How to quickly settle in with kids after a move to Delaware County

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    Moving to a new home is an exciting time for everyone. The dog is exploring his new backyard, you meet and bond with your new neighbors. And your kids find new top-notch ways to build forts out of pillows during sleepovers. Anything “new”, as fun as it is, can also be a little intimidating and cause some anxiety, especially for children. If you’ve recently moved with movers in Delaware County PA, it’s important to think about what your kids will get from the move. Another home in a new location may be a little unfamiliar and therefore difficult to accept. That’s why it is so important to quickly settle in with kids after a move to Delaware County. Keep reading to find out some tips that will make the process even faster.

    Here are some of our favorite tips to help you settle in with kids after a move to Delaware County

    Be open and honest about the move

    Sometimes kids just want to know what’s going on. Whether you’re leaving town for a new job, moving just a few blocks away in search of a better home, or moving in with new family members, give your kids the most honest explanation possible. Especially if your children are old enough to understand the situation and ask questions about it. It is best for them to feel that they are participating in this change.

    A Father and a son talking
    You can work to keep them excited about the move and not just surprise them with the news.

    If possible, visit your new home or local community more often before moving

    To create excitement for the whole family about the move, visit the new area where you will be living before one of the moving companies Philadelphia comes to pick up your stuff. Find out about the types of clubs, sports, and activities the community offers and try to get involved. If your new home is empty before you move, bring the kids into the house. Show them where everything will be. And also talk about all the fun things you’ll do together in your new home. Being able to imagine living in a new home and excited about the move can ease some of your fearful feelings.

    Clean before unpacking

    Chances are, your new home would have been cleaned before you moved. But if you’re even a little bit of a perfectionist, you won’t be able to sleep until you put your own brand of cleaning on the site. Hopefully, you’ve put a few cleaners aside in your essentials bag. First, pay attention to the main areas – the bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. Clean the rest of the space before unpacking. After the furniture is arranged and all of your belongings are cleaned, it can be quite difficult to wash thoroughly.

    Finish the kids’ rooms first

    Before you start arranging the living room furniture and unpacking all the kitchen utensils, unpack and arrange the children’s rooms. Giving them their own space will help them adapt and feel right at home.

    Prepare your favorite family meal as soon as possible

    Of course, the last thing you probably want to think about after long days of moving and cleaning is making a big lunch. However, once you get a little more comfortable and have some free time, try making your kids’ favorite meal and inviting the whole family to dinner at their new home. If you bring this little bit of familiarity to a new environment, your kids will feel right at home. Family dinners will also give everyone around the table time to socialize again and talk about what they love about their new home.

    A dinner table.
    A nice family dinner will help you settle in with kids after a move to Delaware County.

    Start a housework schedule to settle in with kids after a move to Delaware County

    As crazy as it sounds, charting a housework diagram can help your kids adapt to your new home in a unique way. Start with simple, rewarding tasks that will allow your children to take ownership of their new space. Assigning children to do household chores is a good way to teach them timeliness and responsibility when they are young. And it can be a good way to make the move just a small fraction of a larger opportunity for growth.

    Stick to the old rules

    Part of the fun of a new home is all the changes: new neighbors, new favorite restaurants, a new backyard, and so on. Change is great, but kids also respond positively to routine. To make your children more comfortable in their new home, try to get back to parts of your old routine as soon as possible.

    Start making it feel like home in order to settle in with kids after a move to Delaware County

    Do you know all the little things that make your house a home? We’re talking about your kids’ art, your favorite decorative vases, paintings, framed vacation photos, valuable books. Take the time to put them around the house to make it more like home.

    Explore your area

    Introduce yourself to your new neighbors (if you haven’t met them yet) and other community members. Learn about local events by subscribing to local newspapers and magazines. The public library is another great place to discover your area. Take the kids to the local park where they can meet new friends. Find out which best restaurants in town deliver the fastest pizza or where to shop at the best prices. Volunteer at your children’s schools and meet other parents. If possible, invite them to tea so that your children have the opportunity to make new friends.

    Two couples on a porch.
    Throwing a nice outdoor party is a great opportunity to meet your new neighbors and leave a good impression.

    Celebrate a new beginning to settle in with kids after a move to Delaware County

    Throw a party for your new neighbors and colleagues and get ready to have some fun. Find a new hobby or join your local health club. If you’ve always wanted to decorate your home in a different way, now is your chance to try it. It’s a new beginning, get the most out of it!

    Whatever the reason you are moving for, this can be an exciting time for all of your family members. Try to focus on the positives while helping your kids get used to living in Wayne. And keep these rules in mind when you’re trying to settle in with kids after a move to Delaware County.

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