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    Are you thinking about moving to Montgomery County with your kids? That is a great decision since it offers various fun activities for them. But apart from that, this entire area can provide safe childhood and proper education. And since soon enough you will be too busy with your relocation, it is always good to know what things you can see and do in your new home. Your kids will feel a certain way about this relocation as sometimes they have their methods for adapting and blending in. To help you out in this particular part, here is the list you have been waiting for! Check out what are some of the most wonderful and fun things to do with your kids in Montgomery County.

    Welcome to Montgomery County

    So, while you are looking for moving companies in Montgomery County PA, you will have some other stuff to look forward to. No matter how big or small the area you are moving to is,  new things will be all around you. Montgomery County has nineteen municipalities, each offering different things to its residents. You understand that this county offers many business opportunities for different professions in these many areas. The next obvious question is what is the living cost in this county? With the USA being 100 on average, this county holds around 138.5. But the total rate is consistent from:

    • Utilities 104.8
    • Transportation 138.7
    • Groceries 113
    • Health 86.8
    child smiling
    Let them get to know their new home through fun activities!

    Even though it may seem like this county is a little bit above the average when it comes to living costs, many other things are backing them up. As you know by now, Montgomery County has a stable economy with an unemployment rate of 3.9 as recorded in August 2022. Knowing this, you can understand that you and your entire family can have a pretty cozy life in one of its cities. 

    Montgomery County and its tourists

    Looking for fun things to do with your kids in Montgomery County, you will probably come across many reviews and comments. You will notice that even though this county is not in the spotlight all the time, it is filled with tourists from everywhere. One of its cities, Plymouth Meeting has the biggest shipping mall in the area and sometimes people will come from another side of the state to spend the entire day there. This place is huge and it provides anything you need for the whole day. There are countless restaurants, department stores, and even cinemas. According to movers Plymouth Meeting PA a huge number of people who were often visiting have decided to move permanently throughout the years. Don’t be surprised if you hear many similar stories as this county grows bigger each day!

    Here are some fun things to do with your kids in Montgomery County

    Kid-friendly adventure is a must for anyone traveling with kids in tow, whether you’re visiting Montgomery County for a week or just passing by. And if you are moving there permanently, your kids will have a lifetime of fun. Luckily for you, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania offers a ton of fun for kids of all ages and interests. Upon arriving and after your relocation, your kids will need some time to adapt. There is no better way to help them than to let them enjoy outside doing things they love. And luckily, with some professional help by your side, you will at least have time for it. While your Philadelphia movers are unpacking your belongings, take your kids for a fun day out. Here is where you can take them:

    Elmwood Park Zoo

    Adventure awaits at Elmwood Park Zoo in Norristown. Get the chance to be close to some of nature’s most amazing creatures by feeding the giraffe and bison. Get a bird’s eye view of the Treetop Adventure Park ziplining and ropes course. Even if there was a zoo in your previous city or state, your kids will have time of their life in this one. It is huge, spreading across an area of 32 ha with more than 300 animals. And while there, you can get a refreshing drink or grab a bite, as this zoo is made for providing everything to enjoy your stay. Apart from checking out the cool wildlife, you can also take a ride on the wildlife carousel. Become their yearly member as an individual or as a whole family and take advantage of all kinds of discounts.

    Spending an entire day here will fill you all with positive tiredness and you will be happy to know that moving companies Norristown can deal with your inventory in the meantime. While movers make sure your home is getting ready, this visit may even end up with you getting a new furry friend! Your kids will surely love the idea!

    tiger in the zoo
    Unleash your wild side and meet some of the most fascinating animals.

    LEGOLAND Discovery Center

    The LEGOLAND Discovery Center is the perfect place for indoor LEGO games. Families can enjoy a world of creativity, color, and fun in a unique indoor LEGO playground with features including local attractions made from over a million LEGO bricks in MINILAND, to a fun and exciting LEGO-themed ride. Families can also see their favorite LEGO characters come to life in the 4D cinema. Then, play with thousands of LEGO bricks in themed play areas where kids can bring their creative LEGO creations to life. Finding them a new favorite place right after the move can make moving with kids much easier.

    This center is located in the Plymouth Meeting Mall which means you will probably be here for a couple of hours. While your kids are having fun you can treat yourself to a quick shopping or enjoy coffee in one of many restaurants and bars.

    iFLY Indoor Skydiving is one of the coolest things to do with your kids in Montgomery County

    Before getting here, you can do a small survey and make this trip ten times more exciting. Ask your kids did they ever wanted to fly and then take them straight to iFLY skydiving. Experience the feeling of free fall floating on a smooth air cushion with professionals who will supervise No parachute, no jumping, nothing binds you to planet Earth! The iFly is the place where the dream of flying becomes a reality and your kids will immediately fall in love. Take your whole family to the indoor skydiving center as this activity is suitable for pretty much anyone! And if your kids get interested, then you can enroll them in flight school to make their experience unforgettable.

