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    Deciding to move overnight is always a difficult decision that will probably cost you more than expected. On the other side, we can only ascribe this decision to extremely brave people who are ready to pack their life in just a couple of boxes and go far away. You can consider this a challenge, but still, there is a question if it’s possible to reach this. Moving from Delaware County to Plymouth Meeting within a day is possible if you make it quick and easy. It’s definitely not for everyone, but our movers in Greater Philadelphia area will help you complete this process.

    Moving from Delaware County to Plymouth Meeting within a day – How to do it?

    Even dough it’s not a long-distance move, the tricky part with packing and transporting all your belongings is still waiting. However, let’s see if you can do it within 24 hours:

    Finding help

    Are you able to find the right movers to come and transport your stuff from Delaware County to your new address? Well, we don’t want to be suspicious about your organizational skills, but it will indeed cost way more than finding reliable movers weeks before the moving date. With this in mind, there is one more problem and that is packing and storing all your belongings. The great news for people with small houses is that less furniture needs this treatment, but the bad news is that your wallet won’t like the cost of it.

    Still, you need to pay attention to which team you’re choosing, and we can say that movers in Delaware County PA are one of the best you can find. They are specially trained for these stressful situations and we can tell that your belongings will be safe in their hands. Moving from Delaware County to Plymouth Meeting within a day can be possible.

    Professional movers.
    Finding professional movers is a must.

    Packing effectively

    Sounds like a lot to do which indeed is true. Put everything on paper and find a solution quickly. Call all your friends and family and include them in this process. Forget about special treatment for leather furniture because you don’t have much time, and start packing effectively. Go with wrapping furniture and then do the same with small items. If you have limited storage space, make sure to declutter everything you can before finally packing into boxes. Be practical and roll your clothes in your suitcase or leave them on a hanger and protect them with plastic bags. Other than that don’t forget to mark boxes as fragile before you handle them to the movers so they know where to pack them. After all, if you need to do things like transferring utilities or deal with the paperwork, hire packing services Delaware County.

    A girl with the boxes.
    Packing boxes effectively will help you speed up the whole process. Declutter and be fast.


    Detailed cleaning requires a lot of time and patience, which is not your thing right now. This process is stressful and extremely hard, but since you have nothing else to do now, just make that final look as good as it can be. We know you’re in a hurry, but be ready to save some time and clean room by room. This is a hard part for big house owners, but you need to know the importance of this process. This represents the first impression the future owner will get when enters the house. Also, it’s quite simple to do it starting with the bathroom, floors, and windows and it requires just a couple of hours total. Moving from Delaware County to Plymouth Meeting within a day can be possible if you organize your obligations properly. Otherwise, it will end in disaster.


    Plan your transportation options right away. Because of the distance itself, it’s more practical to go by car. That way you’ll have some space left for essential boxes and maybe a suitcase. If you do travel with your family or a pet, be prepared to enable them some fun during this short trip. Other than that, you can book storage from your reliable movers and then be sure your belongings will be safe in weather-resistant containers. Plus, having in mind that this trip doesn’t take too much time, you can sit in your car in the evening and drive to the Plymouth Meeting area before dark. This will give you more time for a final touch and potential cleaning you have left for the end.

    After that, you can slowly start packing things in your car and lock the door for the last time. Don’t forget to remove the spare keys and then you’re ready to go.

    a couple preparing for moving from Delaware County to Plymouth Meeting within a day
    Going by car means that you’ll be able to drive in the evening. That is even more time to pack.

    Is it possible?

    It’s hard to answer that question because it’s entirely individual. Not everyone has that great organizing skills and in that case, this packing and moving can end in disaster. However, we can tell that if you contact professionals like movers Plymouth Meeting PA, everything can be done within a day if you cooperate and follow their instructions. It’s always good to have a great team and call some backup like family and friends to help. Some extra pairs of hands will be used for wrapping and packing all those boxes, while you can handle the rest. People usually forget about things like transferring utilities, and it’s hard to complete everything in just one single day. That is why you need help. Other than that, it might give you the courage and motivate you to work even harder and do whatever it takes to make this moving process successful.

    Having all this in mind, moving from Delaware County to Plymouth Meeting within a day is more than possible. Just follow the instructions and be prepared to get exhausted and not sleep properly for that 24 hours. Everything other people do for weeks and months you need to fit in just one single day. Extremely hard request, but the key part is believing in yourself, and everything will go slightly. Just remember that the next day you’ll be in your new home in a quiet neighborhood surrounded by nature, and everything will go fine. All you need is just the courage to try.


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