Privacy policy details you should look into when hiring movers

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    When hiring movers, you are going to be expected to provide quite a bit of personal information. That information can be used for numerous purposes and it might be quite valuable to select parties. Your movers can sell that information to the highest bidder if there are no policies that prevent it from doing so. Therefore, when hiring movers in Greater Philadelphia area, you need to pay careful attention to what their privacy policy states. Privacy policy details you should look into are how the company collects and uses the information, the security of your details, as well as call tracking and information storing. Your movers are obligated to answer all the questions about privacy you ask them, and you should insist on the answers. In this article, we are going to go over all these details in turn and provide information on how they might affect you.

    Privacy policy details you should look into when choosing a moving company

    Here is what you need to look at, when “dissecting” a privacy policy:

    • Information collection and use
    • All notification of changes
    • Move quote form information
    • Communications via e-mail
    • Security
    • Call tracking
    • Tracking and storage of information

    Of course, if you work in a highly specialized field, where any information breach might be catastrophic, you might want to sign a full NDA (non-disclosure agreement). That will usually cost more but is an option that most movers Montgomery County PA will accept. That will stipulate that no information about your relocation, nor any personal information is ever to be “leaked”. Otherwise, the company will be obliged to pay extreme reparations. That might be your best option, depending on your situation. But for the most part, you are perfectly fine with most movers, provided that you know what you are getting into.

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    The way your movers are allowed to handle your information is the most important piece of information.

    Information collection and use

    The first thing that you need to ask about is how your movers collect your information, as well as how they are allowed to use it. This is the most important part of the policy and you should never go with a mover that does not have it as clear as day. Selling your personal information to another company can bring a ton of unwanted attention to your family, and it might take considerable effort to get rid of all of it. Therefore, make sure that your residential movers have a clause that says that they will never disclose your information to anyone but the government. They are, of course, obliged to do so if asked.

    All notification of changes

    Many movers reserve the right to change their policy without any advance notice to their customers. However, they are always required to post the changes before they come into effect. In your case, you may want to go with the movers that are required to notify you about any changes to their privacy policy. That way, you are certain to know in advance about any changes that might affect your relocation. However, this is not as bad as it sounds. Most moving companies seldom change their policies, after all. But you might want to be on the safe side.

    Privacy policy details you should look into – Move quote form information

    What your movers do with the information in their moving quotes is an important piece of their policy. This is something that you need to consider first. Since this is, probably, going to be your first contact with a mover, you need to figure out how can they use that information. Most companies have a strict policy of not disclosing your details, but some do not. Whether you are asking for packing services or for a full relocation, you are going to need to fill in some of your details. And those details can be valuable to other companies. Your movers might want to earn a “quick buck” by selling that information. However, if you ensure that the policy prevents them from doing so, you’re golden.

    Communications via e-mail

    Similar to moving quotes, your e-mail is a valuable piece of information. And also the one that is often overlooked. While giving your e-mail to others might be the least of privacy violations, it can still be quite annoying. Therefore, before you start an electronic conversation, make sure that your movers are unable to disclose your e-mail without repercussions. Normally, their policy will state so, as they value your business much more than to earn a few cents on selling your email but you never know. There are many moving companies around, and not everyone is “on the up and up”, after all.

    e-mail icon on the computer screen
    Your inbox can be full of needless mail if you allow your address to spread.


    You also need to take a look at the security measures that your mover has in place. It is not really trivial to obtain personal information from someone else’s database, but it is possible. Therefore, you want to know that your company protects itself. Ask them what security procedures they have in place. You may need to wait a bit to get that information, though. It requires more technical knowledge than your average customer representative possesses.

    Call tracking

    Then there’s call tracking. Most companies use this feature to improve the quality of their services. However, that means that they are getting your location. You need to know that they are unable to disclose it to someone else. This is something that needs to be in their policy. Thus, before calling, make sure that their privacy policy includes call tracking.

    male using a phone in the office
    Make sure that moving companies cannot disclose your location to someone else.

    Privacy policy details you should look into when hiring movers – Tracking and storage of information

    Lastly, you need to figure out how your movers store your information. This may be extremely important, as easy access might mean an easy leak. Again, this is a piece of information that you might need to wait a bit on. But this is definitely one of the privacy policy details you should look into. To get a complete picture of how a company uses your info, you will need to know this one.

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