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    With your moving day approaching, you have so many things to do. You need to sort out your belongings, gather the right packing materials, create a moving day to-do list, and whatnot. If this sounds overwhelming, there is an easy way out. Your dependable Philadelphia movers can take a big load off your back. In addition, the pro team offers you practical info, that will come in handy when you move.  Namely, there are certain things that your mover wouldn’t transport, as they are restricted by law, or due to other circumstances. Before you start loading your moving boxes, is good to familiarize yourself with items movers should not pack. Let’s see what these are.

    Items movers should not pack, and why?

    The most tedious part of the moving process is, you guess it, packing. Unless you entrust it in the skilled hands of professional packers, in which case it will be a breeze. Hiring packing services Pottstown PA will save you time, as you wouldn’t have to shop for packing supplies, clarify how to pack what, etc. Yet, if you decide to throw a packing party, you should familiarize yourself with items movers should not pack, and wouldn’t transport in their truck. These include various items, from no-brainers such as ammunition and gasoline to your harmless nail polish or plant. The industry term for these items is ‘non-allowables’ and your mover will provide you with more specific info on what exact items the crew won’t relocate. For your benefit, we’ll list the most common items movers shouldn’t pack. If you’re aware of these, there won’t be surprises come your moving day.

    Stop sign
    The complete list of items movers should not pack is not universal

    Flammable and hazardous materials

    Hazardous materials are generally explosive, flammable, or corrosive items. These are items that movers should not pack, due to the obvious risks they impose. Also, they are illegal for transport. If you have things that you can’t afford to toss, moving and storage Montgomery county PA will provide you the solution. For better understanding, here we’ll name but a few of these prohibited items :

    • Nail polish and nail polish remover
    • Matches
    • Paints
    • Pesticides, fertilizers, and weed killers
    • Household and car batteries
    • Acids and cleaning solvents
    • Ammunition and loaded guns

    While most of these things are self-explanatory in the risks they may foist, others pose less obvious dangers. For example, your nail polish is a highly flammable substance. Or, a pesticide can turn into a potent explosive, under certain circumstances. Hence, the list of items your movers shouldn’t pack can be longer than you may expect.

    A child riding a toy lawnmower Items Movers Should Not Pack
    Movers are prohibited by law to transport items classed as hazardous, and many of your yard equipment and chemicals are listed as such

    Items movers should not pack – perishables

    On the list of most common items movers should not pack are perishables. It’s easy to imagine why, if you plan a long distance move and you expect it to be carried out neatly. Here’s what we mean by perishables:

    • Frozen, fresh, and refrigerated food
    • Produce
    • Open cans or packets of non-perishable food
    • Plants

    Food can attract rats or pests that can harm your belongings, and it can also grow mold. This is why it’s among the items movers should not pack. As for your plants, it’s forbidden to transport them on movers for more than 150 miles, unless you have a special permit. Plants are great transmitters of parasites and pests, and they can easily bring them to a new city or country. Also, as they are sensitive to temperature changes, they almost certainly won’t survive the move, especially a long one. Your mover wouldn’t like to be held responsible for the frail health of your lush vegetation. Hence, plants are on the list of articles movers shouldn’t pack, or transport.

    Indoor plants
    You need a special permit to transport plants on long distances

    Personal documents and high-value possessions

    Even when you move, you’d like to be in possession of your personal documents. It can be difficult and time-consuming to replace a document once you misplace it. Your passport, birth certificate, or medical records should be on top of your personal list of things movers shouldn’t pack for you. Always have them safely by your side, and accessible any time you may need them. Jewels and other high-value items are also articles your movers shouldn’t pack on your behalf. It’s best if you pack and move your jewelry yourself. Additionally, in this category belong your:

    • medication and eye care items
    • house and car keys
    • cash, debit and credit cards, checkbooks
    • sterling silver

    Although your mover may offer you insurance, it’s better to be safe than sorry with your pricey possessions, and especially if they have personal value for you.

    Pearl necklace in a box - Items Movers Should Not Pack
    Your documents and jewelry are items movers should not pack for you

    Confidential data and electronics

    Your electronic devices are quite sensitive. They hold personal data, as well as confidential information, for your job. In that line, among the things your movers shouldn’t pack are your professional files or research materials, as well as stocks or bonds you may have. In case they are damaged or lost, these can’t be restored, or they may even end up in the wrong hands. It’s important to mention here that your electronics and files are considered as ‘non-allowables’ when we talk about your residential relocation. Otherwise, your trusted mover offers you commercial moving services. That moving project is of a different nature. So in case, you need to relocate your office, along with electronics and files, discuss it with your mover for a detailed explanation. However, when moving your household, consider your electronics and professional data as items movers shouldn’t pack for you.

    Sentimental items

    Specialized moving services for handling some of the things in this category are available. However, it depends on your particular needs and wants when you move, if you’re to add these to your list of items movers should not pack. Here’s a quick list:

    • Collections, such as stamps, coins, etc.
    • Photo albums and video recordings
    • Personal diaries
    • Family heirlooms
    • Artwork

    Our best advice for the items movers should not pack

    Above we’ve listed some of the most common household items movers should not pack, or they’re forbidden by law to transport. It can be frustrating to pack for weeks, only to realize on your moving day that you can’t transport your boxes because you’ve packed some of the items above. To avoid this surprise, contact your mover for a free estimate, and ask about items they wouldn’t move. Better yet, ask about the professional packing services they offer. The list of items movers shouldn’t pack and transport is not universal. So, prepare ahead and take some professional help, for a hassle-free move.

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