably heard of the term “influencer” so this is yet another marketing opportunity. If you don’t have enough money try to contact micro-influences with tens or hundreds of thousands of followers. This will also depend upon the niche that you’re aiming at as well as the number of followers this person has. Use giveaway which is a fairly cheap option and you’ll draw the attention of a lot of people; that’s where the term comes from since they can easily influence their niche.

    A girl looking at the laptop in front of her
    Influencer marketing is a must in 2022 but you need to choose them wisely. That’ll depend on your niche and audience.

    Using sales productivity tools when expanding your business to Pottstown

    Nowadays there are many CRM (customer relationship management) applications that you can use. You could also create more leads with these applications or use any other platform to do so. This is important if you want to have an insight into everything that is happening. If you want to calculate productivity you can use the B2B marketing methods. There are so many out there so you can just google them and there are tons of examples, totally free. You have to understand that in marketing and generally in business there is no one-size-fits-all method. So you’ve got to combine all of these techniques and see which one works out the best for you.  Now after all, if you have any extra things like office materials or whatever, you can choose storage online and store all of your things there.

    The conclusion

    Then again, think about the results since that is the most important part of this research.  You must set straight goals at the beginning and see if you’re making any progress. There are a lot of tools nowadays as well as marketing strategies, ways to get leads, startups, etc. It’s the same with expanding the business to Pottstown or any other place.  So if you’re not sure about how to do all of the above steps, strategies, and more, please contact some professionals to help you. One of the simplest ways is to start blogging so you can appear more recently in google searches a.k.a. SEO marketing strategy. If you need any help with moving you can contact us as well as with storing. You can find extra tips on our website in the blog section.

    A man with his fists up, cheering his success, while thinking about expanding your business to Pottstown
    To be successful at expanding your business takes a lot of time, research, financial stability, and most importantly experience. So if you don’t have any of them try hiring some professionals to help you in the process.

    That would be it for this blog, we hope that you liked our thought on expanding your business to Pottstown.  If something goes wrong, remember that we all make mistakes and that it’s never going to end up just as you’ve expected; like in everything, there’ll be ups and downs. We hope that you’ll have a successful expenditure of your business and a great, stress-free move. Give us a call and we will make that happen!


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