How to declutter your home storage?

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    If you are doing a seasonal cleaning and want to declutter your home storage you should know how to approach it. More importantly, before you start to declutter you should make sure to separate all the items you do not need or have no purpose. In this article, we will discuss all the ways you should organize your decluttering process and why it matters. Moreover, if you are moving and need help with transporting your items you can hire Philadelphia movers to aid you with the relocation process. However, if you decided to clear out your storage by yourself there are several ways to do so.

    Declutter your home storage – how to do it

    If you want to declutter you should always start by creating a plan which will help you stay focused and on the right track. If you have too many items you do not wish to throw away, you can always opt for moving storage containers to provide extra room for your belongings. When decluttering you should always disregard the emotional feelings you have for certain items.

    • Devote time to sorting out items
    • If there is a lot of items – go slow but steady
    • See what items can bring additional money into your budget
    • Do not feel sorry throwing away stuff you no longer use

    Decluttering is a great way to create more space in your home and also add some additional funds to your budget.

    a man looking through his storage before cleaning as a way to prepare to declutter your home storage
    Having a lot of items in your storage might make you feel overwhelmed and can induce stress.

    Devote time to sorting out items

    Before the whole process starts you should take time to develop a solid plan on how you want to approach this. Namely, this plan should allow you to see the bigger picture and realize how much work you have. If you have no time limits and just want to clean your storage – start slow and see what items are in the storage. Next, you want to start separating your items to open up space. By doing so you reduce the overwhelming feeling you might feel during this process.

    a man packing books inside a cardboard box
    Take time to separate items you want to keep from those you wish to get rid of.

    It will help you to see things clearer and have time to plan everything out. Decluttering is the basis of every relocation or cleaning process and it should be done right. The whole point of decluttering is to get rid of items that have no purpose.

    If there is a lot of items – go slow but steady

    The best way to declutter your home storage is to take your time. If you do things in a hurry you might miss something out or throw away something you wanted to use. This is especially important if you are looking to protect your storage from winter weather. Due to the humidity and excess water that can cause damage to your items you should take close inspection into what items you leave and what is being thrown away. Start from one corner of the room and slowly work your way towards the rest of the storage. Then, you can separate your items into three different categories – items you want to sell, donate, or throw away. This way you will know what to do with those items and where to put them. The organization is key in this process and careful separation is one way to maintain it.

    Declutter your home storage to bring additional money into your budget

    Besides creating extra storage space, decluttering can also infuse more money into your budget. Namely, if you find items that you no longer use but they are in good condition you can sell them. Especially if you personally do not want to use those items. You can either opt for selling those items online or you can organize a garage/yard sale. This way you can profit out from items you no longer use. It will help your financial situation a little and help you organize your storage.

    a woman counting money at a table
    Decluttering can help you turn items you no longer use into profit

    Whether you are relocating or not – having extra money in your budget is always a good thing. However, if you wish to maintain the condition of certain items you should go through them carefully. You want to avoid inflicting damage to items as you clean them out of your storage.

    Do not feel sorry to throw away stuff you no longer use

    The biggest reason why people clutter is that they somehow feel obligated to hold on to certain items. These items usually lost their purpose or function and are just standing in our storage collecting dust. This is not a good way to organize your storage unit – both health and space-wise. Especially if you want to clean and sanitize your storage after you declutter. The best way to open up space and clean your storage is to get rid of as many items as you can. Firstly, you will feel much better walking into your storage after cleaning. Secondly, you can either add finances to your budget or create room for other items. Either way, you should not allow an emotional connection to stop you from selling or throwing away items you have not used in a long time.

    Tidy storage goes a long way

    The biggest reason one should declutter your home storage is that it will bring you peace of mind. Knowing you have a clean room that has extra space will help you de-stress. Moreover, once you donate, sell, or throw away your items you will feel lighter and increase your home budget. Decluttering is something that you should do every once in a while – for the sole reason of avoiding being overwhelmed with items.

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