How to Create an Inventory For Your Storage Unit

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    Storing your items has to be the best decision you can make. Simply piling everything up and filling up your attic or basement will only make you anxious and stressed. Instead, storage will be the perfect solution for everything and you can leave your items there for as long as you want. Nowadays storage is a great option and the safest one as well. Most of the time it is monitored and the chances of your inventory damaging are minimal. But no matter how much inventory you have, you probably wonder how to start doing it. Should you simply pack everything and store it, or should there be a more strategic plan? To do it like a real professional here is how to create an inventory for your storage unit!

    Choosing storage

    It all starts with choosing the perfect storage for your items. And to achieve that you must know what you need it for. Companies like Zippy Shell of Greater Philadelphia provide different kinds of storage in both size and purpose. Before you make a final decision make sure to check out as many options as possible. This will make the entire process easier and you will not worry once you place your items there. Storage is mostly used when moving but keep in mind that it can be useful during some renovation work or some events. If you have a huge party coming your way or decided to renovate the entire floor- you will know your items will be safe. Here are a couple of options you can choose from:

    • Residential storage containers: These are perfect for moving but can also be used to store items during parties or weddings. They are very easy to handle and will be close to you. You can pick up items whenever you want and place them back again if necessary.
    • Warehouse storage: On the other hand you can use more professional storage and store your items in warehouse storage. Each unit is monitored 24/7 and is often used for long-distance relocations or some work that will last longer.
    couple packing as an example of how to create an inventory for your storage unit
    Before you start make sure you have the right packing materials

    Preparing your items for storage

    Simply placing everything there is not the best option. No matter the type or for how long you will use it, your items should be prepared for it. Before you create inventory for your storage unit there are a couple of steps you should go through. It depends on what kinds of items you will be storing, but luckily some general rules can be applied nevertheless. For those who are moving, if you decide to go with movers Pottstown PA, they will most likely advise the same. Simple cleaning will do it, and it is best you do it with a wet cloth or some simple cleaning solution. Be careful, as your items should dry before you put them in storage. No matter the material, if you leave them wet mold can form and your items could become permanently damaged.

    The importance of items material

    You should know that not everything can be put together in storage. This will be even more important later when you decide to pick up your items. If you are careful enough to make a couple of good categories packing and later unpacking will be much easier. Items of extremely different materials shouldn’t be placed together. For example, avoid putting items made of glass and those made of wood together. If not properly packed and placed these items can damage each other. On the other hand, if you take some time and wrapping materials, it can work if there is no other option. If you are moving, including packing services Pottstown PA as professional packers can do this instead of you.

    two people holding moving boxes
    Don’t forget to label your boxes

    How much time do you need for preparing inventory?

    This completely depends on how many items you wish to store. But even if you have just a couple of them, you should always have plenty of time for it. People usually don’t understand how complicated packing can be until they start doing it. So before you create an inventory for your storage unit make sure you are on a short vacation or at least start on Friday. By the time you get to the storage units Pottstown PA there shouldn’t be any delays in your private matters. If you already know that you are short on time, ask a friend or a family member to help you out. Keep in mind that the movers you choose for your relocation can be of great assistance as well. 

    Inform yourself about the policy before you create an inventory for your storage unit

    Your final step in preparation should be gathering as much information as possible about the storage unit you will be using. Not every item is suitable for it and their policies are pretty clear about it. For example, residential storage containers are not suitable for hazardous materials as they are a huge risk for surrounding items and the container itself. If you own some of these you should tell the employees about them and they will provide the solution for you. There is always a better and much safer way that will provide the same service for that type of item.

    woman carrying boxes and clothes and thinking how to create an inventory for your storage unit
    To create an inventory for your storage unit you should categorize your items

    Also, most of the storage units in the state of Pennsylvania will not allow perishables. This includes food and drinks and no matter the expiration date those are simply not suitable for storage. They can easily go bad and cause the rest of the items to do the same and you will end up with a lot of cleaning and a bad smell. You should always have an extra fridge or another similar device for your goods. 

