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    A lot of people look for ways to save some money and lower the cost of their relocation. There are plenty of things you can do to make the relocation more affordable and save some coins along the way. One of the things you can do is reduce storage rental expenses. Many people tend to rent a storage unit for safekeeping of their belongings during the move. While this is a good way to keep your things protected, maybe you don’t want to spend a fortune on storage rental. That’s why Zippy Shell of Greater Philadelphia is here to help! We’ll tell you the ways of lowering the cost of your storage unit. Keep reading to find out what to do.

    What determines the price of a storage unit

    When you’re looking for a storage unit, you should know that there are a few different factors that affect the price you’ll be paying. To make sure you know what you’re paying for, we’ll tell you the things that determine the cost of your storage unit. This will help you lower storage rental expenses.

    Storage units-reduce storage rental expenses
    There are multiple things that can make your storage unit more expensive. You should know these factors so that you can make an informed decision.

    As you’d probably expect, the bigger the storage unit the higher the price. There are different sizes you can choose depending on your needs, but you should know that you’re paying for the chosen size. Here are other things to keep in mind.

    1. Is the storage climate-controlled? There are different types of storage units and some offer extra protection of your items. Climate-controlled storage units protect your things from humidity and different climate factors, but they also cost more.
    2. The type of storage unit. The prices of storage units vary depending on whether you’re getting moving storage containers, self-storage, or full-service storage. For instance, full-service storage will cost more because the movers are handling everything.
    3. Extra security. Obviously, you’re counting on your belongings staying sage while in storage. While most storage units have basic security systems like video surveillance and alarms, you’ll have to pay extra for more protection.
    4. How long are you renting? The amount of time you’ll be renting the storage unit can affect the price. Renting short-time is a way to lower the price of the storage rental.
    5. The location of the storage facility. Renting a storage unit in urban, attractive is is prone to be more expensive than less popular areas.

    Declutter to reduce storage rental expenses

    One of the simplest ways of saving some money and making storage rental costs lower is by decluttering your home. What this means is you should take the time to downsize your home. Before you rent a storage unit, go through all of the belongings you’re thinking of storing. Decide if there are any items that you don’t need anymore and therefore they shouldn’t be stored.

    Woman carrying sweaters.
    Go through your things and declutter before storing them to reduce storage rental expenses.

    First of all, if you declutter, you’ll need a smaller storage unit, which comes at a lower price. Also, decluttering will lower the price of your move because movers Downington PA charge by the weight of your shipment. When you’re decluttering, there are a few things you can do with the things you no longer want to keep.

    What are your options?

    The obvious choice is throwing the items you don’t need in the trash. However, there are better things you could do with these things. You can donate them. When you’re trying to reduce storage expenses and get rid of things you don’t need, think about donating. After all, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Maybe, give them away. If you have things you no longer need, ask your friends if they’d like to have them. If not, sell them. Not only can you reduce storage rental expenses by selling unnecessary items, but you could even profit! Organize a yard sale and earn some extra cash by getting rid of things you don’t need.

    Your choice of packing supplies can help

    When it comes to simple and easy ways of lowering storage rental expenses, your choice of packing supplies is one of them. Namely, packing is an inevitable step when you’re moving or just placing your things in storage. Of course, you need to gather all the necessary supplies. However, you don’t need to go and buy expensive packing supplies if you want to save money. There are things you can do to pack your items without spending a penny. Not only that, but these packing tips will also be useful if you’re looking for eco-friendly storage.

    A couple using second hand boxes to reduce storage rental expenses
    To save money when renting a storage unit, you can find free packing supplies.

    You can reuse old boxes. In case you have some cardboard boxes lying around your home, you can put them to use. If they’re in good shape, why would they go to waste? Just use those instead of getting new ones. You can also get free cardboard boxes. There are plenty of stores that get daily deliveries and have no use for all the cardboard boxes. You can ask them to give you the boxes they no longer need. Another option is using websites like The Freecycle Network to get other people’s packing supplies for free. Get second-hand packing supplies. You can ask friends or neighbors if they have any packing supplies they don’t need.

    Choose wisely for you want to reduce storage rental expenses

    Last but not least, if you want to reduce storage rental expenses, you should choose wisely. Make sure you don’t get into business with a fraudulent company that’s out to scam you. Renting reliable storage is essential, so be careful. Choose the storage unit that suits your needs and inspect it beforehand. If there’s any mold or other red flags, look for a different place to store your belongings.

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