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    Many people who live outside their home countries for a while are looking for a new beginning and a completely fresh start. We can tell why cities for expats in Pennsylvania are so popular. They offer that warmth with always friendly people and an urban feel. It’s an excellent place for living. This is where history still lives, and you can explore every inch of the country by walking down the street on a sunny afternoon. Besides the low cost of living, this area offers high-quality life for everyone. There is a place for everyone, and you can only tell how amazing it indeed is. We hope that this short introduction had encouraged you to take any action and pack your life in a few boxes or suitcases and come here. Don’t worry about your belongings, moving companies Norristown PA will take care of them.

    The best cities for expats in Pennsylvania

    As we already mentioned above, there is no need to explain why Pennsylvania is the best place to live in. Depending on your needs, you can choose between those extremely urban areas in the center of all historical attractions and busy parks, or other suburban sites. Both of these sound great, but here is what expats usually choose:


    Philly is just a Philly. That is the best description because it’s entirely unique. It’s full of big corporations, and you can find a job at every step. As an urban center in Pennsylvania, you have numerous affordable options. Living in this area is much cheaper with less living costs than in other countries. For people who want to start a family in the near future or need more educational opportunities, many universities offer great chances for further studying and employment. Many parks are suitable for dog owners and exercise in nature. Walking, cycling, and running outside on a sunny day are some of the things expats love the most. For those art lovers, there are galleries and museums. One of the benefits is the developed public transport, which makes your trip to work faster. The main disadvantage of this area is the weather, mostly unpredictable, but expats don’t love a monotonous environment which is the number one argument why Philly is the best.

    A new home.
    Philadelphia offers entirely new homes on every step.

    King of Prussia

    Unlike other urban cities for expats in Pennsylvania, King of Prussia is a bit pricier. To be precise, the cost of living in this gorgeous area is about 15% higher than the national average. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing, because many expats are willing to give huge amounts of money to buy or even build their dream houses in this area. Even dough it makes a selection in population from the very beginning, there are great things too. For those with young kids, schools in this area spend more money on their students and are able to guarantee them an even better education at universities. It also offers numerous activities and parks you can visit every day. If you think that you can call this place home, pack your bags and call moving companies King of Prussia.


    If you decide to live here, you won’t be wrong. The title of one of the best cities for expats in Pennsylvania this city got for a reason. This region is famous for its most affordable homes. Having in mind its location, it’s usually expected that prices will be higher. Well, we have great news. Living in Pittsburgh is cheaper than in other urban areas. Also, if you’re thinking about moving into this neighborhood with kids, breathe a bit easier. We are sure that you’ll find an excellent school and that your children will adjust easily. This town is home to many team sports. For those expats concerned about the quality of health care, we can only say that you’ll be in good hands. This is practically heaven in the urban environment.

    person on the road with a suitcase trying to find cities for expats in Pennsylvania
    Being an expat in this neighborhood won’t a problem.

    Delaware County

    Delaware County has the best living conditions in the whole country. It indeed is less urban than other towns from above, but that is the main reason why expats choose it for a new beginning. Everyone who wants to spend time in nature should just consider visiting this place. Exercising in parks and having a picnic at weekends sounds like a great plan to spend time with friends or family. There is a great public transportation line that can bring you to work on a daily basis and it’s much cheaper than using a car. Job opportunities are highly available, and expats choose to live there for a reason. It’s great for families and single travelers who reach to find a comfort zone. If you are considering moving here, contact movers in Delaware County PA for more information.


    When looking for a completely new place to reside, one of the first factors is safety. We can only tell that this area is one of the safest ones in the whole country. Other than that, livability is much higher than the national average. This brings an additional feeling of security. Education is on the highest level, as you can tell by the number of private and public schools. Still, it’s not for those expats without some money in their pocket because poverty rates are really high. If you want to find a cheaper place, look for some of the cities from above. We’re also quite sure that there are some people who can actually afford this way of living, and if you’re one of them, you can explore Allentown day by day. You won’t regret it a minute.

    Look for statistics.
    Statistics say that livability is higher than in other parts of the country.

    How to decide?

    The fact is that whatever you choose, it will be worth your attention. Depending on your wishes and needs, you can find your new ideal neighborhood in more or less urban areas. Cities for expats in Pennsylvania offer a lot. If you do need more information about the whole moving process, or have a hard time deciding, people from moving companies Philadelphia will help you find a perfect home.



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