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    The school district is one of the most important things you will look into when moving your home. Based on the schools you find in each district, many will make a decision on where they will move next. After all, Pennsylvania is huge – and the greater Philadelphia area is not small either. However, you will find some of the best public schools in Pottstown, about 40 miles west of Philadelphia. Our movers in Greater Philadelphia area will gladly take you there, but – before you start the moving process – ensure you take a look at some of these schools. In this article, we do exactly that. Keep reading to find which school will suit your children the best – and where they can pursue their future education.

    We start our dive into the best public schools in Pottstown with elementary schools

    Let’s examine the schools that Pottstown has to offer grade by grade. The first are the elementary schools. When you are moving with kids, there are many difficulties that you will face. Your child might throw a tantrum in response to the moving stress. It’s important to know that this is natural, but that also you should not give in to their emotions. Understand why they are behaving like this. Moving means cutting them out of their support system – which includes their friends, teachers, and schools.

    a sad girl
    Your kids may throw a tantrum because of the move.

    A way to deal with this is to get them excited about the move. You can do this by looking into various schools and activities that they offer. Luckily, there are amazing elementary public schools in Pottstown. North Coventry Elementary School, for example, has amazing rates on various websites. It is not a huge school – there are 637 students in grades K-6. This gives you an amazing student-teacher ratio of 14 to 1. If you want your kid to succeed in math and reading, this is the place for you. According to Pennsylvania test scores, there are 80% proficient in the prior, and 84% in the latter.

    Another amazing school is the Ringing Rocks Elementary School, with similarly high rates. There are fewer students here – clocking at 410 in grades K-2. However, the ratio remains basically the same, at 13 to 1 students to teachers. The state test scores are pretty similar as well – 82% are proficient in math, and the same number is proficient in reading too. Another grade-A school is West Pottsgrove Elementary School. With 261 students in grades K-2. The student-teacher ratio is even better with 12 to 1. The test scores are a bit lower. There are 76% of students proficient in both math and reading.

    There are a lot of amazing middle schools in Pottstown too

    When it comes to middle schools, Pottstown has an amazing school to offer your kids. This is the Pottstown Middle School, located right in the city. There are grades 5-8, and 969 students going to the school. They all make the student-teacher ratio of 14 to 1. However, when it comes to state test scores, seems like things are getting a bit worse than the rest. At least 17% of students are proficient in math, while 43% are proficient in reading.

    If you want something with better numbers, then you might want to look into private schools. For example, there is the William Penn Charter School. The charter school mixes arts and athleticism to create an academic experience that will prepare your kids for higher education. Best of all, they offer pre-K to grade 12 programs. This way, your kids will get an education focused on family values, creativity as well as resiliency. They will be the people to take on the world, with great ideas and solutions to world problems.

    graduating from some of the best public schools in Pottstown
    Middle schools in Pottstown will prepare your kids for academic success.

    It’s important to explore all options before you contact residential movers Pottstown PA. There are so many things to see and do in the city – as well as many schools to enroll your child into. Make sure you know what you will do after the move here. Plan everything out, and you will be able to have a smooth relocation – as well as the ability to become a part of the community as soon as possible.

    What about high schools?

    There is a good variety of high schools in Pottstown, PA as well. Pottsgrove Senior High School, for example, seems to rank very high on many lists. With 982 students over grades 9-12, the school offers a student-teacher ratio of 15 to 1 that will suit every student’s need. The state test scores are 60% of students at least proficient in math, while 70% are at least proficient in reading.

    a high school hallway
    Your kids will be in good hands in Pottstown high schools.

    Then there is Pottstown Senior High School. There are 810 students over 4 grades (9-12), and the student-teacher ratio is 13 to 1. The test scores are a bit worse than the first school. They stand at 42% for math, while 57% of students are at least proficient in reading. Similarly, there is the Propel Pitcairn Charter School, which is a public charter school. Its main goal is to foster a community of amazing people and get students interested in learning itself. This way, they will learn to grow and create with love.

    Learn about the city as well

    As you can see, you should know a little about the borough of Pottstown when moving here. You will find it in Montgomery County in the state of Pennsylvania. It is, as we mentioned, 40 miles northwest of Philadelphia, and 20 miles southeast of Reading. The borough sits on the Schuylkill River and has a population of 22,377 people (in 2010 census).

    The name comes from its founder, John Potts. The borough was laid out in 1752-53 under a different name. The name change happened in 1815 when the borough was incorporated. It kept growing through the years, so its borders got expanded in 1888. Nowadays, the borough is the center of the farming and dairy industries. If you are interested in moving here, or in one of the many great public schools in Pottstown, then your course of action is clear. Pick up your phone and give us a call today, and we will help you move here with ease.

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