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    Relocation is considered to be one of the most important life events, for example, as marriage or the arrival of children are. Most people will have to balance between organizing a move and keeping pace with everyday activities like work and kids. Luckily for you, moving companies Pottstown PA based stand at your disposal so that you don’t have to do everything on your own. But securing professional moving services is just the first step towards a successful relocation, other things await you as well. In this article, we will discuss the numbers you need to dial before your move to Pottstown. Stay with us to find out more.

    Before we continue, we would like to suggest that you make a moving plan

    Okay, first things first. Before you proceed with packing for the move and securing the services of reliable movers in Greater Philadelphia area, we would like to suggest you make a proper moving plan. So, what does that plan include?

    • Determine your moving budget
    • Make a moving inventory
    • Sort out your belongings
    • Order packing supplies
    • Start packing on time
    • Chose moving partners
    • Write down all important numbers
    • Learn more about your neighborhood
    • Notify all the important people
    • Make travel arrangements

    This is a general outline of a moving plan; you should make your own according to your own needs and preferences. The whole point of a moving plan is to help you with the organization and prevent you from forgetting something.

    Picture of a to do list you will make when thinking about numbers you need to dial before your move.
    Every move is easier if you have a clear vision of the things you need to do, as well as the numbers you need to dial before your move.

    Reliable movers are the first

    We already pointed out that moving is much easier when you have someone to help you out. That could be your friends or family members, bet the best option are always professionals. Remember that these are the people who do this job every day for a living and are certainly more qualified than you or your friends are. Additionally, they have tools, experience, and knowledge to deal with every type of relocation. So, your job is to dial the numbers of several moving agencies and to try to find out which one best suits your needs.

    Picture of a man signing a contract.
    Numbers you need to dial before your move include calling several moving agencies. If you wish to get a good deal you must get several moving estimates.

    If you are not sure where to start, you can always ask your friends for advice. Especially if they recently moved, maybe they could recommend someone. If not, you can go online and search the internet for answers. Again, your most important goal is to find a reliable and experienced moving agency to help you with the move.

    Numbers you need to dial before your move involve your moving estimate

    One of the most important pre-move documents is your moving estimate. Not familiar with the term? Okay, a moving estimate is, basically, the approximate price of your move. The price of every move is composed of two main factors. The total weight of your shipment and the distance your belongings have to travel. When the moving company determines these two factors you will get a written estimate to get a general idea of the total cost of the moving service. The final price could be different but too far away from the original prediction. If the price is final and cannot change that means you are looking at a binding moving estimate. Otherwise, it’s a non-binding moving estimate.

    Now when we have that cleared up, you can call your potential moving partners and ask them to give you an estimate. The more companies you call, the better are the chances that you will find a cheaper deal.

    A picture of friends.
    Don’t forget to call your friends and inform them that you are relocating.

    Notify important people about your move

    Depending on how close is the person to you, we would argue that you should take some time to see them in person. If you don’t have time for this you can at least call them on the phone. Your last option should be an e-mail or text message. This is especially true if you are moving long-distance. There is a fair chance that you won’t be able to see your friends for some time, so use this opportunity to say goodbye. Other than your friends these are some of the important people and institutions that you should notify about your move:

    • Family
    • Your employer
    • Colleagues
    • Your landlord
    • Post office
    • Subscription services
    • Insurance providers
    • Loan providers
    • Tax agencies
    • Other financial agencies

    Next in the line of are the utility providers

    This is something that you should do before the move, but if you had to move in a hurry, you can always do it later. You will have to dial the numbers of these companies and inform them that you are canceling your subscription because you are moving. There is a chance that you will have to come there in person. You should know that it usually takes several days for utility companies to process these requests, and therefore it is important to get this done as soon as possible. Unless, of course, you want to pay double bills. So, what are some of the most important utility services that you need to call and cancel before you move?

    • Water, Electricity, and gas utilities
    • Cable and Internet provider
    • Phone operator
    • Sewage, garbage, and other similar utilities

    Insurance numbers you need to dial before your move

    One more thing we advise you to get is moving insurance policy. Yes, all professional moving companies offer some kind of moving insurance, but we believe that third-party insurance is a much better option. You will simply get better protection for your belongings. Okay, these were some of the numbers you need to dial before your move. Remember, this list should give you a basic idea, but you should add numbers according to your needs. We wish you a safe relocation.

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