In what ways can covid influence your relocation process?

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    The covid 19 pandemic influenced all aspects of our lives and relocating home is no different. Some people already set things in motion when it hit them while others made plans for the future. If you are the one who can’t delay your plans, you must play along and wish for the best. And there is a way to organize, pack, and find trustworthy Philadelphia movers to accompany you on this journey. So, let us review how covid influence your relocation process and find the best solution together.

    Can covid influence your relocation process and your search for movers

    To move during the pandemic won’t be easy at all. Simply because there are many new laws, regulations, and restrictions blocking you from freely organizing everything. And the first step is to find an adequate moving company. The best way would be to browse online until you find local movers in greater Philadelphia area that are up to the task. Simply compare services, prices, and read reviews. Moving reviews are extremely important in such times as this. Therefore, find previous moving experiences and read about your movers as much as you can. Find comments posted by people that already moved during covid and used moving services.

    A woman sitting on the sofa browsing on her laptop.
    At least you can use your laptop in the safety of your home. Find movers online!

    When you have all the info necessary, contact your movers and communicate further. Find answers to all the questions you have and form the best moving plan. Check the moving services your movers provide and find the best moving solution for the current situation. As long as you work closely with your movers and do not disclose any information, you’ll be fine. In the end, make sure your movers are licensed and legit. Also, they should have all the regular moving tools, equipment, and a proper moving truck.

    Covid can influence your packing process as well

    Another moving part where covid influence your relocation process is the already boring and confusing packing process. You still must pack everything you possess, but this time around you must clean each piece individually. It is a smart way of keeping your new home clean and without the influences from your old home. Also, this situation might require you to use higher-quality packing materials. Simply because you can’t risk anything happening because you packed cheaply. You want to avoid a situation where a single thorn box can contaminate the whole batch. And you wouldn’t even know because you can’t supervise all your movers at the same time. Also, you can’t have your eyes on all your furniture all the time. So, pack properly and safely and you won’t have to play cat and mouse with your helpers.

    A woman wearing a mask
    Your packing process is a bit more complicated but you’ll get through.

    Use blister packs, cardboard boxes, packing tape, and label everything nicely. You can always go for air-tight plastic bins, but those are a bit more expensive. Although, they are the best solution at the moment and it can be a long-term investment since they are reusable. Once everything is cleaned, sanitized, and packed, load your moving truck. Make sure it was sanitized beforehand.

    You must sanitize your old and the new place

    Yes, you will clean, clean, and clean a bit more along the way. The whole covid situation made us more aware of how maintaining hygiene is important. So, you should pick a date the suits you the most and visit your new place. It is time to clean it inside out. Of course, you can do this if the previous owners left the place. And if they did, you can organize and visit one day to swoop through the place. Bring helpers if possible and always use masks, gloves, and sanitizers. Of course, you can hire a cleaning crew specialized in the field. Although, keep in mind that it can be unnecessary spending and you might want to do it yourself to be sure that it was done right. Whatever is better for you.

    Various sanitizing products
    Use appropriate protection for the situation. Sanitize the place.

    Renting a storage unit is still possible.

    Another moment when can covid influence your relocation process is the space you have at your disposal. If you have more items than you can handle and you want to speed up the moving process, the great solution is renting residential storage. You can still do it but again, with a bit of cleaning and a few new rules. Find an adequate storage unit provider online and check if they have a proper maintenance crew. Also, you want to know what the rules are for storing and what your unit provides. And when you find the unit you like, start building a batch that will go to the storage unit.

    When it comes to packing, it should be the same as for moving. Just make sure you protect your items appropriately because you do not know how long they’ll stay there. Use sheets and blankets to cover the whole batch and protect it from dust and humidity. Maybe the best course of action would be to rent a climate-controlled storage unit. It is a great way of preserving boxes and furniture, indefinitely.

    You will clean a lot

    You can still declutter your home when moving as you would in any other relocation process. Moreover, this would be the best time to do it. If you inspect all your belongings and locate those items that you do not need anymore your move would be more efficient. This way you’ll reduce the moving cost, make your relocation safer, and quicker as well. Not to mention that you might do not have space in your new apartment for all those things you had before. Furthermore, the more items you possess the more cleaning there is.

    So, clean everything inside out, figure out what can be removed, and once you do, you must clean your old space like you never did before. Leave your old place in an impeccable state for new tenants. And you must do the same in your new home. Before you introduce a single box into your new place, you should clean it from the top to bottom. Use sanitizers and disinfectants for this occasion and do this at least a couple of days before your cargo arrives. Start clean, fresh, and more importantly, safe.

    Now you know how can covid influence your relocation process and you can prepare better. The most important thing is to leave fear and doubt aside. It can only induce stress and make you made unnecessary mistakes. As long as you follow the rules and regulations you can complete your plans with a positive outcome. Good luck and take care.

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