How to store your antique furniture safely

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    Storage units are a very popular option among people who are in need of extra space. Whether you need a place to store your items while relocating or you’re running out of space in your home, getting a storage unit is the best solution. However, when it comes to storing certain items, you can’t just rent a storage unit and call it a day. Namely, things like antiques require a little more care if you want them to remain safe in storage. So, if you’re wondering how to store your antique furniture safely, we’re here to help. You can ask your Philadelphia movers for their storage services, but we’re here to make sure you’re choosing the right kind of storage unit. Also, we’ll tell you how to prepare your furniture for storage. So, keep reading to find out.

    Choosing the right storage for your antique furniture

    In order to properly store your antique furniture, you’ll need to get the appropriate storage unit. Unfortunately, this requires a bit more thought than simply picking the first storage unit you come across. Instead, you should do your research and find storage that guarantees the safety of your antique belongings. If you’re not sure what kind of storage unit to look for, we’ll give you some pointers.

    Storage units
    When you’re renting a storage unit for storing your antique furniture, you should choose wisely. Climate-controlled storage is the best choice.

    Get climate-controlled storage for your antique furniture

    When you’re storing things that require extra protection, it’s always smart to invest in a climate-controlled unit. When your storage is climate-controlled, it means your items will be protected from humidity and extreme temperatures. The reason you need this kind of protection for your antiques is that they can get ruined or damaged by these factors.

    • Wooden furniture can dry and crack if it’s stored in a room that doesn’t have the appropriate temperature. Also, humidity and moisture can cause mildew on your furniture and the wood can rot. Other than that, wood can fade when it’s exposed to light.
    • Glass parts of your furniture can turn yellow if they’re exposed to a light source.
    • Humidity can ruin metal elements of your furniture by causing rust.

    So, when you’re looking for a good storage unit for your antique furniture, make sure to ask your movers Narberth PA if they have any climate-controlled options. That’s the only way to keep your furniture protected from all weather conditions and humidity in storage.

    Make sure the storage unit has a good security system

    When you’re storing your antique furniture, one of the most important things to consider is the safety of your belongings. The last thing you want is for your antiques to get stolen from the storage facility. So, when you’re looking for the perfect storage unit for your antique furniture, you need to pay attention and get one that’s well-protected. Find out all about the security system of the storage facility. There should be 24h surveillance, CCTV cameras, access codes for entry, and potentially even a guard.

    Storage units for storing your antique furniture
    When you’re looking for a storage facility where you can store your antique furniture, visit the premises first and inspect it for potential issues.

    Visit the storage facility before renting it

    Before you make the final decision and rent a storage unit, you should take the time to visit the facility. Renting a storage unit remotely is a good option if you’re unable to visit the premises. However, if you can go over there and check it out for yourself, that would be the best thing to do. Inspecting the storage unit before renting if is a very important step. If you want to make sure you can safely store your antique furniture there, here are some things you should pay attention to.

    • Check the humidity levels. Keep in mind that the humidity shouldn’t be over 50% indoors.
    • Inspect the storage unit for mold. If the storage already is moldy, we recommend looking for a different company’s storage services. You don’t want mold to ruin your furniture, right?
    • Check the security system. As we’ve mentioned, security is a crucial factor when you’re renting a storage facility.

    Prepare your antique furniture for storage

    Once you’ve managed to pick out the perfect storage unit for your antiques, it’s time to start preparing your items. Namely, there are certain items you can pack up in a day without giving them a second thought. However, when it comes to antiques, you should pay more attention to them to ensure they don’t get damaged while in storage. Here are some things you can do to prepare your furniture for storage.

    Woman wrapping up a couch before storing her antique furniture
    One of the best ways of making sure your furniture stays safe in storage is by taking the time to wrap it properly.
    • Coat the wooden parts of your furniture with polish or wax. This will serve as a protective layer and protect your furniture from damages.
    • Apply a coat of oil on the metal parts of your antique furniture.
    • Treat leather furniture with a leather conditioner to protect it from getting ruined.
    • Disassemble furniture if you can. Pack the parts into boxes and don’t forget to label the boxes. Also, you should put screws and bolts into plastic bags and keep them in one place.
    • Wrap the furniture properly. Take the time to add extra protection for your furniture by wrapping it up. You can use bubble pack, but using blankets and sheets is an even better idea. Plus, it’s free as you’ve already got sheets in your home!

    You can always ask for help with storing antique furniture

    So, now you know the things to look for in a storage unit as well as the most important ways of preparing your furniture for storage. You have all the tips you need to store your antique furniture safely. However, if you need some extra help, remember you can always ask friends to give you a hand or even your professional movers. Don’t worry, we’re sure you’ll do a good job and your furniture will remain intact.

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