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    When finding a new place to live, the location is the most important thing. Of course, choosing one isn’t always easy. Here at Zippy Shell of Greater Philadelphia, we are always ready to help. Check out these top moving destinations in Chester County for families to find one that’s right for you and your beloved ones. Let’s get straight to the point.

    What are the top moving destinations in Chester County for families?

    Located in the southeastern part of Pennsylvania, Chester County is a popular location. More than 534.000 people call its rolling hills and valleys home. It’s the fastest-growing county in the entire Northeastern section of the United States. Also, Climate is one of the most pleasant in Pennsylvania. Less than average snow, warm summers, and distinct seasons contribute greatly. Here are a couple of locations to consider:

    • Downington
    • Coatesville
    A beautiful bird in nature in Downington, one of the best moving destinations in Chester County for families.
    Downington’s beautiful nature is another reason why it’s one of the best moving destinations in Chester County for families.


    Downington is the borough of Chester County, some 33 miles west of Philadelphia. If you need help relocating to this popular location in Chester County for parents, give movers Downingtown PA a call. Dawnington’s history goes far back to the early 18th century. It was raised by European colonists. Today, it has a population of 7666. Since it’s an old town, you will find many beautiful structures and buildings in Downington. The majority of the population is white and many are of Italian ancestry.

    The town boasts a decent median income and low taxes. Furthermore, the unemployment rate is also significantly lower than the US average. Parents will be glad to hear that Downington offers some great schools. Additionally, Delaware County Community College operates a campus in Downington. Transportation-wise, there are many options including cycling, highway connection via Lincoln Highway with other nearby towns, etc.


    Some 39 miles west of Philadelphia lies Coatesville, a city of 13,100 people. It rapidly developed in the early 20th century with the rise of steel and other industries. If you choose Coatesville as your new home, consider the reliable services of movers Coatesville PA.

    Compared to Downington, Coatesville is much bigger and more diverse. Almost half of the population is African American. Further, White and Hispanic people make up 25% of the population each. Naturally, the city also has more transportations options. Buses, trains, and a small airport are all good additions. Coatesville is a great option if small towns aren’t your thing.

    One thing is true regardless of the destination you choose for your new home. Hiring movers is a reliable and secure way to make your relocation a reality. Additionally, you can get a free moving quote.

    Movers lifting boxes during a relocation.
    Movers are a great option for your future move.

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    If you are preparing to move to one of the best moving destinations in Chester County for families, you will want to have one of the top moving companies West Chester PA has on your side. We can offer you an exciting relocating process and quality services at an affordable price. For any further information feel free to give our team of professionals a call.



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