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    We all have times when the amount of stuff we keep gets a little out of hand, and we realize it’s time to declutter. Getting rid of items may be a part of transitioning into a new stage of life or moving to a new residence. Even if you’ve decided that certain items must go, it might be upsetting to just toss them away, especially if they’re still in good shape. The good news is that you can sell these items for enough money to make the effort worthwhile. But, what if you have to get them out of your way while relocating? Not to worry, because Philadelphia Movers is here to help you organize and tell you about ways you can store items you intend to sell online.

    What can you sell online?

    To be clear, you should never try to sell illegal items over the internet. Remember that even for things that are generally legal to own, there are shipping prohibitions and restrictions on what you may send over the mail to someone in another city, state, or country. Before you commit to selling something via shipment, double-check the regulations. Aside from legality, the most important thing to address is: what is worth selling on the internet? This will be determined by your preferences as well as how much effort and time you have to negotiate the price of your item.

    A man storing books in a box
    It is easier to store items you intend to sell online instead of worrying about finding space for them at your new residence.

    We made a list of typical belongings people sell online while moving or decluttering:

    • Clothing -It might be difficult to sell clothes unless they have never been worn. Most clothing loses its worth very quickly after you buy and wear it. If you have a vintage or high-end brand apparel, on the other hand, it could be worth the effort to sell.
    • Furniture – The money you originally spent on your furniture and how well they were used will determine how profitable they are. Get the furniture evaluated before selling it if it is recognized as “antique” or even if you believe it is – it might be worth a lot more than you think.
    • Used sports equipment – It is possible to sell lightly used sporting equipment. If your children outgrow the sports gear you got for them, or if you lose interest in a sport, there are outlets and individual customers ready to buy the equipment at a lower price. It’s important to keep in mind that any equipment you’re selling should be free of damage and excessive wear.¬†Faulty sports equipment is unlikely to be valuable since it will not protect the person using it.

    Where should you sell your belongings online?

    There are numerous online markets to choose from, and deciding which one to use to sell your items can be challenging. “E-commerce” services offer greater support throughout the process. The popularity of mobile devices has resulted in the development of a variety of mobile-only platforms you can use to purchase and sell items. When using an app to do business, always check the privacy options and the security precautions taken by the developers to safeguard users from fraud.

    Man holding his phone in front of his laptop
    With the help of online platforms, selling your unwanted belongings has never been easier

    Organize and store items you intend to sell online

    Once you have decided how to sell, it’s time to prep your belongings. While moving, you might be overwhelmed with organizing the items you will sell and the ones you will bring with you to your new home. Therefore, the best idea is to store items you intend to sell online beforehand. Now you might be asking, how and where? Well, we have a few aces up our sleeves to ease your whole process.

    Stored items can move with you

    You don’t need to leave the belongings you are selling behind while moving. It is possible to store them and bring them with you! Our moving storage containers are the best solution to save you a great deal of time and energy. You won’t have to transfer your stuff to the storage facility. Instead, you’ll be able to add things to the container whenever and anywhere you choose. It goes without saying that if you need any support, we would be happy to offer it. Our professional staff will gladly load your items inside the container. Here are some advantages to our portable storage units:

    • The storage can move with you
    • You won’t need a moving truck – We will deliver and pick up the storage unit in line with your requirements and timetable.
    • We offer different sizes of storage containers to fit your needs for easier access
    • Our portable storage units offer a variety of uses – you can store diverse items

    Relocations are frequently connected with a sense of urgency and the strain of meeting deadlines. ¬†That is why we like to give you as much time as you need in order to complete this task. With our portable storage units, you can adapt the speed of your relocation to your preferences. We’ll also make absolutely sure your possessions are safe and secure.

    Keep your stored belongings close to you after you relocate

    Instead of storing away stuff you intend to sell online after you move, you can safely keep them close in your yard or a parking lot. We also offer onsite storage solutions for your convenience, no matter the size of your inventory. Our mobile storage units are a great space and time savers, as you will need easy and frequent access to your belongings while selling them. These units are ideal for anyone who prefers to keep their stored possessions at hand at any time.

    A door of a storage unit
    Have your stored belongings close to you at your doorstep

    Our storage solutions are perfect for all of your needs

    When it comes to storing your possessions in a secure location, we’ve got you covered! Our service will provide handy storage facilities for your goods. Whether you need to downsize, remodel your house, move to a new one, or store items you intend to sell online. Trust us to assist you with being more organized, saving time, and creating more space in your house. Feel free to contact us for more information on our onsite storage solutions. Philadelphia Movers is ready to help you move and protect your belongings!


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