How to store items during a home renovation

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    If you are planning to relocate you are probably aware of the complexity of the task that lies ahead of you. Organizing a move requires certain skills and good planning. Therefore, it makes perfects sense to get professional assistance. Your local movers Fort Washington, PA have all the necessary tools and knowledge to help you overcome this stressful period. But unfortunately, the move is not over when the moving truck leaves you in front of your new home. You will have to gather your strengths and arrange your home and make it suitable for living. In other words, you will have to unpack. But what if your home needs renovations before you can move in? Where will you live? How to store items during a home renovation? Luckily for you, we have some ideas that you might find useful, so stay with us to find out more.

    Storage units are the best place to store items during a home renovation

    What happens when you have a lot of belongings that are surplus to requirements? There are just sitting in your home and attracting dust and allergens. Ultimately, you can narrow down your choices to two solutions. You either get rid of everything you don’t need or you get more storage space.

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    When you are renovating your home your belongings will be exposed to dust and debris. Storing your items somewhere is a good idea.

    But before your rent a self storage Pottstown PA based, you should be aware of several facts:

    • Make sure that the storage unit ticks all the safety boxes. Is the storage facility equipped with video monitoring systems? Are there security guards at all times? What is the quality of the locks?
    • Always go for a climate-controlled unit. This is a great additional option that will help you in preventing mold and mildew from appearing, and also protect your belongings from harsh external factors.
    • Accessibility. Is the storage unit accessible by van or truck? Are they open seven days a week, and on holidays?

    Use one room to store items during a home renovation

    When you are renovating your home your belongings will be exposed to dust and debris. You certainly don’t want your new couch to get stained with paint, or your new 4K TV to get scratched, do you? So, do you have a guest room that you don’t use that often? Or maybe you have an attic or basement, or a garage. These are all extra rooms that can be turned in provisionary storage space for this occasion. Some of the advantages of using one room for storing your belongings include:

    • You will save some money. Renting a storage unit could be expensive, and by doing this you will successfully eliminate this expense.
    • You will not lose your precious time. Searching for reliable moving companies in Philadelphia takes time, as well as preparing your belongings for transportation and storage.

    This is could be the ideal solution provided you are not remodeling your whole house at once. Be careful when stacking items in that spare room, you must leave some empty space for maneuvering. We are 100% sure that you will need something from that room at some point.

    Picture of an attic, a great place to store items during a home renovation
    One of the easiest ways to store items during a home renovation is to turn one of the rooms to temporary storage space

    Ask your friends and relatives for help

    One thing that you have to remember is that you are not alone in this. Moving or renovating your home are huge life events, and your close friends will be glad to give you a helping hand. Home renovations tend to run off schedule, so make sure that you don’t overstay your welcome. Anyhow, there are several ways in which your friends could help you:

    • If you don’t have a spare room to store your belongings, maybe they do.
    • Your friends could help you with moving heavier pieces of furniture to their designated room.
    • If you decided to rent a storage unit, your friends could help you pack your belongings.
    • You can spend the night at your friend’s house if your home doesn’t meet the bare minimum of living conditions like a working bathroom.

    Few additional tips if you decide to store items during a home renovation

    So, when you have decided where to store your belongings, you have to figure out how to do it. Here are a few useful tips that you could find helpful:

    • Make a moving inventory. It is easy to forget something in all this mess, so make sure you have a complete list of your belongings printed in several copies.
    • Don’t forget to label your boxes. Create a labeling system that will help you to know where each of your items is stored. You can use marker pens, stickers or letters and numbers. It’s up to you.
    • Leave some working space in case you have to reach for something.
    • Put boxes with items you use more often in the front.
    • Carrying boxes and furniture is a demanding physical activity, and you should consider getting labor-only services if you are not prepared for this task.
    • Make sure you don’t overstuff boxes. Items like books are quite heavy and can build up weight very quickly and tear the bottom of the box.
    • Pack items that you don’t use often first.
    • Get moving supplies at your local DIY store.

      Picture of cardboard boxes
      When you decide where will you store your items, you will need some packing tools to prepare them for storage

    Stay positive at all times

    The important thing to remember is that you are on a course for improving your home. This is something that should bring you joy and happiness, not anxiety, and broken nerves. Now when you know how to store items during a home renovation, you just have to make a good plan and stick to it. We hope that you will find our advice useful, and we wish you enjoy your new home as soon as possible.

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