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    Having a storage unit is a great thing. You have additional space to store your belongings, and your home will be without clutter. If you still don’t have a storage unit, this is a great moment to get one. You can search for movers in the greater Philadelphia area that can help you to find a perfect unit. In case you are worried about how to keep your storage sanitized, we got some great tips to do that with ease. If you still do not have a storage unit, you really should consider getting one. It can make life much easier!

    If you want to keep your storage sanitized, you need to organize it

    The first and the most important step before you start cleaning your storage unit is to organize it. You need to sort everything, pack it like a professional. If you are looking for storage Pottstown PA, you should first look through your home and decide what you will store. If you declutter your home and set aside what you will store, it will be much easier to organize your whole storage unit. By doing that you will also be able to keep your storage sanitized, and we all know how important that is, especially now.

    Brown, cardboard moving boxes.
    Organizing your storage unit will help you to clean it faster.

    Create an inventory

    Although it might seem odd, creating an inventory will help you to keep your storage unit clean. If you don’t have a storage unit, it will also help you to find one faster. And if you create an inventory, you will know how much space you need and what type of storage unit you need. If you have a storage unit that is too big it will be hard to keep it clean, but it will also be hard to clean anything if you do not have enough space. You can put the inventory list in your storage unit, and you can keep one copy with you. That way, you will always know where are your belongings.

    If you want to keep your storage sanitized, you need to plan ahead

    In every space, and especially in a storage unit you need to be prepared for a lot of dust. No matter what you do, there will be dust. And if you plan to store linens and clothes, you need to protect them before putting them in storage. Plan ahead when you will clean your storage unit. Create a schedule and stick to it. You need to keep your storage sanitized at all times. Your items need to be clean, and safe.

    You need to clean your belongings before you put them in storage

    One of the things that can really help you to keep your storage unit sanitized is cleaning them before you put them there. If you place dirty or dusty items in your storage unit, you are only risking damage to them. They can get smelly or even dirtier. And they can cause damage to the items that are near them.

    person sanitizing their storage unit with a sanitizer and a cloth
    You need to clean items before you store them.

    Store your items in boxes

    The way you store your items is really important. If you store them in boxes or plastic containers, you will add an additional layer of protection. Your items will be much safer from dust or any kind of dirt. Also, it will be much easier to sanitize everything in your storage, since you will have to clean boxes. You will not have to take one thing at a time, and you will save a lot of time. Also, one of the good sides is that you will save a lot of space, and everything will be tidy and organized. Following your inventory list will be much easier this way!

    In order to keep your storage clean, you should not store any perishable items

    Even if you have an onsite storage unit that has a lot of benefits, you really should not store anything that is perishable. Storing any type of food will only attract insects and pests. A lot of people think that if they store items like canned goods they will avoid pests. But in reality that is not true. It will attract them and it will cause a lot of damage to your storage unit. Do not store any type of fresh food. It will smell and you will have to clean every item in your storage unit. And sometimes, that is not possible – especially if you have big pieces of furniture.

    Cover large items

    If you stored big pieces of furniture, you really should cover them. You can use plastic wrap or you can use sheets. It will keep your storage clean and at the same time, it will prevent dust on your furniture. Keeping your storage unit sanitized might seem like a lot of trouble, but it really is not. Simply it is like cleaning your apartment after your movers, you need to do it. And it is better to do it properly because later you will spend less time cleaning it.

    covered furniture
    You should cover your furniture when you put it in storage.

    Your storage needs to breathe, so to speak

    If you have a climate-controlled storage unit, you do not have to worry about this. But in case you have a regular storage unit, you need to let the fresh air from time to time. It can help you get rid of any unwanted smells, and also it will keep your items in storage cleaner.

    If you plan to keep your storage sanitized, you need to visit it from time to time

    The best thing that you can do is to keep some cleaning supplies in your storage unit. That way you will be able to clean your belongings much easier and faster. Also, you will create a habit to clean them much faster, since every time you come in, you will have some cleaning supplies near you. In the long run, this will help you to keep your storage sanitized, without a lot of dust, etc. And you won’t have to worry about possible damage to your belongings!

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