Preparing your storage for spring; should you declutter?

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    Spring is the time of the year most people start cleaning. After a long and dark winter, days are starting to be longer and the weather is much nicer. This makes spring the perfect opportunity to clean everything in your home. However, preparing your storage for spring will require some other obligations. Namely, if you plan on cleaning your house and de-cluttering it, you should take care of your storage unit first. Whether you are relocating or simply moving items to your storage unit – you can rely on moving companies Philadelphia to help you transport your items. With proper moving equipment and personnel, the only thing you will have to worry about is how well you prepare your storage unit for new items.

    Why is preparing your storage for spring important?

    As we mentioned above, spring is the time of the year most people clean out their homes. This does not only imply cleaning dust and other things – but it also implies that one should de-clutter their home from items that no longer serve a purpose. In such a process, the organization plays the key part. How well you clean out everything is determined by the prior organization. However, when wanting to get rid of items you will not have to focus solely on the house. Moreover, you will have to spend some time cleaning your storage unit. So, why is it important that you prepare your storage before doing spring cleaning?

    two men in a storage unit packing items on a manual pallet jack
    By making sure you empty your storage from all the unnecessary items you create more room for those you want to store inside.

    Keep the following list in mind:

    • A storage unit provides additional space for items you want to get rid of
    • It is a perfect place to store some fragile or valuable items
    • By cleaning your storage you make it more accessible
    • De-cluttering is the best way to keep everything under control

    Cleaning out your storage unit before house spring cleaning

    If you want to transfer some items into the storage unit as you are cleaning your home, you have to worry about the place you want to put them. Having residential storage containers probably means you already have some items inside and they are in there for quite some time. Well, spring is the perfect time to make a change.

    Move everything out of the storage unit

    The first thing you should do is empty your storage unit. This will allow you to have full access to it. Moreover, it allows you to focus on cleaning every corner of it. Why this is important is because you will be able to prepare everything to ensure your items are safe inside. Moreover, as pests always seek to hide somewhere during the winter, this is a perfect opportunity for you to make sure you do not have that issue. More importantly, as you will be taking one item at a time outside of the unit – you will be able to verify that the condition of the item is intact.

    Remove dust and dirt

    Pack a broom and a dustpan with you when you go to the unit because you are going to need them. After you have taken out everything from the storage unit – start cleaning it. You will have an empty room to clean from dust and dirt that was collecting throughout the winter.

    a picture of a woman cleaning the floor with a dustpan and a broom as you should when preparing your storage for spring
    Cleaning all the excess dust and dirt will help your items maintain their mint condition and create a healthier environment

    As dust might rise as you clean it, your items will be safe outside of the unit for a short period of time. After you finish with the unit cleaning, devote time to cleaning the items that were inside. A couple of microfiber towels and rags will be enough to ensure the items are clean.

    Preparing your storage for spring means organizing everything

    After you finish cleaning the unit, you need to spend some time organizing it. Namely, before you start putting items back inside, make sure you purge them. Go through the items and see which ones you want to keep and which ones you no longer need. Getting rid of old items will help you create more space for new ones and make the storage space more accessible at all times. Moreover, you can create an inventory checklist to have a better insight into what items are inside at all times. After that, start organizing your unit. Namely, put items you want to keep back into the storage, but create an order. That way, you will easily see which items are where and have an easier time organizing in the future.

    After you finish organizing your storage start cleaning your home

    Because you now have extra space to use in your unit and it is fully clean and ready you can devote time to cleaning your home. Namely, as you are now aware of the free space you have in the unit, you will have an easier time packing and deciding which items should go into the unit.

    De-cluttering your home

    Now it is time you de-clutter your home. Go through your items, one room at a time, and choose whether you want to store them or throw them away. Having fewer items in your home will help you clean faster and reduce the stress of the whole process. After preparing your storage for spring, you will have an easier time approaching this process at home.

    a woman carrying boxes from her living room
    As you finish organizing your storage unit you will know how much space you have left for items you want to move from your home

    Moreover, separate items you no longer want or need and decide whether you want them in the storage unit, to sell them, or simply throw them away. This should mostly depend on their condition, functionality, and personal judgment.

    Use the room-by-room method

    A room-by-room method is one of the best ways to approach organizing your home. Whether you are cleaning, packing or unpacking, a room-by-room method provides the best insight. More importantly, being able to leave the room as it becomes overwhelming will save you a great deal of stress. Preparing your storage for spring is a great way to get ready for cleaning your home.

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