What to ask your movers before you hire them?

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    Hiring movers for your relocation is a sensible thing to do. However, you may want to know what kind of questions you need to ask in order to ensure that you have ideal moving assistance. But more importantly, asking the right questions will enable you to avoid shoddy moving companies. Therefore, you will want to know what to ask your movers before you hire them. Even if you are dealing with respectable Philadelphia movers, you will still want to inquire about their experience, moving equipment, storage options, etc. In this article, we are going to provide you with a list of questions to ask.

    Things you should ask your movers before you hire them?

    Here are the things you really need to know about:

    • Experience and licenses
    • Moving equipment, packing supplies, and working crew
    • Moving trucks and vans
    • Ask your movers before you hire them for an in-home inspection
    • A good mover provide storage solutions
    • Ask your movers before you hire them what kind of regular and special services they are offering

    Of course, feel free to inquire about anything that you wish to know. You can never ask too many questions, after all. It is your right to know as much as you can about your movers Plymouth Meeting PA. Never be too shy to ask questions and demand answers. Any mover worth their proverbial salt will be happy to provide you with an answer to everything you wish to know.

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    Make sure to write down the responses from the movers. You may need it later.

    Experience and licenses

    The first question on our list concerns the company’s current experience in the moving industry. Ask them how long they are in the business and about their prior experience in the area of your relocation. Also, inquire about their licenses, credentials, and insurance. And while you’re at it, you might as well ask if they offer any specialty services. Listen carefully to the tone in which they answer these questions. The confidence, or lack of, in their tone can tell you all that you need to know. Also, pay attention to any stutters, “uhm’s” and similar. When your movers speak about these things, they need to be fully confident and not to think about what they are going to say. It is not only the answers that you are looking for, you are also searching for any signs of hesitations and insecurity.

    Moving equipment, packing supplies, and working crew

    The next set of questions involve inquiring about movers’ tools of the trade, as well as the packing supplies that they use in their services. Every mover worth their proverbial salt is able to drone on for hours when speaking about these things. You don’t need to go into detail but note the eagerness in the voice of the person you are speaking to. After that, you will want to ask about their moving crews, their skills, and their experiences. While this might seem a lot of questions to ask, you need to consider that it is your right to know about these things. Besides, every great moving company will take the opportunity to showcase its qualities.

    Moving trucks and vans

    Moving on, this is perhaps the most important question. The size of your movers’ fleet indicates how adaptable they are to various moving circumstances. That being said, there are a lot of fantastic moving companies that can boast only a couple of trucks or vans. What is important here is that you inquire how it will affect the price of your relocation. If a mover can’t arrive in a smaller van, will they charge you for a larger one, even though you do not need it?

    moving truck on the road
    Always ask about your movers’ fleet.

    Ask your movers before you hire them for an in-home inspection

    This is a rather easy one. All you need to know is whether your professional movers can perform an inspection in your own home. If they say that they can’t, you might want to take your money elsewhere. The main reason for this is that free quotes that you can get from these companies are not legally binding. There is nothing stopping them from increasing the price of your relocation whenever they please. But if they perform an in-house inspection, they are legally obligated to provide you with a binding estimate, which will set the costs in stone, so to speak. Therefore, you always want to know if a company is able to send someone over to your home for that inspection.

    A good mover provides storage solutions

    Another very important question to ask is whether your company can provide you with a storage unit for your relocation. Storage and moving go hand in hand, after all, and every great mover will be able to offer you a selection of storage services to choose from. Some will even have locations in multiple states. You need to know what you are working with, and if the company in question can provide exactly what you require. Even if you are not planning on using a storage unit, ask the question anyway. It is always better to work with a full-service mover.

    storage portable containers
    You need to know about all the available storage solutions.

    Ask your movers before you hire them what kind of regular and special services they are offering

    You will want to know the full extent of your movers’ capabilities and which services they consider to be “special”. Usually, special moving services incur an additional cost and you want to know that ahead of time. Moving companies are free to create their own pricing schemes, and you need to know if that works for you. This information can potentially save you a lot of time and money so it is well worth the price of admission.

    Furthermore, you will want to know about all the “additional” services that your movers might offer, such as shuttle services or long carry services. They usually cost extra, and you need to know about them. This is the final question to ask your movers before you hire them.

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