Should you pick Exton or Fort Washington, PA if you are planning to retire

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    Moving is a process that most of us have to do once in a while. But, it can get quite stressful. Naturally, it’s even harder for people near retirement. Luckily, there are plenty moving companies Philadelphia you can ask for help! Stick around to find out whether you should pick Exton or Fort Washington if you’re planning to retire.

    Should you pick Exton or Fort Washington? – 3 important factors

    Whether you are choosing Pennsylvania because your relatives live there or you want to explore a new environment, you made the right choice. It’s a state where many retirees find happiness, good living conditions, etc. According to movers Fort Washington PA, the three most important factors when choosing a place for your retirement are:

    • housing affordability – is important when trying to pick Exton or Fort Washington, PA
    • health care availability – necessary for most retirees
    • retiree taxes rates – directly impact your purchasing power
    Four retirees sit on a couch.
    House affordability is very important for retirees.

    Housing affordability

    For many retirees, this is the most important factor when choosing between Exton and Fort Washington. Around 84% of Fort Washington residents own their homes. With a median home value of $432,400, which is much higher than the national average, it’s not exactly the cheapest. However, since Fort Washington is a suburb of Philadelphia, a major city, the value of your house is not likely to depreciate.

    Exton has a much lower median home value of $365,800. Furthermore, only 41% of the residents own their homes. It is too a suburb of Philadelphia, however one that is a bit further away. If you need more information, movers Exton PA will gladly provide it.

    Health care availability

    Exton boasts a wide selection of hospitals and clinics that are nearby. From Brandywine Hospital in Coatesville to Chester County Hospital in West Chester, health institutions around Exton have long traditions. In Fort Washington, there are some health institutions, but smaller in size and number compared to Exton. However, Fort Washington is a bit closer to the urban areas of Philadelphia and its hospitals. When you take that into account, both places have good access to quality healthcare, but Exton has a slight edge.

    Retiree tax rate

    Pennsylvania residents’ retirement income is not taxed. It is one of just two states on the East Coast that considers pension income to be totally tax-free. That’s good news for anyone planning to spend their retirement money in Exton or Fort Washington. Since there is no tax on your retirement income, your hard-earned money can be spent on things of your choosing.

    Old man sits on the couch trying to pick Exton or Fort Washington.
    You don’t have to pay retirement tax whether you pick Exton or Fort Washington.


    Hopefully, our comparison will help you pick Exton or Fort Washington as your new home. If health care and retiree tax are your primary concerns, Exton might be a slightly better choice. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us and we will provide all the information you want. We all strive to make your relocation a thrilling experience so you can enjoy your retirement to the fullest.


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