How to store porcelain plates and fine china

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    Even if your fine china is stunning when set out, what will you do with it all once your guests have gone? We’ve talked with some of the biggest collectors with the world’s most extensive ceramics collection and they told us all about how to store porcelain plates and fine china in the finest way possible… Keep these recommendations in mind so that your dinnerware is still in tip-top form for your upcoming dinner party. You can count on movers in Greater Philadelphia area to move all your fine china and other valuables safely to another location.

    How to store porcelain plates and fine china

    You may put your hostess apron away for the time being now that the holiday season is behind us. That also implies that you can store porcelain plates and fine china back in their place. But rather than using the same old cardboard box and a few scraps of newspaper, it’s time to take extra precautions to keep your dishes safe until the next time you serve a fancy dinner. Here are five useful tips for storing your porcelain plates and fine china safely. Consider renting residential storage containers PA if you don’t want to clutter the cabinets in your kitchen.

     store porcelain plates and fine china after displaying them on an aristocratic table for a fancy dinner
    Storing your nice dinnerware will be much easier if you follow these few tips.

    1. Investing in a nice, quality display cabinet

    Your best chance is a glass-fronted cabinet, which keeps dust and clumsy onlookers at bay while still showcasing your treasures. Just be careful not to overcrowd or touch any of the dishes. A nearby metro train or busy road might cause pottery to move forward because of the rumbling. Put chamois leather under each object to prevent it from wobbling.

    2. Protecting your tableware

    A few layers of folded acid-free tissue paper or polyethylene foam should be placed between each dish if you can’t resist stacking them. As long as it’s a napkin, direct collision is the most common cause of damage. Use a plate rack to prevent this from happening in the first place. If you need help with packing all your fine china, feel free to contact senior movers in Pottstown PA as they offer packing services as well.

    3. Never hang your cups by their handles!

    Hanging cups by their handles, which are prone to breaking if the china has been damaged before, may appear lovely, but it is not a good idea. To avoid this problem, we recommend placing the containers upright on a shelf or storing them in plastic boxes. If you were planning to store away your fine china in a storage unit now that the holidays are over, make sure to rent climate-controlled storage near me to avoid any damage.

    4. Packing up your serving utensils

    Plastic storage boxes work well for platters and other large things that won’t fit in a display cabinet. Wrap each in acid-free tissue paper, as other materials might leave residue, and place bubble wrap or similar cushioning at the bottom. Before putting a final layer of bubble wrap, add extra tissue paper to the sides and tops of the item.

    six porcelain plates with cute designs
    Always make sure to place bubble wrap or some type of cushioning in between each item when trying to store porcelain plates and fine china.

    5. Dusting your porcelain plates and fine china regularly

    Depending on how much of your collection is shown, you may only need to clean it once every six months or once a year. In particular for unglazed or old-repaired goods, dust buildup may be detrimental since it can become lodged in the surface. Brush the item softly with a soft sable paintbrush, with the metal band between the hairs and the handle covered. Be cautious to start with a tiny area first to avoid any potential harm. If you plan on moving soon, we recommend that you hire a moving company to move all of your nice plates and pots safely. Make sure to only go for the companies that are recognized by the Better Business Bureau, like Zippy Shell of Greater Philadelphia. That way you’ll avoid having troubles when you’re trying to move and store porcelain plates and fine china safely.


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