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    Retiring in Media PA is an important moment in life that brings many changes. Your lifestyle is changing, as well as are your needs. Suddenly you have a lot more time and desire to use that time in the best possible way. Therefore, people often decide to change their homes after retirement. That’s why we are here at your disposal! Zippy Shell of Greater Philadelphia strives to remain as one of the best moving companies Philadelphia offers! We specialize in different kinds of relocation and make sure that everything is executed properly. With us, you don’t have to worry about anything. We want you to have a pleasant moving experience and start your new life as soon as possible.

    You have a great opportunity to use your time in the best way possible

    Days spent working tirelessly, and building your career are now behind you. You have more time to explore other hobbies and interests. The fact that you have all time for yourself may appear shocking and unreal. The opportunities to plan travels and hobbies are now endless:

    • Some people after retirement decide to travel more often than before. Travel is a great way to expand your new horizons while knowing that your home waits for you.
    • Nowadays you may notice people who travel around the world, even with their travel backpacks on their back. They have plenty of time and desire to find out more about the world. Thanks to technological advances, it has become easier to navigate through different locations.
    • An old home becomes too spacious. In this case, you can either move to a smaller place or turn spare rooms into unique spaces for your new hobbies. Many retired people come to an idea for a smaller business that involves some sort of craft.
    • You have plenty of time to learn anything you want. Whether it’s a foreign language, climbing, craft, or photography, the possibilities are various.


    Life after retiring in Media PA brings possibilities
    Retirement often means a fresh start for you!

    Smaller apartments are the usual choice for people who retire in Media PA

    In their case, living in a small apartment has many advantages. In later years, the maintenance of their apartment becomes increasingly tiring, so they often ask for help. At the same time, the monthly bills for a smaller apartment are incomparably lower. Electricity, utilities, and taxes can be quite cheaper.

    apartment room
    People often choose smaller apartments after retiring in Media PA.


    The fact is that most, with age, need less and less, so they decide to take action to look for a new, smaller apartment. This time, the priorities have changed, so they are not looking for an apartment near the kindergarten and school, but what older people need. A new apartment should have a shop, market, post office, bank, health center nearby. And of course, it should have central heating, to be bright, on the first or second floor, in a building with an elevator. And it would be desirable to have a terrace, to be well insulated and, if possible, to have a beautiful view.

    Hire reliable movers in Media PA whom you can entrust relocation process

    The move is another significant event when retiring in Media PA. Not only to change the home, but also the environment. Moving is stressful in itself. In addition, it is necessary to get used to the new neighborhood after the move. At first glance, all this seems very hard, but know that it doesn’t have to be that way. With a team of professional movers Media PA residents gladly recommend you can trust, everything will go well.

    two guys carrying boxes
    Get in touch with movers who will help you peacefully settle in your new home!

    In case you didn’t have any experience with moving companies, pay special attention when choosing the right movers. The company must be fully registered, licensed, and verified. Its employees must be able to answer directly your questions related to services, price, and the like. You deserve complete transparency and if a company can’t provide that, look for another one. Pay close attention to the information on websites. Check if they are clear enough. A free estimate is what good movers offer. On the other hand, when retiring in Media PA, it’s best to contact the company and check everything with them. No stone should be left unturned when it comes to your relocation. Last but not least, decide which moving services you need the most.

    A storage unit is your ally during retirement

    Storage rental will be of great help after retirement depending on your plans. Maybe you want to travel go camping or sailing for some time, or travel the world. On the other hand, maybe you are not sure what to do with a bunch of stuff in your home. In that case, look up quality storage units, or ask your movers if they provide such service.

    Ask if the storage is:

    • temperature-controlled
    • spacious enough for all your belongings
    • accessible to you 24/7

    The safety of your belongings should come first. Ask if the company provides moving insurance, so you don’t have to worry. Also, make sure that the warehouse is clean. This is very important because you do not want rodents and similar to damage your belongings. That’s why you need a perfect storage unit to keep your items safe and maintained.

    Decluttering will make your life after retiring easier

    As you probably know, your new lifestyle after retiring in Media PA will make your living space seem overwhelmed with things. Therefore it’s wise to declutter your home day by day. Besides useful items and those that have a special value to you, everything else needs to go. You can gift some furniture pieces, bags, souvenirs and the like. Some of your family members or friends would be happy to have them in their homes. On the other hand, you can simply donate a majority of well-preserved belongings you no longer need. However, if clothes, furniture, and other things you would like to donate aren’t in one piece or functional, throw them away.



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