Places in Philadelphia metropolitan area that seniors like living in

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    During those busy working days, we are all imagining retirement. Mostly because it gives us more peace and time for ourselves in that perfect home we’ve always dreamed of. When that moment finally comes, many people decide to retreat to the rural areas because they don’t feel like a big city is a place for them anymore. Still, some seniors just want to relocate to another crowded city with various activities they prefer. These active seniors are forming countless communities where they can meet new friends and have friendly neighbors. Movers West Chester PA will help you with packing, and you can say the address. If you are aware that you need new living space and a new beginning but don’t have an idea where to move, these are places in Philadelphia metropolitan area that seniors like!

    Places in Philadelphia metropolitan area that seniors like

    Other than a dynamic daily routine, many seniors are looking for a place that involves new activities. Exploring the most popular locations that seniors adore might be helpful during the moving process, but we firstly recommend these ones:

    Old City

    Near the Delaware River lies the historical part of Philadelphia- the Old City. This is practically a cultural center with numerous museums that are the main attraction to the seniors. They consider this neighborhood one of the best because of all shops, restaurants, and cultural events. It never gets boring, especially if you are one of those active seniors, this is the perfect place for you. Recreational activities like walking, running, and cycling while enjoying the view of the Delaware Waterfront are an ideal way to spend the day. We can also recommend the Museum of the American Revolution.

    Riding a bike as a way to spend afternoon.
    Physical activity is the way to stay healthy and fit.


    This is a really vibrant neighborhood highly popular for active weekends and vacations. Seniors see it as a perfect place for retirement because they can still be in touch with nature while living in the center of the town. If you’ve already packed your bags, movers Media PA will transport the rest. ┬áMaybe you can spend a day making a picnic or exploring amazing street art. Walking through Penn Treaty Park can easily become routine. It’s not unusual to see the folks fishing in the middle of sunny days. We’re sure you can find numerous bars and restaurants for hanging out with friends, or a quiet coffee shop near the library. The Library of Philadelphia is also a popular attraction you can visit for free. Fishtown Recreation Center is one of the places that will help you stay fit and healthy. You can make your own exercise plan and find some company.

    Chestnut Hill

    For an artistic type, Chestnut Hill is a dream. Affluent, different, idyllic- a perfect place for living. Although families and kids decide on living in this area, it’s considered as one of the top places in Philadelphia metropolitan area that seniors like. It’s a complete mix of families with young children and elderly residents, but we assure you that this neighborhood offers activities for everyone. If you are extremely active and love hiking, you can always try that in the Wissahickon Valley Park. Booking your whole afternoon for Morris Arboretum is an excellent way to spend time with friends or grandchildren. Save a date for the Home and Garden Festival in May so you can enjoy the festival vibes in your neighborhood. During the summertime, bring a blanket and be there for free activities organized by the Chestnut Hill Community Association under the open sky.

    Sunny day in the park.
    Hanging out with friends outside is a great way to start the day.

    Washington Square West

    This charming area with a historical feel is placed in the metropolitan part of Philadelphia. Some of the main advantages for seniors are lower costs of apartments. You can find various smaller places to reside. This is a safe neighborhood, primarily famous because of its tree-lined streets, and vintage look. If you don’t drive a car, public transport is available on every step. Fashion District Philadelphia might sound like a too crowded place for seniors, but there is a bowling alley and a movie theatre. That sounds like a great idea, right? You can find many tax-free stores that will help you save up some extra cash. Before you finally move, an indispensable part is definitely packing. We know that it can be exhausting and take too much time, so we can advise you to call movers Norristown PA to make it quick and effective.

    Advantages of living in Philadelphia

    If you are willing to meet a historical part and you are open to a dynamic way of living, welcome to Philadelphia. This is the place where history lives, which is the main reason why tourists adore it. Festivals and museums are suitable for everyone, especially for seniors who want to spend days of retirement actively. They are surely considered about the cost of living, but the good news is that it’s indeed lower than in major cities such as New York or San Francisco. There are no taxes on retirement income, and numerous shops sell clothes or shoes without any additional costs. Spending a day in parks while hiking and walking is more than possible. Plus, attractions are not far from the city center. Chestnut Hill is definitely one of the places in Philadelphia metropolitan area that seniors like.

    Seniors drinking coffee with some friends.
    Quiet cafes are some of the favorite places for drinking coffee with friends.

    Retirement in Philadelphia

    As we already said, retiring in Philadelphia is reasonably one of the funniest areas seniors can choose. However, many places in Philadelphia metropolitan area that seniors like might provide art programs. Learning at every age is possible, and we can tell that certain activities involve learning, such as language classes or even dancing courses. For artistic types, drawing classes are available every day. Retirement doesn’t mean that you have to go and live calm, monotonous life on the farm like everybody else. Philly has a lot to offer. That is the main reason you should take an action, and explore a new neighborhood. Zippy Shell of Greater Philadelphia will help you organize your trip and move all your belongings to your new home.


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