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    Winter season can mean so many wonderful things. This is a time of celebrations, family times, and wonderful warm feelings. But, winter also requires a lot of items that you need to keep around. This is the time of bulky sweaters, huge coats, and boots. And on top of that, every season you need to bring out your holiday decorations. Depending on the size of your home and the love you have for this, you might have more or fewer decorations and lights. No matter the amount, over the year you need to figure out how to organize and store your holiday decor. We at Zippy Shell Greater Philadelphia can offer a solution for you so that you don’t need to keep boxes and boxes of things in inconvenient places.

    How to organize and store your holiday decor?

    Everyone knows the Christmas rush where you are trying to get all of the boxes with your holiday decorations out of your garage, and rooms, from below your bed. But, once you get back to putting them out, you probably like most people get stressed. If you ever asked yourself how to organize and store your holiday decor, keep on reading. There are some tips here that might help you or if not, then inspire you to research further. Firstly we can say that in order not to have so many old boxes all around you can invest in the residential storage containers that our company offers.

    A person putting ornaments on a Christmas tree
    Learn how to organize and store your holiday decor easily

    Storing your decorations at home can turn out okay with a few tricks

    If you decide that you want to keep your decorations at your home because it’s easier for you, you can! There are a few tricks that you can use so that your Christmas decor doesn’t overflow your house. You should probably start by decluttering. And this goes for whichever way you decide to store your decor. Get everything you own out, and go through it. If there are broken things and lights that don’t work anymore, simply toss them out. After this, you can start by putting things into order. Place all the Christmas lights to one side, ornaments on another, and garlands on another. After you have everything nice and ready, you will need some materials if you don’t already have them. Maybe it’s better to buy everything you need before you start decluttering so you won’t have to leave the mess in your house while you run to the store.

    The best option for storing the decor is storage, but you can also use plastic see-through bins. You will also need a shrink wrap, which you probably already have. Get a few resemble plastic bags as well and you are good to go. Usually, you can reuse a lot of things you have in your home. After having everything ready, you can go on to packing. Place smaller items into bags, wrap delicate ones into protective materials and then organize them into bins or storage bins. And if you are dreading this process, as it can consume a lot of time, you can get packing services Pottstown PA moving compares offers. This is the best way to keep your nerves and use your time to enjoy the holiday season. Professionals can pack everything quickly and securely so you don’t need to worry at all.

    A woman researching how to organize and store your holiday decor easily
    With a few tricks, you can keep everything organized

    Before you place your Christmas decor into a storage unit

    Once you have packed everything, there is a very important thing you can do to make it even easier on yourself. We mentioned you should use clear plastic bags and containers, and this is the reason. Once you place a lot of things into a box, you want to be able to see what’s inside. No matter how you have packed, organized by color, shape, size, or room they go in. If it is in a clear container, you can easily recognize your things when you need to take them out. There might come a time when you only need to get certain things, and seeing where everything is placed will make it so much easier.

    In addition, you can also put some labels on your containers and bags. Again, you might have your own method you want to use. Write on a plastic container if the decor inside is for the living room, Christmas tree or to put outside on the house. If you are not doing all of the decorations at once, this will come in handy. It will also serve so that you know where to place each box and don’t overcrowd your house. Labeling and organizing in a clearly understandable view make it easier and stress-free, for you and your family.

    Packed ornaments and Christmas lights
    Labeling containers in which you are keeping decor is important

    How can a storage unit help you out with organizing your decor?

    Storing your items in a rented storage unit means that you can keep your things safe and out of your house. No matter the number of things you have, you can put them all into a unit. You will have your home and your current place free so that you can use them for something else or simply leave it empty. Storages are a great thing whenever you have something that you don’t need to use all the time. And since winter holidays come only once a year, where else is perfect to keep these items? Also, with the right company and the right unit selected, you won’t need to worry about anything. There will be no damage and your items would be always accessible to you.

    What are the different types of storage you can rent out?

    You might not know which storage option is the best for you, but the team from your storage company should be able to explain it to you. There are onsite storage solutions which are temporary solutions great when moving or decluttering your items. This way you can keep things by yourself while you need them, but still not have everything lay around your home. They are a great temporary choice and are much easier than renting a whole unit just to take things out in a couple of days. You can however rent warehouse storage if you are in need of bigger space and to keep your items safe for longer.

