How to handle commercial and residential relocation at the same time

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    Having a residential and commercial move at the same time seems like going through hell. Well, let us cheer you up. You’re not the only one in this situation. Relocating your house and office at the same time doesn’t mean like a great plan to us, but sometimes we can’t do much about it. Let’s face it, you need an excellent strategy immediately, or you won’t be able to move before the due date. Packing, cleaning, moving, everything twice. Sounds like you need some help from Zippy Shell of Greater Philadelphia. Still, no matter the circumstances here is how to handle commercial and residential relocation:

    Handle commercial and residential relocation like a pro

    Other than panicking, you can do much more useful things. One of them is to speed things up and be aware that you’re time-limited. Everything you planned needs to be done twice, so make a universal plan. Firstly, start googling moving companies Pottstown PA, and be practical. Then comes the rest:

    Organization and planning

    Not our favorite thing either, but it has to be done right away. Make one universal plan and focus on your goals. Then you can start thinking about adjusting your universal plan to your needs. For example, the first and the last step are always the same, like buying packing supplies and cleaning. Other steps like packing and transport are similar but need to be adapted better. If you own a big company, there are numerous devices that have to be packed as soon as possible. They are your crucial part and the main concern. When it comes to your home, changing focus is necessary. There are not that many devices in your home, so you should pay more attention to fragile items and expensive pieces of furniture. We hope that this is helpful on your way to realizing that it’s possible to handle commercial and residential relocation.

    Office packing.
    Start with simple planning and packing your office and valuable items in it.

    Buying packing supplies

    Your budget indeed plays a vital role here. Still, you can’t expect that everything is going to be extremely affordable if you decide to do it last minute. That’s why the first step is the most important one. There are some companies that can give you packing supplies for free, and we’re sure you can find them on Instagram or social media. However, there is one option you would like to hear, such as getting these supplies from your residential movers Pottstown PA. They offer packing services as well, so you can make a deal and take one thing off your to-do list. Having professional help will give you more space to store your other belongings.

    Extra tip: If you’re limited with the budget, use basic things like paper towels or just napkins to wrap glasses or other fragile items. Newspapers can fit every box and fill the holes. Avoid bubble wrap, it’s too pricy.


    Focus on fragile and expensive items because they need additional care. You can handle commercial and residential relocation having help from your friends and family. Call everyone you know and make a strategy. Don’t forget that you have professional movers on your side as well, so be free to ask them for anything you need. Some of the tricks you should use are to focus on the office first and pack every computer, telephone, tablet, printer, and other valuable stuff. Our honest advice is to rent storage units Pottstown PA and be peaceful. You can be sure it’s weather-resistant and that nothing will be damaged. Then, engage some friends to help you pack items like clothes into suitcases by rolling to save up some space. You can leave it on a hanger and cover it with a simple trash bag if you’d like. Don’t forget to place a fragile sign on those boxes. It will lead movers, so they know that those need to go on top.

    a couple packing fragile items.
    Make a note on the box, so your movers know that fragile items are inside.

    Empty the space

    By this, we also refer to sending your employees home. Working from home will be beneficial for both sides. The whole job could be done from home, and you can proceed with packing and moving into the office without noise during working hours. If you’re asking us, you can handle commercial and residential relocation. While you’re dealing with an office, send someone, or another team of movers to pack the furniture and empty the house. This way, you can save your precious time, and everything will be half ready when you get back to your old house in the borough of Pottstown. Then, you can just carry out some boxes and get ready for the big day.


    Finally, that most boring and crucial part. We already said it will be the same for your working space and home, and it indeed is. Deep cleaning your house and office will provide a better look to the future owners. This means that you need to make sure that every inch is clean. From the floors, stairs, walls, windows, literally everything. If you would like to consider painting and have time for it, choose neutral colors.

    Professional movers.
    Engaging professionals and working with the right team is everything.

    Is it possible to survive two moves at the same time?

    Our answer is definitely yes. You can handle commercial and residential relocation at the same time by having a little help. Having commercial movers Pottstown PA on your side is a half job done already. Just try to stay focused on your goal and make sure everything goes as planned. Of course, there will be some hard times, but trust us, you will forget it as soon as you enter your new home and find a great working space. We’re sure you’ll be just fine. Continue planning, work hard, and have realistic goals. When it comes to cleaning, you can even engage someone to do it for you if you lost all your energy on packing. When the big day comes, pack only a few boxes in your car and start your new life chapter. The first night box is a necessity, and it guarantees that you don’t need to start unpacking as soon as you get there.


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