Reasons to leave Delaware for Pottstown in 2022

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    If you’re planning to leave Delaware for Pottstown but can’t decide yet, you’re at the right place.  Zippy Shell of Greater Philadelphia will share with you some expert knowledge. We will glance over potential reasons why that’s a smart decision. Let’s get to the point.

    Most important information when planning to leave Delaware for Pottstown

    Whether you decide to relocate or not, movers Media PA advises you to start planning early and do your research. Some of the key reasons why you should consider Pottstown as your new home include:

    • The number one reason to leave Delaware for Pottstown is the lower crime rate
    • Higher population density
    • Diversity is everywhere
    • Better economy
    Aerial view of a residential district in PA.
    There are many beautiful residential areas in PA.

    Pottstown boasts a lower crime rate

    Arguably one of the main reasons to relocate is the significantly lower crime rate of 15.13 per 1000 residents compared to 19.65 per 1000 residents in Delaware county. Citizens of Pottstown generally find the northeast part of town to be the safest.

    Pottstown has a higher population density

    If you like spending time around people, you should not ignore the difference in population density. More precisely, Pottstown has a density of 4629 people per square mile. Since there’s a high chance you will live in an apartment, perhaps contacting apartment movers Pottstown PA for help when looking for one is a good idea.

    It also has a better economy in some aspects

    It’s not a secret that Pottstown is doing better than Delaware country when it comes to the economy. Its market is growing faster, while the tax rates are almost the same. These are all great news if you run a business. If you own a company you wish to relocate with you, commercial movers Pottstown PA are exactly who you need to make it happen. People looking for jobs will have an easier time in Pottstown with its 5.6% unemployment rate compared to Delaware’s 7.1%. Average income is slightly lower, but that comes with significantly lower prices.

    Diversity is not rare in Pottstown

    Like Delaware County, Pottstown has a very diverse population, so you should feel at home. Minorities make a significant chunk, more than 30% of the total residents. People are friendly, welcoming, and easy to get to know. You should have no trouble finding new relationships there.

    Why you should consider hiring movers?

    Moving companies are perhaps your best ally when it comes to relocating. You can certainly benefit from hiring movers, especially if you live alone, don’t have your vehicle, supplies, equipment, or lack time. Let the professional take care of everything and relax.

    Mover sitting in a van will help you leave Delaware for Pottstown.
    Movers will help you leave Delaware for Pottstown in a hassle-free way.


    There are many reasons why Pottstown might be right for you. Now, you have the information that will help you decide to leave Delaware for Pottstown more easily. If you need help relocating, contact movers in Delaware County PA. They will offer you affordable, reliable, and high-quality services tailored to your needs and expectations. They will make your move an exciting experience.


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