How to handle moving an artwork collection in Narberth

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    Relocating asks for a million little things to think of. But special care and love are needed for the most valuable of your possessions. Moving an artwork collection in Narberth needs some extra care. You are maybe feeling confident enough to do it by yourself. If you feel you need some help from experts and you are moving your artwork collection in Narberth, you can help yourself by looking for moving companies Philadelphia. Experienced moving companies will know the procedure with the artwork.

    Moving an artwork collection in Narberth

    Hiring movers in Philly will answer all your questions. You need to understand their methods, so they can meet your expectations. But you should be aware that they will most probably charge extra for that favor. But, moving an artwork collection is not as easy as it looks. Hiring professional packing services is the best option in order to keep your artwork collection safe during transport. It is, actually, worth every penny!

    Packing an artwork collection in Narberth by yourself

    Of course, you can try to do it by yourself. If you feel confident enough, there is a variety of moving materials you could use to protect your valuable items. In that case, having the right equipment is key. We are sharing a list of things you should consider having, for that matter.

    • Bubble wrap
    • Wax paper
    • Packing tape
    • Labeling equipment such as marker pens
    • Styrofoam corner edges, folded cardboard edges would suffice
    • Strong Cardboard Boxes or wooden crates
    Assorted sewing patterns on hangers
    Moving an artwork collection in Narberth asks for special care

    You should know how to pick the right material. And if you realize you need help, you can always contact movers Narberth PA.

    Moving an assembly of sculptures in Narberth

    Typically, sculptures are much more delicate to pack and move than framed paintings, so you will need some additional attention. Cling wrap is a material you would want to use to cover your sculpture, so it can be well protected. Bubble wrap will be used for some especially vulnerable parts. It won’t be too much to add one extra layer of bubble wrap for covering the entire sculpture. When you place it in the box, add some additional padding. Then seal it well and put down the appropriate label.

    Using storage for your collection of art

    It can happen that you would not want to relocate your artwork at a moment. But you should know that you can rest because there is a perfect solution for that. Storage is always a good choice, but when it comes to your most valuable items, you should think of some extra care while they are stored. Some art pieces will ask for special conditions, and you should try to look for climate-controlled storage near me.


    Insurance is always a good idea when it comes to moving. But insurance of your artwork is highly suggested. It can be a real challenge to put a price on your beloved piece of art.

    signing a contract with a mover before moving an artwork collection in Narberth
    Insurance of your artwork is highly suggested

    When it comes to moving an artwork collection in Narberth, you can decide to put your trust in a moving company or a shipper. Whatever option you choose for relocating your artwork, make sure that it has proper moving insurance for its full value. If a company you hired won’t do it, stay persistent and find one that will meet your requirements. Now that your art is protected, we can only wish you good luck.



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