The documents you should prepare when moving long-distance

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    Relocation tends to make people feel anxious and like they have the weight of the world on their shoulders. This is mainly because relocation is a very complex process that is difficult to organize even when you are moving across the street. You can imagine what happens if you are moving to another city or state. The simplest and the most efficient way of making things a bit easier is to get the services of movers Downingtown PA and to delegate a part of relocation-related activities to them. But when you are moving far away you will also have to deal with a ton of papers, mostly on your own. So, what are the documents you should prepare when moving long-distance

    Personal documents you should prepare when moving long-distance

    How to be sure you have everything necessary, and that there will be no unpleasant surprises along the way? Here are some of the most important personal documents you cannot forget by any chance:

    • Your ID
    • Drivers’ license
    • Passport
    • Traveling documents
    • Wallet, cash, credit cards
    • Work permit
    • Birth Certificate

    These documents should be by your side at all times, as they are something that can’t be replaced easily if lost. Moreover, you will probably have to use them as you are traveling, so keep them somewhere easily accessible. Use your backpack, glove compartment of your car, or the essentials bag.

    Picture of a passport that must be on the list of documents you should prepare when moving long distance
    Keep your personal documents by your side at all times.

    Moving-related documents you should prepare when moving long-distance

    Your moving contract is the most important document between you and the moving agency. Everything is listed there. The price of the move which is based on moving quotes, and the price of every moving service you have purchased. If anything happens to your belongings, or if you face delays or other breaches of the contract your copy and moving insurance are the basis upon which you can make a claim against that company. Therefore, it is important that the moving contract is understandable, transparent, and that there are no hidden clauses. The best way to ensure this is to hire a reputable moving agency. Listed below are important moving-related documents you must possess:

    • A moving contract and moving estimate you get from your Philadelphia movers.
    • Bill of landing.
    • Order for service.
    • Inventory documentation.
    • Copy of “rights and responsibilities” is one of the most relevant documents you should prepare when moving long-distance.

    Insurance documents

    No matter how reliable and professional is the moving agency you have hired, accidents can sometimes happen. Or in other words, it pays to be insured. Usually, your moving company will offer you several types of moving insurance from basic liability coverage to full protection policy. You can also opt to get third-party insurance for additional protection. No matter which option you choose, moving insurance is something that you should have, especially if you plan on renting moving storage containers. Also, try to keep these documents somewhere safe.

    Picture of two parties signing a document.
    Insurance documents are some of the most important documents you should prepare when moving long-distance.

    Utilities are also important documents you should prepare when moving long-distance

    This is a two-step process. First of all, you must cancel all the utility services at your previous address if you don’t want to pay double bills. Next, you should apply for these same services at your new address. Ideally, this is something that you should do before the move, but if you had to move on short notice, you should do it as soon as you arrive. Don’t forget that it usually takes several days for utility companies to process requests. It is important to get this done as soon as possible so that you can continue with normal life. Here are some of the most important utility services to take care of:

    • Water, Electricity and gas utilities
    • Cable and Internet provider
    • Sewage, and garbage
    • Phone operator

    Don’t forget your medical documents

    Like we already said, moving is quite a turbulent period. What happens in all this mess is that people forget about their health. Whether you have health problems or not, you must take your entire medical documentation when moving to another state. Also, one of the first things to do when you arrive at your new destination is to search for a quality doctor and dentist. So, what medical documents you should prepare? Medical insurance coverage, medical records for you are your kids, vet records, and more depending on the location that you are moving to.

    Picture of medical records
    Sort out your medical documentation before moving.

    Important reminder for pets

    Get the necessary paperwork for your pet. When moving out of the state you must possess an Identity card as well as a rabies tag for your pet. Make sure you get your pet’s veterinary records before you move, and give them to your new vet. You must learn about pet policies in your new state. First of all, if you are renting, check the rules your new landlord has on owning pets. Secondly, every state has different laws concerning animals. If you own exotic birds or reptiles check state regulations, maybe your pet won’t be allowed to enter the state.

    Important documents for students

    People decide to relocate for various reasons, one of them being the studies. Needless to say, you should contact the educational facility before the move and inquire about the necessary paperwork. Obtaining these documents sometimes cost a lot of money, so don’t forget to include this expense in your moving plan we mentioned earlier. Also, getting these documents takes time, so make sure you do it in advance. Likewise, contact your new school or university as soon as you arrive and submit all the necessary paperwork before the start of the new semester. You don’t want to be late for this!

    The best way to make sure you won’t forget something is to make a plan

    Like all big life decisions, relocation requires a lot of planning and good organizational skills. We advise you to make a good moving plan and divide the whole process into phases. Then prioritize the tasks by importance. Use a notebook or your laptop for this long-distance moving checklist. The same goes for documents and other various paperwork.

    When you find out what documents you must prepare write that list on your laptop. Cross-off items as they are completed. Simple as that. By doing this you will greatly reduce the chances of forgetting something. These were some of the most important documents you should prepare when moving long-distance. Follow our list and you can rest assured you won’t forget anything.

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