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    Renting a storage unit is something that’s seen as very helpful in many different situations. Whether you’re moving and you need to get some things out of the way or your home is becoming too small for all your belongings, renting extra storage is never a bad idea. It’s a great way to put some things away without having to get rid of them. And the best news is – your belongings will remains safe. So, if you’ve decided to get a storage unit from your Philadelphia movers, you won’t regret that decision. However, you may need some help with organizing the storage unit in the best way. So, we’ll tell you how to arrange your storage space to make the most of it. We’ll also give you some advice on finding the perfect storage unit for you. Shall we?

    Tips for arranging your storage space

    Decluttering is key. Whether you’re moving or just getting a storage unit to clear out your home, it’s always best to declutter before renting the storage unit. It doesn’t take a super long time to downsize your home, but it makes a world of a difference. If you’re renting residential storage containers, you’ll need to get a smaller one if you take the time to declutter first. So, by getting rid of everything you don’t need, you’ll spend less money on storage. It will also be easier to arrange your storage space if you have less stuff.

    A couple deciding what to pack.
    Before you pack your things up for storage, decide what you can get rid of.

    Go through the items you’re thinking of storing and figure out if there’s anything you can say goodbye to. For instance, if there are things that aren’t functional anymore or clothes that are torn, you should consider parting ways with them. There are a few things you can do with the items you don’t want to keep.

    • Donate the things that can be used but that you don’t like or need anymore. You could help someone in need by donating your belongings.
    • Sell your things to earn some extra cash. This is a win-win situation as you’re profiting and making it easier to organize your storage unit at the same time.
    • Gift things to friends if there’s anything they want.
    • Throw things out if they simply aren’t useable anymore.

    Get packing supplies to organize your storage space easier

    If you want to properly arrange your storage unit and make sure it’s tidy and organized, you’ll need to get the essential packing materials. This will enable you to categorize your items and avoid creating a mess inside storage. You can choose if you want to pack your things in carton boxes, plastic bins, or wooden crates. There are pros and cons to each option.

    A couple packing boxes .
    If you want to arrange your storage space properly, it’s best to use boxes for packing.

    For example, carton boxes are the cheapest (you can even get them for free) and they’re easy to recycle. On the other hand, plastic bins are much sturdier than carton boxes and they are better at keeping your things protected. Once you decide what you’ll use for packing your things, it’s important to get the right number of boxes. 

    Label the boxes

    A step you should never skip when packing is labeling the boxes. Writing the contents of the box on its sides is a very helpful step. It shows you if there are any fragile objects inside the box that require extra care when moving. Also, if you’re trying to arrange the storage unit, the labels will help you decide where to put the boxes. When you come to pick up some of your items from the storage unit, you can just read the labels and find what you’re looking for with ease.

    Don’t put the boxes on the ground

    When you’re organizing a storage unit, you should be mindful of where you’re placing your things. Because you want everything to stay intact and your boxes to remain dry and damage-free, we suggest not placing the boxes on the ground. Even if you pick a great on-site storage unit, you never know what can happen. If there’s an unexpected flood, your things will get ruined if you’re keeping them on the ground.

    Arrange the storage space so that you have easy access to your things

    Another thing to keep in mind when you’re trying to arrange your storage space in which items are your priority. Namely, there are certain boxes that you might need to use more frequently than others. That’s why you should make these boxes easily accessible. If you are storing furniture alongside clothes and other smaller objects, try to keep the boxes on the opposite wall of your furniture. This will enable you to move around the storage unit and you’ll have access to both the boxes and the furniture. To sum up, organize your things so that you can easily get to them.

    A storage facility.
    Before you rent a storage unit, make sure it is the right size, safe, and inspect it for issues.

    How to find a good storage unit

    Work with a reliable company. If you find a reliable company that offers storage services, you can rest assured that your things will remain safe and intact. It’s important to choose the company wisely to avoid any inconvenience. Before you sign the contract, make sure to read the reviews and see what the customers are saying about the storage facility. If the reviews aren’t good, keep looking. Even if you find a reliable storage rental company, you should inspect the storage unit before renting it. Inspect it for mold, pests, and rodents and check the humidity level. Getting a storage unit that’s climate-controlled is a good way to keep your things protected from climate factors and the humidity. In the end, also make sure you have a good security system and that you have enough options to arrange your storage space.

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