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    Fall is the time of the year when people get cozy. They get inspired by many ways to decorate their homes and create a pleasant atmosphere. On the other hand, if you want to move before fall, make sure to plan out every step. That’s why we at Zippy Shell of Greater Philadelphia are here to help you! We will make getting your home ready for fall in Norristown an enjoyable experience!

    Reliable and trustworthy movers will help you move to your Norristown home before fall

    Moving requires a lot of planning. Therefore, you will need a relocation team that you can trust. Relocation is a life-changing experience and you should not entrust this task to anyone. You will want everything to go smoothly and without stress. One of the best moving companies Norristown PA has on offer prioritize your needs and wishes. 

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    Responsible movers will handle everything for you.

    Before you pick an ideal moving partner, check if the company fulfills everything from this list:

    • The company is registered, licensed, and verified. It’s also possible to check the information about them in company databases online.
    • They offer a wide range of quality services.
    • They offer a free estimate without hidden fees.
    • All information on the company’s website is easy to find. 
    • The prices are clear.
    • They have their equipment for heavy loads.
    • Reviews include returning customers or customers who hired the company on someone else’s recommendation and didn’t regret it.

    If the company doesn’t meet the above criteria, it is best not to contact them. As a customer, you deserve to have all the information at your fingertips. After all, the company should be there for you, not the other way around. Moving is an experience that is stressful itself enough, and additional worry is the last thing you need when getting your home ready for fall in Norristown. Keep in mind there are companies in the market that work in your best interest and make sure to take care of your things. Their crew is friendly and ready for unexpected circumstances. In addition to information on the Internet, the recommendation of a friend or family member matters equally. Again, ensure that you’re hiring a licensed moving company.

    Good preparation is a key to successful relocation to Norristown

    It is very important to make a good preparation for moving: first of all, organize your belongings for transport and prepare your new home for moving in.

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    Make sure to plan everything before the move!

    What you should do before the move:

    • create your moving budget
    • plan out your move
    • hire reliable movers
    • take care of all the necessary documentation and pack your things
    • prepare for the arrival of the chosen moving company

    Every step you take to prepare for the arrival of a moving and transportation company will save you a lot of time, trouble, and stress during the upcoming moving day.

    Get rid of things you no longer need

    Set aside a day to sort your stuff. You will definitely notice that some items are no longer useful. Moving, whether short-term or long-term, will be easier if you have fewer worries. That includes your belongings. You don’t want to get into a situation where you wonder how it’s possible to have so many things taking up space. Your new home in Norristown has to be a fresh start for you, with no extra burdens.

    Make a list of things that you need and that have personal meaning for you. Then divide them into categories to make them easier to pack. Then take care of the rest of the things you don’t want to take with you:

    • Whatever isn’t functional or recyclable anymore, belongs to trash. You don’t have to drag items you no longer need to your new home. A bunch of useless stuff is there only to collect dost and make your cleaning job difficult.
    • Recycle anything that can be recycled. Besides glass, wood, and plastic, it’s possible to recycle electronic parts. Research which organization or computer service accepts outdated electronic components. That way you won’t leave too much of electronic waste behind you.
    • Give away to friends, family, or charity. Someone will be happy to get new pieces of clothing, new shoes, or a tablet. However, ensure that all items you would like to gift or donate are in a good condition.
    • Sell furniture pieces, bags, clothes and shoes you’ve worn just once at a reasonable price.

    Consider storage unit rental

    You can rent storage units for a short period, or even a longer period. Either way, your belongings will remain safe and preserved. However, not every storage is the best storage. You have to be careful when choosing the right one. The best residential storage containers are climate-controlled, which means the temperature of the space is regulated no matter the season. Even your most sensitive items will remain in one piece. This especially applies to electronic items, cosmetics, and other sensitive things, which are easily affected by drastic weather changes.

    Don’t forget to check with the company if you will have all-day access to your belongings. Furthermore, ask about the conditions of storage when getting your home ready for fall in Norristown. Make sure it’s clean and sanitized. It will be easier for you to know your belongings will be available to you. Some companies don’t allow 24/7 access, and in addition, don’t care about customer’s stuff. 

    getting your home ready for fall in norristown can be great experience
    Getting your home ready for fall in Norristown will make your life pleasant.

    Be creative when getting your Norristown home ready for fall

    After your move, the next task is getting your home ready for fall in Norristown:

    • Seal the windows, add protective strips to the bottom of the door and get curtains made of a thicker fabric.
    • Shorter days mean you’ll have to turn on the lights earlier on the way from the entrance to the yard to the home entrance, in case you live in a house. To make it easier for your family and guests to enter the house, place LED lighting around the path. You will additionally decorate your yard with them.
    • Paint the walls, cabinets and complete minor repairs as soon as possible.
    • Check your heating system.
    • Get some soft blankets and scented candles for a perfect fall atmosphere.



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