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    Nowadays, storage units have more than one purpose. Besides moving, storage rental is often common during renovations, as well. Furthermore, it’s more than useful to rent storage when buying a second home. It will take some time until you fully settle, and your belongings will need to wait somewhere. Fortunately, there are modern storage options for anybody’s needs. They are well-equipped and ensure the safety of your items. Furthermore, temporary onsite storage containers are possible to use in so many ways!

    Renting storage when buying a second home is beneficial in many ways

    You won’t’ move immediately to your new home. It will rather take some time until you pack, move, and fully settle. That’s why storage rental is an excellent solution for your items to stay intact. While DIY storage solutions may seem like a good idea, sometimes it does more damage to your items. The reason is that your basement and spare rooms aren’t humidity-proof. Plus, high temperatures in summer may significantly affect the conditions of your belongings. Especially when it comes to easily breakable objects. As a result, you may end up spending more money on repairs. Therefore, consider storage rental so you can focus on other duties.


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    You will have to store your belongings somewhere until you move to your new home.

    However, decide what kind of storage do you actually need. If you want to refurbish your new home, then keep in mind you’ll have to rent long-term storage. Indoor self-storage units nowadays have a climate-control feature that ensures the protection of all items. In case you are wondering “Where to find climate-controlled storage near me?”, simply go online and take a look ad storage providers nearby. On the other hand, you have the option of a short-term rental as well. Depending on your need, you may choose a self-storage unit or a portable storage solution. Portables are especially multi-purposeful. You can make temporary rooms out of them, or simply store many items.

    You will need storage space for sensitive items while buying a second home

    The safety of your belongings always comes first. You will need a safe space where your furniture, art pieces, and other valuables will wait. Whether you’re moving to your next home sooner or later, storage rental is worth it. You don’t want to end up paying for unnecessary repairs or risk the damage of your items.

    A portable storage unit makes a perfect temporary room

    In case of serious construction works, portables come to the rescue. It’s quite common among renters to turn an onsite storage container into a room. You never know whether you’ll need extra space to rest. Paint and dust won’t penetrate the container.

    We at Zippy Shell of Greater Philadelphia understand the importance of renting a decent storage unit. Therefore, you can find only top-quality storage options in our offer! Plus, a surveillance system ensures the maximum level of protection of everything you store. Make sure to contact us today and learn more about our offer!

    Storage comes in handy even after you move to your second home

    As much as you think that storage rental ends once you move to your next home, it’s quite the opposite. People are often left with numerous items they don’t need anymore. Also, decluttering and sometimes doesn’t go as planned. It’s likely that some items will find their new home much later. Therefore, portable units are the ideal solution.

    a guy in the storage
    It’s beneficial to rent storage when buying a second home.

    Some items don’t belong to onsite containers

    Before you rent a portable container, you must know what objects don’t belong there. Think about whether your transition period between your old and new home will last longer. Next, check if you have valuables that require special conditions. Artwork, sensitive electronics, and chemicals are some of the examples. In addition, luxury items, as well as clothes are sensitive to external changes as well. Longer exposure to temperature changes and humidity isn’t good for them. Therefore, consider choosing an indoor storage unit. Although portable onsite container provides protection, it’s not always enough. That’s why indoor storage solutions have a climate-control feature that works well for all sensitive possessions. Bulkier furniture is also much safer in such storage units.

    Choose a reliable storage provider

    There are so many moving companies and storage providers on the market. Currently, the Internet is flooded with information and ads about various movers and providers. However, it’s sometimes much harder to make a decision when you have so many choices. Moreover, you never know whether the company is truly professional or not.

    two men shaking hands
    Choose a reliable company that cares about its customers’ best interest.

    Make a list of movers or storage providers you consider hiring

    Take a look at the websites of movers or storage providers. Check all information, testimonials, especially rates. Skip the company in case something about them seems suspicious. For example, the information about the rates seems too vague. Also, pay attention to the companies that don’t offer a free estimate. It’s very likely they charge additional fees regardless of the service they provide. A list of five or six moving companies and individual storage providers is enough.

    After you make your list of viable storage Pottstown PA units, the next step is comparison. Focus on testimonials that speak specifically about storage services. Decide whether the quality of storage services is worth the rates stated on the website. On the other hand, it’s better to directly speak to the companies’ representatives. Make sure to confirm all information you found. Don’t hesitate from asking additional questions. It’s in your best interest to get excellent storage service.

    Skip any suspicious company

    Consider renting storage when buying a second home only from trustworthy providers. Any company that doesn’t allow you to come and take a look at the storage yourself is quite suspicious. Moreover, the moving companies and storage providers that don’t have licenses and insurance should be out of the question. That tells you more about the company’s expertise. Furthermore, they aren’t likely to fulfill legal responsibilities to their customers and thus ensure their protection.


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