    Residential storage can be an amazing trick in keeping your house clean and spacey. You can rent it for as long as you need and always bed sure your things are safe. This can be one way to organize and pack your holiday decor. You can also get portable storage units to make it even easier. Our team will bring the unit to your home so you can lack or unpack at your own pace. There is no need for you to take a drive and do it yourself, or worry about renting a truck to transport things. You can have it in your home and unpack it while we take the unit back. After that, simply put up your decor and enjoy.

    People in a storage unit thinking how to organize and store your holiday decor
    You can get a warehouse, residential, portable, or on-site storage

    Do you need a climate-controlled storage unit?

    When choosing the unit you want to rent, you can also get climate-controlled ones. All you need to do is search for climate controlled storage near me and rent it. You might ask if it’s really necessary if you’re just gonna store your holiday decor. But, climate-controlled storages are a guaranteed way for everything to stay exactly the same. This is crucial for storing delicate items and some materials. It is more important for some things than others, but it will never be a bad option. So, ask your company about controlled storage and enjoy your securely stored things.

    Before renting storage, you need to find a reliable company

    Finding the right and reliable storage company is the most important thing you need to do. You will entrust them with a lot of things, like your money and your items. Even if they are only Christmas decorations. They should be kept in a very safe place and your chosen company should provide you with that safety. Since there are many companies with this service, how do you choose the best moving and storage Montgomery County PA company?

    Person in a storage unit
    The reliable company will always explain to you everything and will have good reviews

    How to check if the company is valid and if you can trust them?

    There are a few ways to see if a company is a good choice. You can be using services from companies that do background checks as well, but you can do it on your own too. All you need is to allow yourself to have time for this. Don’t be rushing into choosing a company because you don’t want to choose the wrong one. Firstly, you should always check their reviews. A good company will want its clients to have a great experience and will want to share those reviews with new clients. This is a great way to see how a company treats people and what kind of experience you can expect from them.

    Another thing is that you can also call or stop by their offices, to meet the people working and get the feeling of them. Don’t forget to check for their licenses, you can simply ask them if they are licensed or not. The right company will be very upfront with you and will want to explain everything to you. This is a great sign as well. Whatever your question is, you should be free to ask. Once you find your Chester county moving and storage company, you can organize and store your holiday decor.

    What is something that should not go into the storage unit?

    When talking about holiday decor, there is not much that you should store. But, still, any time someone is renting a storage unit, the list of forbidden things should be mentioned. This is something to will also hear or see on the website of the storage company you choose. Nothing perishable or toxic should go into the storage unit. So, avoid any food, dangerous chemicals, and similar items. Even if you think that you will get it out in a short time. If you have items you are unsure about, you can always ask the professionals working at the storage company about them.

    Other ways storage units can help you

    Storage units can be answers to more questions than how to organize and store your holiday decor. The same principle applies to everything in your home that takes up a lot of little space but you don’t use all the time. And with different solutions, you can have them near you or safely locked in a storage facility. Think about all the winter clothes, things that have become memories, and damaged items you are waiting to repair. Place everything sagely into boxes or containers. Apply the same routine as when packing and organizing Christmas decor and take it into your rented storage.

    If you are heading towards a move, you can also have the advantage of storage units. You can be renting out long-term units to store things that won’t fit into your new house. Or, you can use the service of self storage Pottstown PA companies offer. This way you can pack and protect items while having them close to you. Not just that, but having your movers also rent storage units saves you the struggle to find two separate companies. If you do have a move soon, look for a reliable company that can provide both services to you, and some additional ones if you need them.

    Empty boxes on the table
    You can store anything that you don’t have space for in your home

    After you learn how to organize and store your holiday decor, you can enjoy the winter seasons

    Once you gather all of this information you will know how to organize and store your holiday decor easily, without stress. And this means you can fully enjoy the winter season and the season of holidays. There is nothing more beautiful than putting your decorations up and waiting for the festivities. People always feel much better when they don’t need to overcrowd their homes. You can have all the free space you want and you can get help from professionals which will keep your things safe. You can focus on new ways to decorate your house for Christmas and learn new baking recipes. Enjoy your home and the feeling of securely stored items!


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