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    Having to say goodbye to your loved ones is never easy! But what a better way to reminisce about all the wonderful times spent together than by throwing a goodbye party? A going-away party doesn’t have to be an elaborate event that you will prepare weeks in advance – it can be as casual and as laid back as you want it to be. So save your energy for your search for the best moving companies King of Prussia and use our ideas for your upcoming party. You can rest assured that fun times await!

    Deciding where to throw a party

    Obviously, you can’t have a party without a venue to host it. If you are throwing a going-away party for a friend, unless that friend offers his/her place, you shouldn’t assume that it’s okay to have the party at their place. After all, just think how busy they are with all the tasks that await before their moving and storage Montgomery County, PA company arrives. The last thing they need is to be cleaning out cups after the party.

    Champagne on ice for a going away party.
    Spending a lot of money on the party venue isn’t necessary.

    That’s why the first thing we suggest you do is to decide where you want to throw this party. Goodbye parties don’t have to be fancy, which is why your own house will do the job. Also, you can opt for any type of entertainment venue in your vicinity, as well as your local bar. The options are limitless, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have fun.

    Send out the invitations ahead of time

    In case you are planning on inviting a large group of friends (and we are guessing that you are), you will need to let everyone know. Especially if the party isn’t taking place during the weekend. You can’t expect your friends to be able to show up with only a day or two of heads-up. So when throwing a goodbye party, one of the first things we here at Zippy Shell Greater Philadelphia would do is to send out the invites. As to the precise time when you should do it, think among the lines of weeks, and not months or days.

    Deciding on a theme for the upcoming going away party

    Every good party should have a theme, right? And the good thing about your upcoming farewell party is that you have three amazing options to choose from. Don’t worry, we won’t leave you guessing what they are!

    • Option number 1 – a packing party. In case your friend didn’t have enough funds to pay for packing services in Philly, then you can help them fill up those boxes. Obviously, do provide music, drinks, and some food, but also ask the guests to fill up a box or two.
    • Option number 2 – a destination party. Is your friend moving to a different city? In case he/she is moving to LA, make the party fun by decorating with posters of Hollywood stars, palm trees, and other props that will make you feel like you are taking a stroll down LA.
    • Option number 3 – a bon voyage party. You can never go wrong with this personal favorite of many. Decorate with map tablecloths, globes, and a cooler full of airplane bottles of wine.
    A camera on the table.
    Bonus tip – do not forget to take pics of your amazing party.

    Of course, only you know your guest of honor. If he or she isn’t big on themes then, by all means, feel free to skip this step altogether. And if you do opt for a theme, be prepared for some extra work – these parties are never easy to put together.

    Think about food and beverages

    What else are you going to do at a party but talk and bond over some good food and drinks? Mind you that you don’t have to go overboard with this item – you can just order a couple of pizzas and buy a few bottles of wine. Of course, if you know your friends and guest of honor would prefer something else, then by all means opt for that option. However, we will suggest that you buy more food and drinks than you think will be necessary. You can easily divide the leftovers between your guests, but you won’t be able to easily find a solution for feeding dozens of people if the food runs out. 

    Don’t forget about a mandatory going-away-party toast

    After all, the entire reason all of you got together this time was so that you could say goodbye to the person that you love. And what a better way to make the entire event memorable than by giving a heartwarming toast? Now, you might not know a lot about giving great speeches and toasts. But, as long as you speak from the heart, keep it short and sweet, and show your respect to the guest of honor, you really can’t go wrong. Bear in mind that you can also reflect on the great memories your group shares together or ask a few guests to uncover their favorite memories in connection to the guest of honor. That’s the best way to make your friend feel special.

    People having a toast.
    Cheers – to all the fun times in the past and all the amazing memories that await.

    Your farewell party is bound to be emotional

    Considering the fact that you are throwing a going-away party, that means that your dear friend or a family member has hired residential movers in Philly and is now moving away. And they might be moving very far away from you. Having said that, it’s completely reasonable that you will feel emotional, nostalgic, and sad. But keep your emotions in check for the duration of the night. A few tears here and there might be okay, but you definitely don’t want to ruin the party – and all the fun. Besides, don’t think of this as a goodbye – think of it as a see you soon. 

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