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    As one of the well-known mid-sized places in Philadelphia, King of Prussia attracts both curious tourists and new residents. Its interesting origin, as well as the name, intrigue many history-lovers who appreciate places with rich historical heritage. Although small, King of Prussia doesn’t leave anyone bored and without a bunch of great memories. Therefore, rest assured this interesting town has a lot to offer to its residents and visitors. However, before you begin searching for reliable Philadelphia movers, make sure to learn some useful facts about King of Prussia. We at Zippy Shell of Greater Philadelphia made this helpful guide so you can familiarize yourself with this lovely place better.

    You will be better prepared for your upcoming move after learning more facts about King of Prussia

    It’s reasonable that you want to know what to expect once you move to King of Prussia. As much as you feel excited about the move, it’s useful to prepare in order to avoid surprising scenarios. Therefore, make enough time in your schedule to read about the experiences of others. Get more familiar with the lifestyle, community, places, and so on. If possible, go on a weekend trip to check your new neighborhood and have a cup of coffee or lunch at a local coffee shop or restaurant. Just learn as much as you can about your future place of residence. The more you know, the easier your move will go. Plus, you will have higher chances to adapt quickly to life in King of Prussia. However, don’t forget to contact moving companies King of Prussia PA has on offer first.

    a woman searching some facts about King of Prussia
    Once you learn more facts about King of Prussia, you will be motivated about your upcoming moving preparations.

    Make sure to choose only from some of the most trusted movers Montgomery County PA residents highly recommend. A successful relocation is something only capable professional moving teams can execute. And remember – every fresh start begins with a joyful relocation.

    King of Prussia boasts a rich history

    Many wonder how it’s possible that someone decided to give such a name to this city. The name comes from an inn and tavern that was opened in 1769. The business of the tavern prospered due to its favorable location at a crossroads. Plus, it took one day’s travel from Philadelphia by horse to get there. Named by the owner in honor of King Frederick II of Prussia, the tavern’s name soon extended to the entire place. Soon, the King of Prussia town became an important trade hub.

    The natives of King of Prussia are more than willing to tell stories about this small, yet important US town. Once you show an interest to learn more, expect the excited residents to share everything they know with you! They appreciate all history-lovers who are interested in such peculiar places like King of Prussia. You can learn much more from the residents themselves. Moreover, there are places such as Valley Forge National Historic Park worth visiting.

    A shopping experience is one of a kind

    Every shopping lover sooner or later realizes the King of Prussia Mall is a dream come true. With over 400 stores and a top offer of various goods, this shopping paradise is currently the largest mall in the US. It’s jam-packed especially during the discount season. Once a retail cluster, King of Prussia Mall evolved into a popular retail hub and became a high-paying employer.

    two girsl chilling after shopping
    An enjoyable shopping experience awaits you in King of Prussia.

    Dinning experience in this incredible town will get you swept away

    What King of Prussia has on offer is nothing but quality. The same goes for coffee shops and restaurants with extraordinary food. Dining options are some of the best you will try since the owners pay attention to every detail. Only skilled chefs passionate about their job will prepare you tasty foods. For example, this comes much better after a shopping day, or if you are having fun on a vacation.

    A less known fact about King of Prussia is its popularity among business people

    Probably you would never expect that many professionals and entrepreneurs choose King of Prussia for their moving destination. The reason is more than obvious – simple and quality lifestyle and closer proximity to nature. In addition, housing is way more affordable. Instead of hectic and loud urban areas, those who are able to work from home rather opt for smaller places. Therefore, King of Prussia currently holds a prominent spot among other smaller yet desirable relocation destinations. Plus, it’s not far from Philadelphia. Therefore, there’s an ongoing influx of Philadelphia residents who want to settle in King of Prussia.

    Apart from top-notch moving services, we also include premium indoor and portable storage units PA. Plus, our professional packers are ready to take care of your precious items. Everything necessary for the move to King of Prussia is available on our website.

    a woman working on her laptop
    Entrepreneurs and young professionals working from home opt for King of Prussia as their new place of residence.

    King of Prussia is great during both the winter and summer seasons. There are so many camping and biking options available! After a tedious working week, you can enjoy nature and relax as much as you need. Business people think that peace of mind is a key factor to a successful work-life balance. Therefore, proximity to nature is a must.

    You will enjoy the benefits of the community in King of Prussia

    One of the most important facts about King of Prussia is that the town is a good place to live. Besides tons of interesting things to do, the residents are helpful and friendly. The crime rate is among the lowest in the state. That makes King of Prussia perfect for young families. In addition, the education system is quite good. The schools provide an excellent background for future students who further continue their studies at top colleges and universities. This town is remote enough for peaceful living, but not isolated. Close proximity to Philadelphia and regular transportation are other important factors for those who consider moving to King of Prussia.

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