    Don’t expect tickets to be too expensive even though this is an experience of a lifetime. The price is balanced with the entire living cost in King of Prussia where iFLY is located. You will get the same feeling with movers King of Prussia and receive amazing service for a good price.

    Mr. B’s coffee shop in Souderton, Pennsylvania

    Mr. B’s coffee shop is a hidden gem in the center of Montgomery County. Inside Mr. B’s is their “PlayZone” which is open to the community and free! Children under 10 can play, climb and ski as much as they like. Socks are required and can be purchased at the checkout if needed. There is nothing better than having a cup of tasty coffee while you watch your kids have the time of their lives! Here you can also enjoy wonderful snacks including bagels and different desserts. Prices are amazing and don’t worry if your kids ask for another round of ice cream. They are out-of-this-world delicious. Mr. B’s coffee shop is at Calvary Church on 820 Route 113 in Souderton, Pennsylvania. They are open every day except Monday.

    family driving bumper cars as one of the things to do with your kids in Montgomery County
    There are many things to do with your kids in Montgomery County, to release your moving stress.

    Arnold’s Family Entertainment Center in Oaks, PA

    Are you looking for a little more fun? Arnold’s Family Entertainment Center in Oaks, PA has exactly what you need … fun for kids of all ages! It has over 144,000 square feet of fun indoor activities and adventure! Go-karting, rides, arcade games, laser tag, bounces, bowling, mini-golf, delicious food, and great prizes. You might even want to mention Arnold’s to your friends, as they might want to celebrate their kids’ next birthday party there. This is one of those places where you can meet other parents and your kid’s new friends. Always keep in mind how important is to give them enough time to adapt to new surroundings. You can even be creative and make their birthday party here first! Your kids will be so happy with this choice and will love the idea of living here. Just like all places meant for kids, this one is petty busy as well. Announce your arrival on time and you may even get some discounts too! 

    The Hill School Ice Arena Pottstown, PA

    If your kids don’t know how to ice skate, now is a perfect time. The Hill School Ice Arena is located in Pottstown and it can welcome around 400 people. Here, your kids can have ice skating lessons and professional training. And when they are not doing it themselves they can always come to see other people and different competitions. This arena was built back in 2006. and it is one of the most popular places in Pottstown. Of course, it has a wonderful coffee bar included when it is time to take a break. Don’t worry if you don’t have the equipment for this activity. This arena provides everything you need including lockers!

    Pottstown is one of those cities where kids are having awesome childhood as many other locations are perfect for them. Movers Pottstown PA operates here as well and will help you relocate with ease and success. And if you decide to move right before winter, ice skating will just add to the Christmas magic!

    Happy Tymes Family Fun Center in Warrington, PA

    Happy Tymes Family Fun Center is one of the favorite places for kids to play and have fun. It is located at 2071 County Line Road in Warrington, Pennsylvania, and is open weekdays and Sundays from 11 am and Friday and Saturday from 10 am. Your kids can go bowling, take pictures with friends, dine, paint their faces, ride the rides, and play games. You probably know how important is for them to spend time in nature. This location will give them more than that as they will get a chance to learn about it as well. The best thing about this place is that you can have fun with them every time! If you’re looking for a fun place with everything for your kids, then check out the Happy Tymes Family Entertainment Center in Warrington, PA!

    Hiking trails, one of the things to do with your kids in Montgomery County
    Hiking might not seem interesting to your kids, but once they try it, they will want to go again!

    Exploring 96 miles of trails is one of the healthiest things to do with your kids in Montgomery County

    Most experts agree that walking is one of the best ways to deal with moving anxiety. Explore 96 miles of trails that traverse Montgomery County. Find out what makes each one unique as you travel through picturesque villages, quaint villages, and vibrant cities. After your trip, stop by one of the 1,600 restaurants and spend the night at one of the 75 hotels.

    • Schuylkill river trail. This trail has a length of 60 miles (18 in Montgomery County). Named “Best Urban Trail“, it runs parallel to the Schuylkill River through southern Montgomery County on its way to Philadelphia.
    • Perkiomen trail. With a length of 20 miles, the Perkiomen Trail leads from Green Lane in the north to Valley Forge in the south. The Perk connects to the Schuylkill River Trail at Oaks, allowing riders to continue their journey to Philadelphia, which is 43 miles long.
    • Valley Forge national historical park. Valley Forge national historical park offers over 20 miles of hiking trails to explore. The Joseph Plumb Martin’s five-mile trail connects many of the park’s historic sites, and hikers can explore Mount Joy and Mount Misery.

