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    In the heart of Philadelphia, where the history lives, lies the beautiful King of Prussia, home to more than 21 000 people. Although it has a low poverty rate, excellent education opportunities, and a balanced climate, it’s not for those who want to live calmly with a suburban feel. If you ask us, it sounds like a great argument for moving. The closest place that will surely provide everything you’re looking for is only 11.4 miles from your current home. If you need a hand with packing, call moving companies King of Prussia. You also need to know that Collegeville is considered one of the best places to live in Philadelphia. Even if it sounds so close, this still means that you’ll have to go through the whole packing process all over again. Here’s how to make your King of Prussia to Collegeville move a breeze!

    Smart tricks to make moving a breeze

    As your moving date comes closer, you’re surely asking how to make it less stressful. Hands full of stuff and boxes, and numerous thoughts that come to your mind and disturb your sleep. Zippy Shell of Greater Philadelphia might offer a solution. Even dough it sounds like an impossible mission, we assure you that the following steps will make your job easier.¬†

    Creating a to-do list.
    First step: Organize all your belongings.

    Make a plan

    It’s absolutely reasonable why the moving process brings more stress into your daily routine. If you are ready to beat it, buy a planner and let’s get back to work. King of Prussia to Collegeville move itself lasts short, but packing is a complete mess. Start categorizing every item as fragile or heavy. Our honest advice is to mark some boxes as “necessities” and put inside everything you’ll need that first day and night in the new house. Gift, sell and donate everything you consider old and not using anymore. The point is to bring everything you are actually using into your new home.

    One room at a time

    Packing the whole house in a day is not going to work. That is why you need a plan. This is too much to accomplish in a short period. Do not make yourself additional deadlines because it will make you nervous and the whole moving situation more stressful than it should be. Instead, start with the room you use the less and prepare yourself to pack a smaller amount of stuff and furniture. Move from one room to another and don’t mix those items together.

    Packing books in boxes.
    King of Prussia to Collegeville move can start with packing some boxes.

    Ensure fragile items 

    In order to avoid unpleasant surprises when you start unpacking the boxes in your new home in the borough of Collegeville, take care of fragile items. Using paper towels between picture frames or plates will surely lower the chance of breaking those items during the King of Prussia to Collegeville move. Bubble wrap is an even better solution, but if you want to save some money, paper towels will do the work. Make sure to wrap every mug and glass carefully or simply use it as a line between damageable objects such as books or pictures.

    Leave your clothes on the hanger

    Everything that was on the hanger- stays on the hanger. Collect your clothes in sections and put a trash bag on them so they can stay clean while traveling to your new address. All you need to do is to tie up the hangers with the strings, and they’re ready to move. Other than that, you can roll all your clothes that don’t usually stay on the hanger. Use a suitcase to place pajamas and t-shirts with other rolled clothes to save space. This is a great hack for vacations too.

    Clean as you go

    Finishing all the work is followed by detailed cleaning, but it already sounds like too much to handle. Then, try to clean as you go. When you’ve finished packing, get the floor cleaned and bring all the boxes outside. You can also clean coffee pots while you are packing. As time passes you can easily check all the rooms off your list.

    King of Prussia to Collegeville move: Use storage containers

    For all of you who still think that the moving process will never be over let us reassure you. Storage containers have their own benefits. Firstly, you can rent them for however long you want. They are made in numerous dimensions, so depending on how many boxes and furniture you have, you can rent the exact one you need. Other than residential storage containers PA, they are also called shipping containers. The primary function is keeping your belongings safe and ready for the King of Prussia to Collegeville move.

    Having one will indeed ease the whole moving process, and taking stuff in and out will be handled differently. They’re usually made with double doors that are suitable for transport. Bringing residential storage containers to your driveway is always possible, and all you need to do is schedule the pickup. These containers are lockable and weather-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about your belongings. If you need extra space while moving, this is a great choice. When you’re done with cleaning and packing in the boxes, place them in the container. Our advice is to put heavy stuff back and make sure your fragile items in boxes won’t be damaged. Always check it twice.

    Shipping containers ready for transfer.
    Choosing a residential storage container can ease the moving process.

    Moving to Collegeville

    Luckily for you, your King of Prussia to Collegeville move is over. When you finally packed all your belongings and handed them to the movers Collegeville PA, you can say goodbye to your old home. In less than an hour, you are going to meet your new house in Collegeville. One extra trick is to bring the “first night box” with you and place it in the visible place so you can reach for anything you’ll possibly need. In all that chaos, tiredness stays for a few more days until you realize all the charming things you can do in the new home. Numerous parks and nature take the biggest credit for that first impression. It’s the complete opposite, and we think you’ll acclimate sooner than you think. Welcome to the neighborhood!


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