How to prepare your Pottstown home for sale this summer

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    Just like every seller, you probably want to sell your house quickly and get a huge profit. However, it’s a matter of chance if you will be able to reach that in a certain time range. It’s not easy to prepare your Pottstown home for sale this summer, and it involves numerous steps you’ll have to follow. Firstly, you have to get professional help and hire reliable Philadelphia movers, so you can start working on your home renovation. It’s not all about the price, you as a current owner have to make sure to form circumstances that absolutely fit that price. We’re here to help you make your house the most attractive offer.

    Prepare your Pottstown home for sale this summer: Complete guide

    Summer is usually the part of the year when people search for new home solutions so they can start planning their move in autumn. Although these hot and sunny months are not suitable enough for the moving process itself, most people choose them to start forming a relocation plan. The best way to make them come closer and consider your offer is to create a dream home. Be prepared to invest large amounts of money for renovation and final touches, but it will surely pay off in the end.

    plans, nails, measuring tape, drill on the table
    Be realistic and make a list of things that need to be renovated first.

    Be realistic and make a plan

    When trying to prepare your Pottstown home for sale this summer, the crucial part is to be realistic. We know that sometimes it doesn’t bring the best for your wallet, but if you’re willing to rank the best and find a new buyer soon, do it. If you’re living in that house for years, you probably didn’t consider replacing windows, and doors and renovating a bathroom. Believe us, potential buyers always want to see the bathroom first, which means that everything has to be perfect. Those things we just mentioned have to be replaced or at least restored. Minor things that your eye can miss are the crucial factors for new owners. Hence, don’t hesitate to call residential movers Pottstown PA to help you start this process.

    Identify repairs

    Now, let’s get straight to the action. Start going room by room and check every single corner. Bring a paper and pen with you to note everything you’ll be considering later. Make priorities, and start with checking the floor and looking for any damages, scratches, or broken tiles in the kitchen and bathroom. Be sure to examine every window and door carefully. Then, go to the kitchen and check cabinets and drawers, as well as other appliances. You need to have leak-free kitchen and bathroom faucets, drains, and your bathroom must have showers and tubs without broken tiles. It would be great to check your septic tank at the same time because it could cause more damage than you think if you forgot to maintain it properly. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems should be cleaned as well.

    When you have finished inside, go around the house and search for peelings, cracks, and rot. Write everything down, and start making a strategy.


    This is the best test that will help you notice if you are ready for this significant step. Everything you don’t need should be decluttered or donated. We all have excess items that take too much place in our homes, and commercial movers Pottstown PA know that the best. The main part of this process is not forgetting that you have to move soon. Always get rid of things you don’t use anymore will help you have the place for more items, plus it indeed will make a better first impression on your potential buyers.

    Decluttering also refers to furniture, which means that you have to make space for walking. Just make sure to move all the tables and pieces of furniture from blocking doors and windows. If you’re not able to do that or you have small space to work with, it’s a clear sign you’ll have to declutter first.

    Declutter box.
    Make a plan and get rid of excess things that only make a mess in your old home.


    A fresh coat of paint can add a new glow to your old home. Everything will look better and new. If you’re trying to prepare your Pottstown home for sale this summer, paint where it needs. For those who have small houses, bright colors, mostly white, will help your space look bigger and lighter. You can’t really know the exact taste of the future owners, so we recommend painting walls with neutral colors like beige, gray, gold, or tan. It works perfectly all the time, and be sure if it’ll fit their belongings. After all, these calm and neutral shades will help them picture their furniture in the new space. The borough of Pottstown is famous for its approximately 210 sunny days per year, and these shades don’t absorb all the light. It’s a perfect place for people who love living in a light environment.


    Once your home is ready to sell and when you finally finished all the reconstructions, cleaning can start. The whole point of deep cleaning your house on a daily basis is to make it absolutely perfect at first sight. Before even contacting moving companies Pottstown PA, make a cleaning schedule and stick to it. This definitely needs to include wiping tables and other surfaces like the shelf every day. It indeed can be boring after a while, but luckily for you, it doesn’t take too much time. Be ready to clean every inch of the floors from the dirt every other day. Your lawn needs to be maintained every week and don’t forget to keep your porch accessible.

    Painting as one of the ways to prepare your Pottstown home for sale this summer
    Consider painting in neutral colors.

    The final touch

    When you did all the necessary work in and outside your home, you’re ready to start packing personal items. Representing your house without personal photos and other belongings leaves a better impression. That’s why you can consider storage units Pottstown PA to store and keep all of your items safe. Other than that, there are not many things to do to prepare your Pottstown home for sale this summer. You can continue with regular cleaning and maintaining your old home. Make small corrections you notice overtime to make it even more beautiful and charming for its new owners.




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