    Merrymead Farm Lansdale, PA

    Who is ready to spend the entire day on the farm? Your kids will love every single minute they spend in the Merrymead Farm. The entire place is filled with domestic animals and it is the closest to those wonderful cartoon farms you will ever get. This farm is a family-owned place and the welcome you will get here you and your kids will remember forever. Apart from getting to know animals, you will see the production of beef products, honey collecting, and much more. This will not only be one of the things to do with your kids in Montgomery County but an experience they will never forget. And if they like it, you can make it your traditional visit.

    Lansdale is known for its agriculture so you will get a chance to see a couple of places that will make you feel warm around the heart. Almost every supermarket sells fruits and vegetables from nearby farms so you will have access to a pretty healthy lifestyle. According to moving companies Lansdale PA, many new residents even decided to buy their farms and begin their agriculture journey. If you find this to be interesting, make sure to check the real estate market on time.

    farm in the country side
    Visit farms in this county as your kids will love spending time in nature!

    And for teenagers, Project Escape is one of the things to do with your kids in Montgomery County

    We all know that entertaining teenagers after the move is much harder. They usually feel the change stronger and have a difficult time adapting. Well, the solution is simple as you only need to find something that will draw their attention. Project Escape in Conshohocken will surprise them so much that they will probably keep on coming back. This project is a live game that will make them and their team solve different puzzles and look for an escape. Every puzzle is set in rooms that are designed to set the mood and make everyone feel super excited. Your children can take their friends and spend an awesome time there, as Project Escape is available every day of the week.

    Conshohocken can easily be your new home, as many people who came to visit fell in love with it. And if you let movers Conshohocken PA carry out your relocation, you will have plenty of time to get to know it yourself. If you are moving with your teenagers, they can attend some of the best schools in the entire county right here!

    The Little Gym of Narberth

    And in Narberth, it is time to start living healthy and taking care of their body from an early age. The Little Gym of Narberth is an amazing place that will provide your kids with a healthy lifestyle and habits. The gym’s main goal is to teach your kids how to take care of their health all while dancing, singing, playing, doing sports, and gymnastics. Every single employee in this gym is determined to make your child happy and help them build confidence. They can often call you to join as they usually organize a lot of classes with kids and parents too. And in the meantime, The Little Gym offers camps and parties for all participants. You should know that they offer a lot of information on their website and you can even join in and speak with them about the details.

    After the relocation, your kids must stay in a good mood and health. Besides many fun things to do with your kids in Montgomery County, it is good to try out those who are including their health as well. 

    Speaking of good life and health, Narberth is often described as one of the best places to raise kids in this county. Don’t be surprised if you hear that movers Narberth PA relocated your closest neighbors as well in recent years. With the low crime rate and peaceful community, you will love every minute you spend here. 

    Graceful Glen Alpaca Farm, Harleysville

    It would be very hard to find a person that doesn’t like alpacas! Then why not go on the farm and check them out? Graceful Glen Alpaca Farm is located in Harleysville and it was established back in 1935. At first, it was just a regular farm with some domestic animals and a lot of delicious fruits and vegetables. However, in 2002. the owners decided to get three alpacas. Today, they have 50 of them, and seeing them is something you will remember for the rest of your life. According to owners, these animals are extremely gentle and every child who comes to visit will end up playing and cuddling with them. Farm employees will give you a wonderful presentation about these animals and you will end up loving them even more.

    Just like other neighborhoods in this county, Harleysville is also famous for its rich history, stable economy, and good schools. If you plan on making some arrangements with movers Harleysville PA they will provide even more information about the place. One thing is sure, you will get a wonderful community, lots of fresh air, and course, alpacas!

    alpaca farm
    And when your kids see all animals at the zoo, take them to the alpaca farm!

    Things to do with your kids in Montgomery County don’t end here!

    After all, this county is huge and each one of us has a different taste. Maybe your kids will find it most fun just across the street playing with new friends. These are just a few of the many great things to do with your kids in Montgomery County. Some of these great kids’ play areas are inside, so no matter the rain or sunny weather, your kids will love it. Montgomery County gets around 18 inches of snow per year, so you will know exactly where to go when winter comes. Let your kids adapt after the relocation and try to give them as much space as possible. No matter how old they are, they will know how to appreciate the freedom to get to know this county their way!


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