    How to create an inventory for your storage unit

    When you get to this step all you need to do is follow your plan and it will be over before you know it. Creating an inventory only seems like a hard thing to do, but no one knows your household better than you do. Whatever the event is that you are having rules are pretty much the same and extremely easy. Using moving storage containers will be the best option if you know exactly how many items you will store. Remember to always think of your priorities first and not pack more or less than you should.

    Whoever decided to use a storage unit claims that things would be much more complicated if they did it without following the plan. After all, you want this process to be completely stress-free. Let’s take a look at some of the steps that will make it super easy for you!

    Start by categorizing your inventory

    Probably the most important step is categorizing your inventory. This will save you huge amounts of time and you won’t be creating a mess in your home. Even if you have just a couple of them, making sure everything is where it belongs is essential. If you are storing seasonal clothes with other items, you should make sure they are close together. If you simply pack the boxes and do it just to fill everything up, you will have big issues later. Some of your items can stay there for a longer time and chances are slim that you will remember where everything was placed.

    Another option is to divide them according to the material. Items made of glass should be together just like those made from wood or plastic. You will know for sure that everything is safe and unpacking will be much easier. If you are not sure where to place some special ones, ask your apartment movers Pottstown PA. Maybe some of them are too delicate and should b handled by them.

    two boxes on the tble
    Boxes are the best for smaller items, clothes or books

    Create an inventory for your storage unit by using labels

    None of the above will be effective if you skip using labels. You may place everything in the right box but when the time comes for picking some of them up, you will not know where to look. Labeling is probably the easiest but also one of the most essential steps in this process. All you need is a couple of markers or label tapes for it. Choose the best label for each box, make it obvious and write some hints if the boxes are too big. When you get to the storage unit you will know where exactly to place everything. Of course, this is mostly for boxes. If you plan on storing obvious things like furniture items labeling won’t be necessary.

    Take everything you think is suitable for storage

    Especially when it comes to moving people can get pretty sentimental. Leaving your things behind can leave you with a bad taste in your mouth but don’t pay too much attention to it. After all, you are not getting rid of them for good and you can come and pick everything up whenever you want. With that being said place as many items as possible in storage. Go through your attic and basement and gather everything you don’t need or use anymore. Your home will be much more spacious once you get rid of everything. During this process, you will probably come across a lot of items you will remove permanently.

    Ask another family member to do the same with their items as well. Your kids can clean their rooms and remove everything they don’t need anymore. Keep in mind that onsite storage solutions provide a lot of space and there is no need for you to leave it empty. For those who are renovating or moving, this will be an excellent opportunity to plan their space and decorate it perfectly. 

    two people decorating their home
    Your home will be more spacious of you store items you no longer use

    Always have a list

    Having a list of your inventory is useful for countless reasons. The most important one is because you will get to follow everything that is still left to be placed in there. You can also keep the list and remind yourself from time to time what is in the storage. Some storage facilities will make the list as well, but the one you make at home prior will suit you better. On your list, you can write some hints as well and help yourself go through this process faster. Yes, creativity is an extremely important part of this process so don’t be afraid to try it out. Once you create an inventory for your storage unit you can add or remove items from it when the time comes.

    Other things you should know

    Even though using storage is the best thing you can do when you are lacking some space, there are some things you should try to avoid. Apart from leaving your items wet avoid making last-minute changes in your inventory. This can cause certain delays and delays always cost more. In case you must make some always consult with storage employees first. They will know exactly what to do and will guide you not to make a mistake or spend too much money. This is even more important if you don’t have enough experience and are placing inventory in storage for the first time.

    Also, avoid placing your items someplace else as this will most certainly cost you more. Storage units will fit everyone’s pocket considering the fortune you will have to spend placing them somewhere else. 

    two girls holding cardboard boxes and discussing how to create an inventory for your storage unit
    Ask your friends and family members to help you out

    In conclusion about how to create an inventory for your storage unit

    Finally, always stay relaxed. No matter how many items you need to prepare, pack and store, take your time and everything will be good. You can always ask someone to help you create an inventory for your storage unit, but if you start on time there won’t be a need for that. Follow the plan and in case things get difficult ask storage employees to help you out. If you go through all the steps the right way you will end up with more space and a wonderful experience to remember. 


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